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Welcome To The Party Pal!

Jared Taylor at American Renaissance takes note of what some of us have been writing about, the disaster unfolding in the medical profession as wokeness replaces concern over patient outcomes. 

You have read this stuff before, here and at Doctor Samizdat’s Substack, but Jared has a much broader reach than either of us. On the other hand, I have far more facial hair than Jared so I have that going for me. Which is nice. 
He doesn’t cover anything really new, but a lot of normies are more apt to watch a video than read a blog post so feel free to share with friends and family.


  1. saoirse

    Don't look now but Froedtert, which operates 45 hospitals in the midwest, has found a way around honoring religious exemptions and is poised to fire all staff that refuses the Novavax poison. Throwing more fuel on the understaffing fire – by design of course.
    Time to open the doors further for more poorly trained third world browns (Filipinos, Carribeans, latrinos etc.) to assist Dr's. Kwame and LaTreya.

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