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Welcome To Johannesburg, Mississippi

It’s 2022 and the capital of one of these United States….has no clean water?

Of course the root cause is….racism!
Advocates have previously pointed to systemic and environmental racism as among the causes of Jackson’s ongoing water issues and lack of resources to address them. About 82.5% of Jackson’s population identifies as Black or African American, according to census data, while the state’s legislature is majority White.
See Papa Whitey needs to fix Jackson’s water instead of the blacks running Jackson. It will supposedly take $2 billion to fix the problem in Jackson and of course you can be sure the diverse residents of Jackson won’t be paying for most of that.
Let’s remember the real victims here….

Oy vey!

How can this happen in 2022? 
Jackson, Mississippi has a population of around 150,000 and it is quite….diverse….

The mayor of this city is, and I am not making this up, one Chokwe Antar Lumumba.

No, seriously that is his name. His daddy is also named Chokwe Lumumba and he was mayor of Jackson from 2013 to 2014 when he died in office. Daddy Lumumba was “affiliated with the black nationalist organization Republic of New Afrika”, a group that advocates for a separate black nation in the Southeast (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina). I am a on board with that vision.
Chokwe Antar Lumumba, the current mayor, “is a self-described progressive and socialist. Lumumba has also referred to himself as a political revolutionary” and was elected in 2017 with 93% of the vote meaning a bunch of Whites either voted for him or just stayed home because why bother. This was a Bolshevik wet dream: ‘The Nation commented that “Lumumba lit up the left press with his promise—delivered later that month in a speech at the People’s Summit in Chicago—to make Jackson ‘the most radical city on the planet.’”’ I would say: Mission Accomplished! This was my favorite part of his wikipedia entry:

“Four months later, in November 2018, Bloomberg gave the City of Jackson $1 million to create art spotlighting food insecurity.”

They should have given them a million bucks to create art spotlighting the lack of clean water. Or maybe they could have used that money to…oh I don’t know, maybe fix the water system? Jackson has had a series of black mayors  and nothing but black mayors since 1997 but none of them did anything about the infrastructure. Go figure. Something about time preference….

A city full of Africans led by an African mayor, the son of a black separatist African mayor is going to lead to….Africa. This is true everywhere, from South Africa to Haiti to Detroit. You can fix the water system by throwing some money at it but you can’t fix demographics.


  1. Zorost

    It's hilarious that it's mostly not blacks complaining about it, it's White liberals. Coloreds don't even have enough agency to complain about drinking their own fecal matter, they need Whites to step in and do the job for them.

  2. Anonymous

    Calling on big white daddy in DC to pay the $2b now? Last I read it was $1b and a 2-3 month project. Note also that they've had a boil alert since July. Something about water main breaks. With the treatment plant disaster it's a total collapse. They were also without any water for a while. Couldn't flush toilets even. Unrelated to the flood caused sewage running in the streets I'm sure.
    Steve S6

  3. Anonymous

    Something showed up in my news feed from MSNBC pointing the finger at the state and blaming this on systemic racism. I'm not sure what kind of mental gymnastics are required to arrive at that, with Mississippi, the blackest state in America, still having water service for the rest of the state. I didn't bother to watch and find out.

  4. Anonymous

    If the price is 2bn it will cost tax payers 4bn to fix because africa usually has a 50% grift rate.

    So why is it whiteys fault they couldnt maintain the infrastructure they inheritted?


  5. Anonymous

    They have had on going problems and the Republican state government has offered to take over the water system. The Democratic city gov has refused. I gather more than once.
    Steve S6

  6. Anonymous

    As I pointed out on Paul Kersey's site, blacks simply cannot understand, apply, or implement the principles of responsibility, accountability, and competency. You can call it 'RAC' for short. Sort of like 'TNB', which it is.

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