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Texas Forever Dude!

Texas is considered by many to be the ultimate “red state”, the conservative bastion that will never go blue because Texans are rugged, independent cowboy types. Like most conventional wisdom, it is mostly bullshit. A new report came out about the population of Texas and was reported in the Texas Tribune, painting a bleak picture:

This shift has been coming for a long time…..

Texas joins California and New Mexico as states where mestizos are the racial group with the highest percentage of the population. In both states mestizos are approaching an absolute majority, in New Mexico especially where the mestizo population is at 47.7% and climbing. In other states like Nevada, Hawaii and Maryland the White population has dropped below the 50% mark. That means that in 6 of the 50 states making up the Union, heritage Americans are no longer a majority. The article continues:

There are a couple of critical data points in those paragraphs:
– “…Texas had gained nearly 11 Hispanic residents for every additional white resident over the previous decade”

– “The latest census estimates showed that 49.3% of Texans under the age of 18 are Hispanic.”

– “The new census estimates showed Hispanic residents are more than twice as likely as white residents to live below the poverty level.”
We know a few things about mestizo voters, especially outside of Florida’s relatively conservative Cuban diaspora. They tend to vote Democrat by a 2-1 margin and they also tend to be far more radically leftist than other Democrat voters. I wrote about this in 2020, The Single Issue Focus Of The Gun Rights Lobby: Both Their Greatest Strength And A Fatal Flaw, when I pointed out that mestizo voters were significantly more supportive of Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primaries than other groups. Biden won the nomination largely on his massive support from black voters while Bernie Sanders received over 50% of the mestizo vote, almost 20% more than he received from any other racial demographic. 
Again what this tells me is that the future of Democrat party politics is going to be far more radical than the past. While black voters have mostly lived in America for many generations, most mestizos came here after 1965. In 1970 there were only an estimated 8.9 million mestizos in America but in the latest census that number had exploded to over 62 million, an almost seven-fold increase. Those voters are going to favor much larger government, especially given that they tend to be a lot poorer than Whites. As they gain electoral clout they are going to figure out pretty quickly that they can vote to rob heritage Americans of their wealth. Mestizos are generally a lot smarter than blacks who have been easy for Democrats to manipulate but mestizos are cagier. They will want something in return for their votes.
Of course these are “official” numbers, the real number of mestizos is much higher. A news story yesterday shows just how much higher it might be:
Those are just “migrant encounters” so that doesn’t capture the illegal aliens that slipped in without being noticed. 
Immigration authorities have already logged two million border encounters this fiscal year, a record high. The previous record holder was the 2021 fiscal year, which saw just under two million migrant encounters.
That is over 4 million “migrant encounters” in just the last two years. At 8,000 “migrant encounters” per day over the course of a year it works out to nearly 3 million and it is safe to assume that there are at least double that number when you add in illegals who slipped past the swamped Border Patrol. Six million illegals per year and that number is growing.
The southern border is essentially as wide open as Kamala’s mouth when she was fellating her way up the political ladder. The little stunts of sending illegals to the Vice Presidential residence and to Martha’s Vineyard are cute but not really meaningful, not when compared to the millions of illegals that enter each year and starting squirting out anchor babies. In Texas as noted above, essentially half of all residents under 18 are mestizo and that isn’t going to change for the better. 
Less than one third of births in 2020 were to Whites. Think about that for a second. Texas has the second largest population in the country and more than 2 out of 3 births in 2020 were to non-Whites. Going back to 2013 White babies were only 35% of births. What percent of the under-18 population in Texas is White? Certainly less than 40% and that means that each year as new voters in Texas turn 18 and older White voters die, the electorate is growing browner by leaps and bounds. In 2018 Ted Cruz barely beat Beto O’Rourke, a spastic dimwit, only receiving the slightest majority of votes (50.9% to 48.3%). 

If Democrats had run a semi-serious challenger, Cruz might well have lost that race. Then look at the largest cities in “red state” Texas. Houston, the largest city in the state and the 4th most populous city in America, has a black Democrat mayor. The next largest is San Antonio with a leftist “independent” Jew/mystery meat mayor. Then Dallas, black Democrat. Austin has a Jewish mayor. Finally at number 5, Fort Worth, there is a Republican White chick mayor but then we go right back to non-White in El Paso, a mestizo guy. You get the picture. 

Far from a rock solid “red state”, Texas is on the verge of flipping to the Democrats maybe as soon as 2024 depending on who is running. Trump won Texas in 2020 with only 52% of the vote, down slightly from his 2016 win. In 2012 loathsome Mitt Romney managed 57% and in 2008 McCain won 55%. “Texan” George W. Bush won the state in 2004 with 61% and 59% in 2000. The trend line is not favorable. 
With Whites not having enough children, liberal Whites fleeing to Texas from California and mestizos cramming into every nook and cranny, it is just a matter of time before Texas becomes as reliably blue as California and Massachusetts. Other states will follow in short order. While my state is still 75% White, others are charging to the 50% mark. Florida is only 51.5% “White alone, not Hispanic or Latino” according to Wikipedia and it is the 3rd most populous state. Georgia is down to 50.1% “White (non-Hispanic)” as of the 2020 census. Arizona? 53.4% White (non-Hispanic). While blacks have remained about the same percentage of the population for decades, hovering in the 12% range since 1990, the mestizo population has been exploding. 
The black population is far louder, more annoying and violent (so far) but the mestizo population is what will cause America to tip into third world status as they continue to gain political power. Despite fleeing the disaster of Central and South American politics, most mestizos seem content to replicate those terrible political systems they fled from in America. The future of North America looks a lot like El Salvador.


  1. jl

    Well, on the bright side, Hispanics loathe American blaques as much or more than Heritage Americans do, so as they ascend in power, there will be far lass pandering to that troublesome, feral voting block. The Hispanics do not suffer from "white guilt", which is part of what got us into this mess in the first place. Not that the future doesn't look bleak…just trying to see a glimpse of a silver lining.

  2. Arthur Sido

    There will come a point where their mutual hatred of us won't be enough to keep them apart and then all hell will break loose. Remember during the 2020 riots, the mestizo gangs were armed and patrolling the barrio in Chicago. Nothing got burned in those hoods.

  3. saoirse

    White southerners always have been ignorant paper tigers.Voting strictly for southern democraps, then republicunts and staunchly flaunting their wonderful christ-insanity and love of rank capitalism has sent them to their most deserved doom. Ditto for everywhere else that prioritizes the suicidal idiocies above over race and fatherland!

  4. Anonymous

    There is no doubt some truth to the narrative that Hispanics are starting to vote R more. That would be great if the Rs were coming to save us. They aren't.

  5. Anonymous

    Look at every country in South America. Despite empirical evidence over multiple decades that socialism is an abject failure, they vote for socialist candidates in every single election. Yes, occasionally there is a wayward non-socialist elected for a brief time. Every situation in life has its outliers. But if you look at the timeline of South American and Central American countries they are abject socialist without exception. The fact of the matter is they are a low IQ population. They have almost no understanding of economics, western civilization or world history. They are corrupt to the core. They are never going to change. Whites are the new Indians.

  6. Anonymous

    Yeah, none too happy about the rising brown tide down here in South Texas, but the Mestizos have at least one, singular redeeming characteristic: They aren't Dindus. I have yet to meet one who is openly hostile to us gringos, and in my experience most are outwardly polite and generally cheerful. I know more than a few half-bloods who identify solely as 'White' rather than Hispanic or mixed-race, despite their obviously Mestizo lineage.

    Find me one half-White, half-black who does not identify, indignantly and defiantly, as "proud black", loathing their White forebears. Go ahead, find one. I'll wait.

  7. Anonymous

    Thank you for publishing the demographic truth about today's Texas, instead of the historical myth too many conservatards still harbor. El Paso, where my husband spent his formative years (military kid) went from 40% White then to barely 10% now. DFW suburbs my husband remembered as White in the early to mid 1980s were transitional, at best, by the mid 1990s. And the Oriental and subcon population in the DFW 'burbs has absolutely exploded – not merely a constant influx of fresh-off-the-plane types, but others from Cali and NJ. If you want to ensure your children attend a school with a White plurality, a pricey zip code isn't enough. It's got to be one of the most expensive private schools, as too many of the Christian ones have gone woke universalist. And those rare White babies being born? Half of their parents are Cali or east coast transplants.

    Demographics is destiny, and Texas is toast.

  8. Anonymous

    You have fairly low standards, if merely 'not a dindu' is sufficient for you to be comfortable with them as your countrymen. And there are numerous Mestizos who are both privately and openly hostile to Whites (I won't demean myself by using their derogatory term) who have retained some self respect. And regardless of what a half-blood 'identifies' as, they're still not White in habit or nature. Even many of those who are 75% White idolize their Indio ancestry and utilize every 'minority' setback program to the max in their educational and work environments – and they do it by stepping on heritage White Americans.

  9. Anonymous

    If you are hoping for a resurgence of "pure White" in this country, you are going to wait a long, long time. Our day is done. Sorry. It breaks my heart, too, but that is the truth, and you know it. I will take "not a dindu" every damn day, and twice on Sunday. Do I have any other choice? I can't force my lily-White children to reproduce, and they see no future in it. It's over, dude. We aren't coming back. The lesser of two evils is all we have now.

  10. Zorost

    There is always hope. Vast swathes of food-producing territory are 80+% White. Also lots of coal and petroleum in some of those areas. I'm not worried about whether a comeback is possible, but it certainly isn't foreordained.

  11. Zorost

    For several decades it's been clear that TX would inevitably go blue. It's big cities already have, rural areas are following demographically. It's just a question of time, and combined with the Left's increase in cheating that time is close at hand.

    Do what you can to organize to fend off federal overreach.

    Local -> State -> Region

  12. Anonymous

    The only good side if there is one is that for the most part here in Texas the mestizos hate the blacks because they are lazy and will not work. The mestizo population where I live are some of the hardest working people I know

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