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Who Could Have Seen This Coming?

A mass shooting near a school you probably didn’t hear about…..

Six people were shot, all adults although two were students and the other four were employees perhaps, at Oakland’s Rudsdale Newcomer High School Wednesday. They have a section of their school webpage devoted to “restorative justice” so you can guess what the school demographics look like. The picture on their landing page have exactly zero White students. 
The two gunmen are on the run and of course no descriptions were provided of the suspects, although we did see this which is always a dead giveaway:
The shooting was motivated by a “group and gang conflict. The individuals who were shot were not the (intended) targets,” Armstrong said.
30 rounds, six wounded, none the intended target (indicating they know damn well who the shooters are). Nice shooting boys! The Oakland cops are going all hands on deck:
The day before the school shooting, Armstrong said his department was going “all hands on deck” to stop “loss of life.” Armstrong said the spike in homicides was also fueled by clashes between “groups and gangs.” He ordered more officers to patrol the streets of east and west Oakland to deter gang retaliation shootings.
But here is the delicious part:
OPD officers, however, are not allowed to be on school campuses unless there is an emergency. Sasaki said police officers were removed from all of the district’s schools in response to the George Floyd movement.
Ah black Lives Matter! Because a black violent felon, hopped up on drugs, died of heart failure while resisting arrest, now cops can’t be stationed at schools full of black kids and that makes it just a lot easier for other black kids to show up to shoot them. black Lives Matter indeed! 
Who could have foreseen that removing police from schools full of current and future criminals would make it more likely that other yoofs would show up to shoot at teen rivals? 
Pretty much anyone with a few brain cells.


  1. jl

    I live about an hour south of Oakland and (unfortunately) had to work there often as a tradesman 20ish years ago. It was a complete sewer back then, I can only imagine what it's like now. You couldn't pay me enough to work up there in the "social justice era" we find ourselves in nowadays.
    They should wall the place off, air drop several pallets of 9mm projectiles and leave it for 6 months. The problems will mostly take care of themselves.

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