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The Age Of The Pistol Is Over, The Day Of The Rifle Is Upon Us

It is interesting to look at American history based on the firearms owned by civilians. Americans, and of course I mean the people who built this country and not those that showed up in the last generation or two, have always had a love affair with our guns. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is paired with the right to free speech and religion in the Bill Of Rights.

In much of the first half of the 20th century, a man who was a “sportsman” wasn’t a guy in multiple fantasy football leagues. A sportsman was a guy that hunted and fished. Men hunted and fished, it was what they did. For certain, many of these hunting trips were just an excuse to get away from their wives for a week, eat like crap, drink beer and be slovenly. Guys that didn’t hunt or fish were considered to be a little soft and effeminate. Back in those days you could order a gun from the Sears catalog and have it sent to your house.

It was a different time. People had a much higher trust in the government. There were essentially no mestizos and blacks were confined to the Deep South and were not rampaging in the streets of major cities. Guns reflected this. Bolt and lever action hunting rifles and double and pump shotguns were most common. I am not sure how many men had handguns in most of the country. Guns were tools used for hunting or to shoot varmints on the farm. It was probably assumed that if you needed to you could shoot the gubmint with them but that wasn’t their main purpose, nor was self-defense as high a priority.

Growing up I didn’t know anyone that had an AR-15 at home, or a semi-automatic rifle of any sort for that matter. I also didn’t know anyone that didn’t have some sort of firearm in the home, usually in a glass front gun cabinet. In small town Ohio in the 70s and 80s, that meant most people had a shotgun, usually a pump gun, often a .22 rifle and perhaps a 30-30 or a 30-06 for deer hunting and always some sort of handgun. Most of the time the handgun was a revolver although some guys had small semi-automatics or 1911s. By the time I was leaving childhood behind crime was getting crazy and the migration of blacks out of the deep South mean widespread unrest and chaos in the cities. Young Whites went to the theater to watch Colors and Boyz n the Hood. White people were fleeing the cities into the suburbs. More men definitely were buying handguns to keep at home to protect their family.

This was also when concealed carry laws began to change. As a kid no one I knew carried a handgun in public. In 1976 Georgia passed a law to become a “shall-issue” state for a non-law enforcement individual. My state of Indiana in 1980 was one of the the first “shall-issue” states for regular people (I was living in Ohio at that time). Shall-issue means that anyone not prohibited could get a license to carry, unlike “may-issue” states where you have to have a “good reason”. More states followed in rapid succession. Back to that in a moment.

Something major shifted in 1994. That was the year of the Clinton-era “Assault Weapons Ban” that prohibited the manufacture of certain semi-automatic firearms. The effect on actual crime was negligible, something even Wikipedia acknowledges: 

“Criminologists and other researchers found that the ban had little to no effect on firearm deaths or the lethality of gun crimes. Studies have found that the overwhelming majority of gun crimes are committed with weapons which are not covered by the AWB, and that assault weapons are less likely to be used in homicides than other weapons. There is tentative evidence that the frequency of mass shootings may have slightly decreased while the ban was in effect, but research is inconclusive, with independent researchers finding conflicting results.”

This holds true today, very few mass shootings are committed with “assault weapons” although those that do and are committed by the rare White shooter get the most publicity, leading to many normies thinking that most mass shootings are committed by White men when in fact most are committed by young black men.

While it didn’t do anything to reduce crime, the AWB did have the effect of making people want the weapons banned by the bill, before, during and after the bill expired 10 years later. Subsequent to the expiration of the AWB in 2004, the market for “assault weapons”, mostly AR-15s and AK variants, has exploded. The names you know began to come together after the AWB expired. Palmetto State Armory started in 2008. Daniel Defense started making their own rifles in 2009. CMMG was founded in 2002, a couple of years before the ban expired. With CNC machining becoming more advanced, the parts that make up AR-15s could be churned out in enormous numbers. In my post about Anderson Manufacturing, Manufacturing Freedom One Lower Receiver At A Time, I noted that Anderson cranks out something like 800,000 lower receivers every year. Add in everyone else, PSA, S&W, Ruger, etc and you have tens of millions of AR-15s in civilian hands since the AWB expired.

After the 2020/2021 chaos, those number have really exploded as lots of first time AR-15 buyers came out of the woodwork. A lot of my buyers in those years told me they were buying their first AR “because it is getting crazy out there”. It is safe to assume that few of those ARs have been fired much, if at all, but they also haven’t been resold on the private market as far as I can tell so they are out there still in safes and closets. 

Despite all of the AR/AK variant rifles bought in the last 15 years, I classify our current era as the time of the pistol. That might seem odd. 

At this stage, most of us spend most of our time with pistols. While we certainly have lots of rifles and maybe invest a lot of time shooting those rifles, we generally aren’t carrying them around with us. I have more long guns than handguns when counting shotguns and hunting rifles but most of them spend most of their time in the safe. We went out to eat with some Amish friends last night but I didn’t stow a 6.5 Grendel AR under a trench coat. I carried my Hellcat in an OWB holster under a button down shirt. While I subscribe to the school of thought that a pistol is simply a tool to keep you alive long enough to get to your rifle, right now if I get in a situation where I have to go kinetic it will be with a pistol. 

Consider also that in most of the country, shall-issue is the rule. This map is from the USCCA:

This isn’t really accurate in the wake of Bruen but even before the country was mostly a shall-issue jurisdiction. Prior to Indiana becoming a Constitutional carry state there were over 1.12 million concealed carry permits issued in a state of 6.7 million people. Texas has 1.7 million and Florida 2.3 million. In Utah more than 1 out of every 5 residents has a carry permit. There are tens of millions of lawfully concealed carrying Americans and virtually all of them are carrying handguns. 

Not to mention that technological and manufacturing advances mean we are carrying more concealable pistols with greater capacity than ever before. The Glock 19 is perhaps the most popular compact pistol in America with a standard capacity of 15 rounds. Even subcompact pistols have much higher magazine capacity thanks to innovative double stack magazines. My Hellcat is very concealable and carries either 11 or 13 rounds. The Sig Sauer P365 holds 10. The S&W Shield Plus has a 13 round magazine. That is just a lot of firepower in a small package. 

When the rule of law is still mostly in effect, we can be pistol people. Most of us that carry don’t really expect to need to use it, even when we are in crappy inner city neighborhoods. Even in rural, gun-loving places like where I live with the sound of gunfire pretty common it is considered a little weird to wander around with a rifle slung on your back unless you are hunting. 

After things go tits up? I’ll still carry a pistol, more likely a full size duty pistol rather than something concealed, but the main go-to will be the rifle. The pistol will go back to it’s role as what you grab in desperation after you run out of ammo for your rifle. 

Barring a nuclear exchange, life will go on for many people post-SHTF. That is what we prep for, after all I don’t think many of us are hoping to die while wearing the coolest tactical gear in the first week. How life looks will be very different of course. Whether around the home or in the neighborhood, people who survive will be people who are armed. I envision life for those who survive will look somewhat like lives for pioneers on the frontier, working gardens and fields with a firearm always close at hand in case of Indians. In Last Of The Mohicans when Nathaniel, his brother and father approach the farm of their friends the Camerons in the dark, they call out and announce themselves knowing perhaps that to approach a farm in the dark without warning is a great way to get shot. Life will not be turning the deadbolt and shutting off the lights, it will be 24-7 on your guard with a firearm close to hand. 

For most of us, that firearm will likely be an AR/AK platform. While defensive shotguns and handguns have their place, in most situations you simply can’t beat modern sporting rifles for capacity and lethality especially at the intermediate distances. Get good with your rifle and then get a lot gooder. Don’t scrimp on pistol shooting but the need to draw a handgun from concealment is going to be replaced by engagements with multiple hostiles, and the further away you pop them the better. The feral urbanites are deadly when up close but less so from a distance. At 75 yards a Glock held sideways isn’t nearly as dangerous as an AR-15 with a decent optic and a trained hand.

In the days to come, sooner rather than later I fear, our lives will look like a cross between the American frontier and modern South Africa. These will be days that call for a long gun, with range and capacity. The age of the pistol is over, the day of the rifle is upon us.


  1. MAJMike

    Regardless of what you may own, practice and train with it. Become an absolute expert with it. Stockpile ammunition in common, preferably military, calibers. No one is coming to save you.

  2. Xzebek

    I agree with this analysis. Many of us carry handguns in the same way we carry a phone, wallet, cash etc. It's a habit (a good one) but I am not really expecting trouble on any regular basis. I'd consider it condition "light orange". I'm carrying my FN FNS 9c, IWB holster so I'm not geared for true battle. There are times when I will be in chimp town or in other areas where the natives may be restless. (closer to condition red) If I'm going to be mostly on foot I "upgrade" to my Fiveseven (it's full size for those not familiar with it) owb holster under a shirt, and carry at least one and usually 2 spare mags that hold 20 rounds.
    If I'm going to be in a car in those areas I always stow more firepower. In my case a PS90 sbr which I probably could conceal under a coat. A 50 round magazine pdw will definitely allow one to fight while also getting out of harms way.
    But, as Arthur indicates if I'm home in a post SHTF scenario I'm going to have my optic equipped AR's immediately at hand. It will be rare that a random Leeroy or Jakwon will be so equipped so that's a huge advantage. As most folks in my area have at least that much firepower, (and we all shoot regularly) it will be rifles that may be able to sustain some semblance of civilized life in a SHTF scenario.

  3. Thomas Chandler

    Things will get better soon .. as bad as it looks , most of this is now optics and Constitutional lessons for all to see and learn … at this current time we are in a state of ( Devolution ) PDJT signed EO 13484 in 2018 to begin in 2020 ( now how did he know to do that ) PDJT stepped Down from the Corporation of the United States ( Washington DC the District of Columbia )and became the full time commander in Chief well I know and a lot of my Military friends know as well … so your research ! Our Country and the entire world 🌎 is about to change they way God intended it to be … I’m very positive that the US Military in all states ( National Guard ) are in Federal command … this has only happened 1 other time … when this is over mall we see and know the facts and truth 100 % and it isn’t going to be pretty ! It’s FKG scarier then we could ever imagine… Donald J Trump just had a Rally in Ohio this week … ( Did you see our Flag behind him ? ( Silver and Gold stripes with NO Stars ) hanging straight down that means we are at War and the Birth of New Nation … Biblical Change is Now around the corner… As Americans we shall be on the ready locked and loaded just in case … know this my Brothers and Sister of all races the US Military has this and will fight tooth and nail to save our Country from Foreign and Domestic terrorist but we also must be prepared for the worst and pray 🙏 for the best ! Shit is about to get real bad but we have good drivers that steer this ship so hang on tight it’s about to get a bit Turbulent 😁🙏🏆🇺🇸 WWG1WGA

  4. Anonymous

    Your experience growing up mirrors my own in 1960s lowcountry South Carolina.
    Every dad had a glassfront gun case with a few shotguns and maybe a rifle, all of us kids knew our dads would do a drum solo on our backsides if we ever opened the case, almost nobody had pistols…

  5. 4hawks

    Executive Order #13484: Amending the order of succession within the Department of Agriculture initiated via G.W. Bush in 2009. Simple mistake, understood. Executive Order # 13848: Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election… I can hardly wait, considering the time elapsed from original transgressions. I just noticed we're about to roll over to thirty-one trillion on the ol debt clock. Great write up, Arthur. You got space at WRSA ( no surprise there). Cringing a little bit thinking of hostile American frontier mating with modern South Africa ,like the Mozambique Drill being on the Rogers' Rangers Standing Orders. Wild times.

  6. Anonymous

    this blog was fwd to me by another shooter. good thing too. just in time it looks like-
    — to the OP A.Sido:
    yer an idiot. it took you how many words to state the (skewed) obvious/that's been stated before by how many others that actually know WTF they are talking about/ flogged to death since the 1700's/etc., etc., etc.

    and how about publicly showing yer lack of experience and general firearms knowledge in how many words? I think a lot, a lot of words. growing up? who DIDNT have a pocket pistol coming and going from school? pfft- puhleeez. we got beat if we dind't kill something in the yard that day.
    and who DIDNT have an AR/SKS/AK in dads cabinet/trunk/under the damn bed? do you have a clue how old these things are? things called wars/surplus/take-backs stocked a lot of gun totin households. LOTS of them. that's how it all starts. S/A rifles, from tactical gone practical are nothing new. pick up a copy of an old A.R. rag and check out some of the sporters. no, really- ya need to.

    and just what is an a "assault rilfe"? i love that one makes me giddy, every time. comon- you can tell us. don't be shy!

    lets move on to ROE. ROE is the rule of the day. pretty damn sure you pp someone at 75y with anything (lets say one of your mighty AR's), that's called MURDER, you moron. that's not a rightous shoot in the USA ANY_FKING_WHERE. ou seriously need a check-up from the neck u man.

    pretty sure your map needs updates, too. and "shall issue" pertains to a lot of things. not just HG.

    let's move on to CCW (snicker) and i'm sorry, wow- you are SO cool, yer a total badass bragging online about going to dinner CCW, Hellcat (mentioned HOW many times?) at the READY in case you need to go kee-net-ik to protect your salad and your Amish buddies. does that cement your rifle point on topic? how many mags ya carry? whats yer splits for El Prez? gota RL under 0.03 yet?, etc? so, ok, um- lets say the place gets robbed, you got your CCW/permits, yer Hellcat cannot wait to say hi! to the CCTV cam, yer having dinner, had a beer or 9, you gona be a hero? you gona stop it? you gona pull on the perp? think you can outdraw him (prolly not, esp with a couple drinks in ya, which makes CCW a [[[FELL_O_NEE]]] when he's got the drop on ya? maybe you fire and hit him and not the cashier (fat chance)? what if you freeze (VERY likely) and his buddy relieves you of your weapon! hahaha. yeh- yer cool. and now yer dead. why would you even advertise that. now everyone knows that reads your BLOG to pop you FIRST, then yer Amish bros. AND- then you, your fam, et. al.- and your salad, at Applebees. yer all perforated via homies G-19.

    look- 10$ says you've never been in a real shoot house with cadre correcting your mistakes rather forcefully, been simmunished all over, punched out from behind or been in some bone braking sht. you kids today crack me up. but keep on playing keyboard commando and spreading "the word", but just take it easy, seriously, and do stuff in PERSON, learn it in a classroom/square range/long range/OUTSIDE FOR GODS SAKE, with real instructor dudes. you will NOT learn what to do HERE.

    guys- keep your sht close and secret. bragging will get you smoked.

    keep in touch, A, Sido-buddy…or whomever you are. leme know how it goes when TSHTF at McDonalds and if ya need help with training or ROE you can reach me at the rest of you? log off, go outside, enroll in some classes taught by real dudes, dont do drugs and stay in school. mkay?

    ……9r9ract- 0t.

  7. Zorost

    "…the AWB did have the effect of making people want the weapons banned by the bill, before, during and after the bill expired 10 years later."

    During the AWB I was in the market for a deer rifle, and a neighbor knew a gun dealer. He said he could get me a new SKS for $100. The reason it was so cheap was that the AWB had a grandfather clause in it that applied to weapons in transit. So the instant it came up for debate, arms dealers around the world started emptying storage of affected weapons to send them to the US. Vast warehouses in the former Soviet Bloc were emptied out and put on cargo ships.

    So the net effect of the intent to decrease the supply the # of "A"Ws was to increase the supply of "A"Ws.

    Once again proving the adage that:

    “The behavior of any bureaucratic organization can best be understood by assuming that it is controlled by a secret cabal of its enemies.”
    — Robert Conquest


    Interesting points about age of rifle-> pistol-> rifle.
    It's something I've noticed but not at the conscious level. Growing up, the only people I knew who had handguns were LE, and their duty weapon was the only handgun they had. Almost everyone including friends, family, and neighbors all had rifles and shotguns. Gramps even had one of those huge japanese rifles he liberated in WW2, along with a bayonet. But no handguns.

    I think the theory was that If you can get close enough to shoot a deer w/ a handgun, you might as well take up bowhunter so you can fill a whole new set of tags.

    One thing I'd disagree w/ though is the assumption that we are going to be entering some kind of lawless Mad Max scenario. I do not see any reason to believe there will be a sharp delineation between now and when the gov withdraws, or that the gov will withdraw at all. I wouldn't count out a few tactical holodomors either, especially in the places where people like us tend to live. The globalists will do anything to hold on to power, even if (especially if?) they have to depopulate most of the continent to do it.

    "Urban youth" will be a minor threat. The real threat will be the neo-NKVD brigades who are sent out to gather up all the food from neon-nazi climate-denying vax-refusing Enemies of the State. If we don't have the local and state organization to fend that off, no matter how tacti-cool someone is they aren't going to make it.

  8. Zorost

    All eyes on the audit!
    Trust the Plan!
    Venus aligns with Mars!

    Any "plan" that calls for doing nothing on the assumption that some faction within the government will save us should be laughed at. It's either cope, or a psyop designed to keep people complacent.

    Q summarized: Someone from the government telling you that he's from the government and he's here to help you… against the government.

    Wise up, retard.

  9. Arthur Sido

    Guys, I don’t want you to miss this critical comment. We are in the presence of a “shooter” and you should all be grateful for the reams of wisdom that have graced my humble blog.

    Where shall I start? Perhaps with the prose? Normally you need to spend time in the hallways of a Detroit Public School to find someone this eloquent. The way you hop from one thought to another is nothing less than magnificent. The Bard himself would be put to shame.

    Or perhaps how you cut through the fog to point out that what I said isn’t at all what I said. All of those statements I carefully made to qualify my statements, well this “shooter” just shreds them and gets to what I really meant. Masterful. Sure I said that the map from USCCA was out of date but then you come right back to tell me that the map is out of date. I can’t slip one past this “shooter”. Or how I specifically talk about the situation after the rule of law is no longer in effect but you slam me with how shooting someone at 75 yards would be…against the law. It is clear that not only are you a “shooter” but your reading comprehension is without peer.

    Then there is the useful admonishment that people will know I have firearms in the house, no one would have known that without this particular blog post even though I have a home based gun store and my FFL information is public knowledge. How could I be so stupid? It isn’t like it says right on Google maps that we have a gun store or anything. You might have just saved my life.

    I need to archive the comment from our anonymous “shooter” lest anyone read my blog and despite what is written fall for my devious scheme of convincing people that they should rely on a single blog post and not engage in any real life training. Thank you anonymous “shooter”!

  10. Arthur Sido

    During the ban I bought a Mini-14 for no reason other than to buy it and I remember buying 30 round crappy mags from Cabelas, made in Asia somewhere, that they could keep selling because they were made prior to the ban. The mags were absolute garbage but it still felt good to own them as an eff you.

  11. Anonymous

    The regime doesn't have the manpower to do what you're talking about at any scale. It might be done selectively here or there, and well publicized, to scare the rest of us into submission. That's plausible. And if the regime is coming for you in an organized, planned way, your guns aren't going to save you. Somebody(s) puts up a good fight and that might cause the regime to rethink whether they will continue targeting people, but that hypothetical fight they might put up is virtually certain not to be successful.

    I agree that the danger from urban youth will probably not increase substantially. Because while they may be IQ dumb, they aren't street dumb. They know we all have guns. That's why they aren't ransacking our neighborhoods already.

  12. Anonymous

    Never bring just a knife to a gun battle and never bring a just a pistol to a rifle battle.

    Of course even a group of entrenched riflemen can be over run by enough crazed meat shields, so plan for that as well.


  13. Anonymous

    Sido: "settle down, Francis". don't get yer little khaki panties in a bunch or leave a puddle in your chair.

    your defensive retort contradicts your primary post and mine. your logic is just a wee bit flawed, and after the arm-waiving stops, take a breath, ya might wana re-read what ya wrote above and in your primary.

    refusal/rebuttal/glossing/skewing of my points by you and yours is your right. i stand by what i said. big time. i'm not going to re-hash most of them with a braggard and his minions at his campfire.

    but i do want to re-hash the ROE thing. in a "lawless" distopia? reap what ya sew. you pop someones bean who's out scouting or hunting for their tribe, or even just some lost soul looking for a handout at 75y, or more, or whatever, with your optic equipped AR-15 rifle in your trained hand? still murder- don't matter what or if any rule of law exists, or not- murder has been around longer than laws. in a survival situation you must assume a low profile, best not piss off the other tribes, unless ya like war or constant pay-back. see what I'm getting at? maybe not- i dunnow. how about this: the other guy might have buddies, lots of big, mean one's that REALLY know their sht. and since there is no "law" anymore, you can count on moving on now or reaping it after dark. that's how the real world works.
    and this point circles back to your statement about prepping et. al. if you truly believe you are "ready" or even prepping for whatevs? your mindset would be different if you were gearing up for survival.

    if you really want to make a case for the rifle over HG? adopt a new mindset and a logical , modern, survival doctrine- as is, both of yours are flawed. stay on point with facts, leave out the Hellcat braggadocio/trips to the restaurant while strapped and the 1500 other superfluous words that detract from your topic in the header.

    your topic is basically: it's over for the HG, its now the rifles turn. you could have made a MUCH better, much easier to follow case for that by leaving out everything up to this paragraph, then continuing:

    "After things go tits up? I'll still carry a pistol, more likely a full size duty pistol rather than something concealed,………"

    also- tip here: We and I are not the same thing. you assume in your post that everyone spends more time with a HG than a long gun. might be a valid point for some, but not all. also- consider a QandA or poll at the end of your post to keep it on point.
    the HG is a close-in weapon, perfect for defense. rifle? in a survival situation it would be used almost exclusively for hunting.
    if the hordes do come a-charging? unless your tribe has a 3-1 minimum advantage and some MASSIVE firepower? an intermediate caliber semi-auto squad weapon like an AR or AK won't do squat. fall-back to pos b and re-group with the big stuff and let the hordes deal with the pits at pos a.

    summary: is the day of the HG over? no. it's a tool. use the right tool for the job. a proper HG load in your side arm AND a pop-gun with Tac8 in it by your side while planting taters in the new world is way better than an AR for defending one's space. save the 223 for hunting.

    i also make no apologies for my lack of keyboard skills or not having a formal education.


  14. Zorost

    Anon- "well publicized, to scare the rest of us into submission."

    Yeah, that's how it works now. It's intentional. When a change is required, they arrest someone and charge with ridiculous punishment threatened. Word gets out, extreme punishment causes word to get spread to relevant people. Then they decrease the punishment to not be extreme because they only did that to get the word out.

    Example 1: shortly after the migratory bird act was passed, they arrested some farmer because geese landed on his fields, ate something he'd put on them, and died. Threatened maximum punishment which was some ridiculous fine that would have cost him his farm. Word gets passed around, farmers all freaking out. Seeing that the message was received, feds lowered the fine to an amount that would allow the farmer to keep slaving away for his masters.

    Example 2: J6. Look at how many right wingers freaked out and started talking about how stupid those people were to dare challenge the government, then accused every RW RL activity as a fed-op in abject fear.

    The first region that tries to back-sass the Feds will get messed up. Eventually they will be holodomoring problem regions; hell they might be doing it right now to most of the nation.

    I agree that if they are coming for an individual it is already too late, as I said. That is why we need to put to rest this ridiculous idea that anyone is going to Rambo their way through as an individual. Team up. Get to know your neighbors. Find out now who can be trusted and who will sell you out.

  15. Arthur Sido

    That's pretty hilarious given your comment was nothing but a string of insults and chest thumping but heads up Boomer: exactly zero people are impressed with your comments and about 100% are laughing at you for being a pompous ass. If you want to provide some actual useful feedback, feel free, but look over your initial comment and ask why anyone would take anything you said seriously. Anyway, go back to patting yourself on the back for being a gen-u-wine "shooter" and tactical genius, the rest of us will just keep laughing at you.

  16. Anonymous

    "saoirseSeptember 20, 2022 at 12:00 PM
    More like a Murphy NC school. This cocksure braggart reminds me of the obnoxious arsehole that used to comment on WRSA."

    you made no mention of whom this was directed to….so I'll guess/in case it was moi?:

    cocksure? you bet. took a lot of time/money/commitment to get to my level. if that upsets the keyboard tweezledweebs, too bad.

    braggart? hardly. name one accomplishment of mine i've boasted about here?

    WRSA: no clue what that was, til i just now found from another. our reaction: lollollollol.

    – 9r9ract

  17. Anonymous

    Sido- string of insults? I actually offered advice, after getting your attention. i also put in a sumarry based on your topic. but it seems like that's not up for discussion. and like I care about what the interwebs thinks of me. its the interwebs. anyone can say anything for free. so- with that? i'm done. the advice is there, a whole lot of it as a matter of fact, yours to do with as you wish.


  18. saoirse

    @Anonymous jerk-off 3:07 PM
    "took a lot of time/money/commitment to get to my level" LMAO!
    Anything you say Mr. Mitty.
    You call out "keyboard tweezledweebs" whilst typing mile-long inarticulate and uneducated rants at those who call your bluff.
    Since you didn't contest the "obnoxious arsehole" part I'm assuming that you agree with the description. Everyone else does.

  19. Arthur Sido

    I would say that in his situation, right now in an urban area, a handgun makes more sense. Now. No argument with that, but his argument against rifles as your primary weapon hinges on not being able to carry a rifle around town or into Walmart. My point is directed for after the rule of law collapses and you aren't going to Walmart anymore.

  20. Anonymous

    If you think that Q speak is just wishful garbage, then why do so many of the Q posts match up EXACTLY to either the day or month of what is happening in present day battles? When DJT said "we have it all", that's exactly what he meant!! He was talking about the Cabal's plan/playback and what they were about to put into place, i.e., the PLANdemic, food shortages, etc. And does anyone realize that OVER 100 total destructive fires have leveled food processing plants in just over a years time? Again, it was in the EVIL Cabal's playbook to bring this country to it's knees!! Are all these fires just a coincidence? Q has always said, "how many coincidences do you need, before it becomes mathematically IMPOSSIBLE?" DO you own research and WAKE THE F**K UP!!!

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