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The Ingratitude Files: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Something true for the last decade: blacks can only perceive existence when viewed through the lens of perpetual oppression. That blacks are not oppressed in any sense in 2022 or for the past quarter century, and in fact are by a wide margin the second most coddled minority in America, doesn’t matter. Every interaction with Whites and the broader society and culture is an opportunity to be offended. This is especially true for the tiny minority of blacks that have a platform, read mostly by self-loathing Whites. People like pseudo-intellectual Ibram X. Kendi, a man possessed of sufficient intelligence to be a front line supervisor at an low tech assembly plant but not much else, make an incredible living selling White hatred to White people. 

As a choice example, I give you Alden Loury. He is the “senior editor of the race, class and communities desk” at WBEZ in Chicago. WBEZ is an NPR station, go figure, that airs some popular NPR shows like This American Life and Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!. I would guess that WBEZ’s donors are close to 100% White, Jewish and Asian but they eat up crap about how racist White people are.

Mr. Loury spends his days talking about “race and class”, code for “how dey be doing us wrong”. In other words, his job is to seek out and find black people being wronged by White people, because no one is going to send money in during the NPR pledge drive if the news is about how race relations are OK and blacks aren’t really being oppressed. 
It has to be a bit of a challenge finding oppression in America in 2022, so if you need to stretch the definition of oppression. Oh does he ever. Allow me to demonstrate:
It is a pretty standard “rags to riches” tale at first. He moved from Auburn Gresham to a nice suburb. Auburn Gresham sounds like a shithole, full of murders and drugs and of course lots and lots of black people. The new place he lives, Kenwood, sounds “nicer” in a relative sense.
My new community of Kenwood, part of the greater Bronzeville area, was vibrant. Homes were being renovated, Black-owned businesses were opening, and the Black elite were visible, cruising in high-end vehicles and walking up to their $700,000 homes.

I’d never lived in a Black community with as much electricity, wealth and prosperity, and with few of the social ills often found in Black spaces. I didn’t want to live anywhere else.
Well no one wants to read about that so the very next line….
My peace was shattered one day.
Shattered how? Was there a drive by shooting? One of his kids murdered in the crossfire between rival gangs? Someone broke into his house? Did his dog get run over by a White guy driving a pick-up truck?
Nope, something far, FAR worse: A White guy tried to help him. See, he got to talking to a White retired teacher and in the conversation his daughter mentioned to this retired teacher that she wanted to be a psychologist. That is when something terrible happened.
When my middle daughter told him she wanted to pursue a career in psychology, his face lit up. He wanted to connect her with a friend who was a psychologist. We traded contact information. Within a couple of days, he emailed his friend’s information.
Holy shit, what an asshole! It gets worse. The White didn’t burn a cross on his lawn, he did somethig unspeakable.
About two weeks later, he came by our home unexpectedly. Somewhat puzzled, I greeted him at the front door. He said he was concerned that my daughter hadn’t followed up with his psychologist friend. I told him I hadn’t spoken with her about it, so I was unaware of where things stood. He said that he’d hoped the connection would help her.

“I just want her to make something of herself,” he said.

I froze.

In a split second, I was awash with anger.

I took a moment to gather myself. “I’ll discuss it with her. Thanks for stopping by,” I replied curtly before closing the door. I had to end the conversation and put a barrier between the two of us before I exploded.
In a nutshell this White guy offered to help, went out of his way to make an introduction, told his psychologist friend to expect to hear from this young lady but Alden Loury didn’t even bother mentioning it to his kid. It seems that the issue here is a complete lack of courtesy on Mr. Loury’s part but no, the off-hand and completely inoffensive comment by the neighbor (assuming it happened the way he recounts which I doubt) so enraged the “senior editor of the race, class and communities desk” at WBEZ that he had to shut the door “before I exploded”, presumably into a fit of violence. He even admits that the guy made the comment innocently and with the best of intentions but it still nearly cause Mr. Loury to assault him….
People who’ve never endured racial stereotypes have a blind spot. They should exercise caution when interacting with people who have often experienced racism. What might seem an act of kindness could actually be a microaggression that causes severe pain and frustration.
Get that? Being kind to black people might itself be a “microaggression”, or what we used to consider “a minor irritation not worth flying into a rage over”. White people must “exercise caution” when dealing with black people, because you never know what might trigger them. Weird that when I say the same thing I am called a racist but Mr. Loury and I agree on this issue: blacks are easily angered and likely to overreact, often violently, so you should really just avoid interacting with them at all. 
He ends his essay with a longing for the good old days of authentic blackness which means drug dealers, violence, poverty and stupidity. 
I think back to Auburn Gresham: Despite its struggles, it still felt like a refuge. As an undeniably Black space, I felt like I could be me — free of the fears, misconceptions and judgments of others.

Kenwood provided an improved quality of life, but moving there still came with a cost — perhaps one that I, as a Black man, might never be able to avoid.
There is an old saying that I often heard growing up, one that is “racist” but like most things that are “racist” it is also true: you can talk the black out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the black. 
This guys flees a neighborhood, a “black space”, full of blacks and the inevitable crime and violence that goes with “black spaces” to a nice neighborhood full of a lot of Whites and fellow blacks who fled authentic “black spaces”. Kenwood is the location of Barack Obama’s multi-million dollar home in Chicago as well as the home of Louis Farrakhan. Affluent blacks move to this neighborhood to get away from the ghetto blacks and to live among Whites and other blacks who fled the ‘hood. According to the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, Kenwood is 66% black….

Almost 60% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher, although the media household income isn’t that high. It looks like a refuge for blacks that want to get away from “authentic blackness”. According to Wikipedia the area makes 1970s Moscow look reactionary.

In the 2016 presidential election, Kenwood cast 7,639 votes for Hillary Clinton and cast 251 votes for Donald Trump (94.19% to 3.09%). In the 2012 presidential election, Kenwood cast 8,712 votes for Barack Obama and cast 331 votes for Mitt Romney (95.63% to 3.63%).
A retired teacher living in Kenwood with a friend that is a psychologist is likely a “fellow White” but is almost 100% certain to be a flaming liberal. That makes me suspicious of the entire story but even if it happened like he said, it still is a raging case of ingratitude and shitting on someone trying to do something nice for the sake of clicks and clout on social media. Hell it certainly sounds like this guy is advocating complete racial segregation and even physical and political separation to avoid any chance of “microaggressions”, something I am all in favor of, but I wonder what he would do for a living, because black folks aren’t going to pay him to write juvenile essays about how bad White people are because they tried to be nice to his kid.
When your job is fomenting racial unrest like Alden Loury, the demand for racial injustice far outweighs the supply so they are left with creating “injustice” from the most innocent of interactions with White people. Honestly there is simply no upside to interacting with them at all, even your nicest and most well-intentioned gestures can and usually will be thrown back in your face.


  1. Anonymous

    There's a non-racial aspect to this as well. In the year of our lord 2022, it seems that it's considered by most, or at least many, to be a major faux pas to show up unannounced without calling or texting first. Preferably texting since that involves less human contact. Personally I don't have a problem with folks just dropping in, back in the day when we still had rotary phones, dropping in was rather common, but nowadays it's become pretty verboten. And that fed into this. I'm not saying he's right to get offended at someone dropping in, I'm just saying that's the way it is now.

  2. saoirse

    Did you not read the offended ingrate's story? His rant isn't about the white goof's lack of advance notice it's about his supposed "microaggression" plain and simple!
    Go back to USA Today.

  3. Anonymous

    Loury's umbrage for the soft bigotry of low expectations from that self-negating liberal YT should be put to the test. If, in five years, his daughter is on the path to becoming a psychologist, he can congratulate himself for having reacted with righteous indignation for the White guy's racist, knee-jerk assumptions. But if, as is just as likely the case, his daughter has by then shat out 2 or 3 or 5 babies from 2 or 3 or 5 black men, reinforcing the stereotype and vindicating the White lib's concerns, it will be another example of TNB, for which the White lib is merely guilty of noticing.

    66% black? Unh-unh. Even if it is an 'upscale' area where 60% of the residents hold Grievance Studies degrees, you know what the crime blotter looks like. Those are the 'hidden figures' that matter most when it comes to protecting me and mine.

  4. jl

    And if his YT neighbor had simply ignored this writer and gone about his business as though this guy and his daughter didn't exist, we could've expected a scathing article about how he was treated as 'invisible' by his pale, colonizing neighbor. You can't win with the idiots of this perpetual victim mindset. Defund NPR! This prick needs to get a real job to learn some humility.

  5. daniel_day

    Having dealt with a number of white trash in my somewhat dissolute youth, I picture how one of them would react to a college-educated person saying “I just want her to make something of herself”. Many of them would take it to mean "You can't teach her how to make something of herself, so it's up to me to do that". Loury is sensitive in the same way, if perhaps without the same inferiority complex.

  6. saoirse

    Cue in Mr. Rogers' "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" song….
    Notice that there's no comments section for his rant, probably because of the undesirable pushback that would be generated by this blatant agitprop.
    It's not enough for nigs to be given cushy overpaid jobs so they can leave da hood, they must also be treated as special talismans by their new neighbors, and most all of them will comply in fawning adulation.
    White do-gooders love having their faces rubbed in shit so they can virtue signal their solidarity with the "oppressed" pongids. They deserve every bitch slap coming to them.

  7. Zorost

    I thought the same thing. It was a bit of an insult to the parents, but I'm fairly certain the wording was edited to make it an insult. If we had the White person's version of the conversation I'm sure it would be much different.

  8. TechieDude

    This kind of thing is tiresome. Everyone is expected to compensate for their lack of grace and etiquette, but they won't reciprocate whatsoever. Old white guys do things by calling or in person. When they email, they expect a response, even if it's to say thanks – I got it. I've been fussed at by more than one about these kind of interactions.
    When they line someone up for you, they expect you'll follow through. If you didn't want to do it, you say so before he offers and speaks to his friend.

    I'd also say, most men are oblivious to other men's feelings. And Homey shouldn't be whining liek a woman because he got the bad feelz.

  9. Michael

    LOL Microaggressions INFLAME Him?

    What a protected life he lives. Wait until the EBT cards fail to provide groceries and suburbs are aflame.

    Real Life ™ is a real *itch and cannot be ignored.

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