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Rhodesia 2.0: Now With Even More Murder, Mayhem And Starvation!

Nothing new here but on the other hand it makes me think I am not completely numb to it all when this stuff still gets a rise out of me.

For research reasons I brought up the webpage of the United States Department of Agriculture, the USDA for short.

To repeat, it is the Department of Agriculture but these are their “priorities” on the landing page.

Racial “justice”. “Climate change”. Food and nutrition “insecurity” which means making sure people have plenty of food stamp money to buy Doritos and Mountain Dew. The last one didn’t seem to make much sense, I clicked the link and it talks about improving the food supply chain to be more resilient. That one sort of makes sense. What is largely missing from the USDA list of priorities is much to do with the actual business of….agriculture. The USDA isn’t all that interested in the work of producing food, it is primarily involved in wealth transfer from the shrinking productive class to the parasite class. In that respect it is like every other Federal agency. What this also means is that even as the world’s population balloons, especially in regions that cannot feed themselves, one of the leading food producing nations in the world is focusing “agricultural” resources toward wealth redistribution rather than improving agricultural efficiency. 

This is happening at the same time we see headlines all over warning of looming problems in the food supply chain:

The summer drought’s hefty toll on American crops

Graphic from American Partisan….

The green arrow points to where I live and as you can see, no drought here. It gives a false sense of things being OK, our crops look great, grass has been growing like crazy all summer, we all have lots of hay in the barn. In other places it is a different story. From the linked article:

American corn is on track to produce its lowest yield since the drought of 2012, according to analysts at Rabobank, which collects data about commodity markets. This year’s hard red winter wheat crop was the smallest since 1963, the bank’s analysts said. In Texas, cotton farmers have walked away from nearly 70 percent of their crop because the harvest is so paltry, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The California rice harvest is half what it would be in a normal year, an industry group said.

As goes our food supply, so goes the world. For example:

Sugar and Salt Shortage Worsens Philippines Food Supply Woes

The global food system works great when it is working but when it doesn’t? We have already seen that the entire critical infrastructure in America is fragile and just waiting for a nudge to topple it over.

Europe might be facing both a food and energy crisis and with Giant Ears taking the crown in England, I expect more economic suicide to follow leading to stories like this:

Many pubs are on the verge of closing as their utility bills have increased ten fold in the last year. Businesses that close in this current environment are unlikely to reopen. Meanwhile manufacturers in places like China and India can pollute as much as they like and pay substandard wages in awful working conditions. That is OK, libertarians tell me, because muh free market always is the best!

My sneaking suspicion is that something else we will soon find out is that the actual deaths from Covid, already wildly exaggerated, will pale in comparison to the carnage of the “vaccine” side-effects. From Alex Berenson:

URGENT: Deaths are soaring in one of the world’s most highly mRNA vaccinated areas

Deaths in the Australian state of Victoria, where 95 percent of adults have received Covid vaccines and most are boosted with mRNA shots, soared to their highest level in at least 13 years in August – far above the five-year average.

Victoria offers almost unique data: near-real-time reporting on death trends in millions of people who are heavily vaccinated but had little exposure to Covid before being jabbed.

The picture is increasingly grim.

He posts stuff like this all the time and it is clear that They are trying to make it as hard as possible to find this data but he keeps coming up with it. I keep being reminded of an old post, Are We Living In Rainbow Six?. What if, just if, the whole point of Covid which was not that dangerous to most people was to get everyone to take a “vaccine” that would eliminate so many of those useless people who have no place in the new order?

Meanwhile neighboring Illinois is about to become (even more of) a paradise for violent criminals.

On January 1st, 2023, Illinois jails will turn many prisoners loose

One part of the 611-page amendment to House Bill 163, a massive police reform initiative introduced by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, is the Pretrial Fairness Act, which would abolish cash bail.

The aim of the legislation would set free certain criminal offenders without having to wait in jail for their court date, because they can’t afford bond.

Letting violent criminals go because equity! Of course it was introduced by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus. Of course it was. Here are the minor offense you will walk without bail for committing:

The Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today Act (SAFE-T Act) would restrict which crimes a person can be arrested for, and would free those in custody for 12 offenses, including second-degree murder, aggravated battery, and arson without bail, as well as drug-induced homicide, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, intimidation, aggravated DUI, aggravated fleeing and eluding, drug offenses and threatening a public official. 

No, that is not a joke. 

But wait, there is more!

Grundy County Sheriff Ken Briley told WLS that police would not be able to arrest people for certain misdemeanors, such as trespassing.

“Today, I can arrest him if you sign a complaint for trespassing,” Briley said. “January 1st, I’m not going to be able to do that. The law says I have to write him a ticket and leave.”

“Judges may no longer issue a warrant when a defendant fails to come to court,” Hanley added. “Instead, an absent defendant must next be served with a court order asking them to appear and then fail to appear a second time before a warrant may be issued.”

So D’ange’dinoofus decides to wander onto your property. You call the cops because you can’t just cap his ass and feed him to your pigs. The cops show up and issue him a ticket, and then they leave. D’ange’dinoofus takes a dump on your lawn and uses the ticket to wipe his backside. You are out of luck unless he actually does something to get arrested for, but there is an obvious problem here in that it means he has already harmed someone. Illinois State Representative Adam Niemerg who represents a district in Southern Illinois doesn’t mince words: 

Kidnapping and second-degree murder? You walk no bail. Trespassing? You might get a ticket. The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus thinks it is a great idea to create a nearly literal revolving door for criminals, and not just jaywalking, but all sorts of violent crimes. It isn’t like Illinois doesn’t have enough violent crime:

They are picking up dead thugs from the sidewalk with a mop and bucket. 

The only possible reason for this is to create mayhem and chaos that provides a pretext for more violations of civil liberties and more gun control. I would bet that the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus had some help writing this bill from someone who isn’t black and isn’t Irish. Violent crime all across Illinois is going to skyrocket, especially when the homies figure out they can case a joint in the suburbs and not worry about getting arrested for trespassing and engage in robbery and burglary but walk free with no bail even if they get caught. Undoubtedly this is going to lead to emboldened criminals and it is likely to increase the number of incidents where homeowners use lethal force to protect their family. Illinois is a tepid Castle Doctrine state so fed up civilians are going to take the law into their own hands. 

You don’t get the Wild West by making it easier to legally concealed carry, you get the Wild West by forcing regular people to do the job the cops are no longer allowed to do. 2023 is gonna be lit in Illinois and I expect we will see more residents moving east into Indiana.

The future looks a lot like Rhodesia, only with a lot more people and a whole lot more guns.

Just remember, these laws are being pushed by people and those people…..well they aren’t so different from you and me in certain, important ways


  1. Otis

    PA looks OK, but in reality the area in the north looks better than my local in central PA that is barely shaded .
    we had 0 precipitation for 6 weeks, and when it started raining it was in 1/6 of an inch. it looks like everyone sprayed with roundup.

    I realize it's a generality but I wonder how bad it really is.

  2. Xzebek

    Actually, I believe that capping his ass and feeding him to the pigs is exactly what's going to start happening. If the part of the social contract that says "don't engage in personal retribution because we have a justice system" is abrogated then there will be personal retribution. And there will be many more death penalty offenses.
    The "don't snitch " mentality works both ways. If Tyrone the aggressive trespasser goes missing there will be lots of witnesses who will say he was never in the area. One of my favorite sayings from Glenn Reynolds is that the police, ultimately, aren't there to protect us from the criminals but to protect the criminals from us. (See social contract above).
    Local safety can easily be handled, in many areas, by local vigilance groups.
    And, btw, suppressed .300 blackout makes it a lot easier to cap his ass surreptitiously. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    it just maybe that they letting all of this happen so they can bring in a federal police force ?
    as a means to bring back safe streets and other bullshit.
    and just think of how many of all those illegal military age males getting a job with it.
    they will do anything they are told by the people paying them.
    just a thought. as before, YOYO

  4. Don Curton

    I'd go buy an extra shovel, but I already have 10 or so and I'm told old and fat to be digging like that anymore. I need a trailer, a small tractor with backhoe attachment, and I already have several locations scouted out where I can dig a hole in peace.

    Absolutely. Once law enforcement shows itself to be complete cucked, the criminals are going be in for a big surprise.

  5. Mike_C

    "I would bet that the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus had some help writing this bill from someone who isn't black and isn't Irish."
    GMTA. I'm not covering that bet. Speaking of the probable someone:

    "they aren't so different from you and me"
    Indeed. If we tickle them, do they not laugh?

  6. Anonymous

    Enough voted for the Fundamental Transformation into West South Africa in muh democracy and here we are.
    IL is CPUSA HQ with Ape Lincoln, Shillary and Bathhouse Barry/Michael LaVaughn Long Marching as fellow travelers. An absolute no go zone even if there are relatives behind enemy lines.
    It only gets worse as the velvet gloves are coming off now and you can see the iron.

  7. Zorost

    "once that threat is gone"

    The problem is that I can virtually guarantee this won't be policed fairly. Having property makes one far less able to take advantage of 0 bail, for a starter.

    Also, from what I've heard pigs are not a great way to dispose of evidence, contrary to TV. I know farmers who've thrown deer carcasses to their pigs, and there are still fragments of bones and hooves in the field, along with hair and other bits in the shit. The old ways are the best.

  8. Zorost

    Great point.
    Local LE is one of the big snags in the Left's plans. I theorize that a lot of the BLM violence was a push for increased fed control of local police. "Defund" is the typically ridiculous opening bid of the Left, which then gets bargained down by the Republicans to something only mildly ridiculous. Then both sides declare victory as people wonder WTF just happened.

  9. Anonymous

    The only potential problem is that, as of right now, they'd all have their sail foams with them, and those phones would transmit their location right up until the moment the perps 'disappeared' as a result of shoot/shovel/shutup. And the cell phone carriers are all more than eager to share their information with the police to help finding Dant'aveious. Even if you remove the body and all other evidence and smash/burn the phone, its last location transmission would put the nogger at your property.

  10. Anonymous

    There will undoubtedly be an increased exodus from Chicongo into neighboring states. One of the larger small towns about 25 miles from our new acreage has quite a contingent already – people who are busily trying to recreate city suburbs in a rural environment, building ridiculous golf-course communities and massive mansions on 1-2 acre lots. Only saving grace, my husband notes, is that most of them are our age or older, so when times get tough they'll be the first in the area to die off.

  11. daniel_day

    The last time we had rain in Portland, OR and vicinity was July 6 (0.02") and 7 (0.15"), and before that was June 20 (0.02"), 19 (0.15") and 18 (0.11"). "Rainy Oregon" is an accurate reputation, but not during the last several summers. If/When things go blooey, water capture and storage will be critical. Storage better be bulletproof, too.

  12. Anonymous

    that is when old mine shafts and state game lands come in to play.
    no body looks down old mine shafts. as for the game lands, they really big and it would be real easy to lose something in there. just saying, of course.
    remember, the critters need to eat too.

  13. Anonymous

    Tried post on facebook- would not allow- article has been reported as hate/abusive content- somebunny don't like you……………………………………….

  14. Anonymous

    Wife was on a zoom seminar the other day. Attendee from Germany described how most people she knew were feeling. Hopeless. Yeah that won't solve their problems.

    Gimli "You'll find more cheer in a graveyard." Going around and likely to get worse before better.

    Steve S6

  15. Anonymous

    A reasonable person confronted with such a problem in the current non permissive environment would conclude that waiting to be enveloped at home is a mistake. The solution to these tactical opsec and post battle cleanup concerns is simple. They need to be engaged many miles away by sterile personnel before they close on your community or home. When I say sterile, I mean in every material way possible. Study what this meant in the MACVSOG missions into Laos, Cambodia, and North Vietnam. Study what it means in light of modern investigative forensics and modern electronic population control. There are also cameras everywhere. Not only should it be assumed that every building and roadway sports a camera, it needs to be remembered that the woods are now full of hunting game cams. Many of these can send infrared images to the remote operator by wireless Internet Protocol. Identity concealment at all times and places is a must and that includes moving cross county in the dark. Puzzle out the details and don't overlook anything, The list security concerns and precautions is long. A threat intercepted far from home eliminates any need to consider woodchippers, backhoes, and swine.
    All of that is assuming a non permissive environment is in effect and the threat is enjoying legal immunity. If the threat manages to destroy the rule of law or the legal authorities eliminate themselves ( a real possibility), then the game can be played with a free hand. In either case, if it comes down to it, a mortal threat right on your own doorstep should be defended against with all required vigor regardless of the legal situation. If there are still functioning authorities after the fact that have some concerns, they will be most welcome to cart off the fertilizer and that is all they should get.

  16. Anonymous

    I've thought about the utility of using the bow and arrow for a quieter alternative to firearms, since I do consider myself a fair shot with my recurve.

    While they are quiet, they are much larger than a handgun so harder to conceal. Follow up shots are also slower and more tricky than a semi-automatic handgun, or even a revolver. The arrow is slower and so trying to hit a moving target is going to be much harder. If you are like me and like rolling your own arrows, using such things might get you caught if they recover the arrow before you do, and it matches what you own. Even mass produced factory arrows can give you away.

    Then there's range. While there are people who can reliably hit a man sized target with a bow from 100 yards away, they aren't common. Realistic engagement distances are more like 30, 40 yards tops with a recurve, maybe more with a compound. There's a reason guns replaced the bow on the battlefield, even though bows are more fun to shoot.

  17. Anonymous

    A crossbow hits harder, and you have the benefit of not having to use your body strength to hold the bow at full draw while aiming, but again you have the problem of relatively slow reloading compared to a semi-automatic handgun or rifle.Then again, I've never owned a crossbow so my knowledge of them is rather limited.

    I think I spent about 800 on my current recurve, a 58" bow made with a 17" tradtech Titan riser and medium length limbs. The arrows generally cost me about 7 or 8 bucks to make depending on available components. There's premium arrows out there that I've seen going for 50 bucks or more, but I don't believe they're worth it, especially if you intend to do any hunting because you stand a good chance of either losing the arrow or it gets damaged beyond repair when the animal you hit is thrashing about.

    A galaxy sage will cost about 130 bucks brand new so getting into recurve shooting is rather cheap compared to xbow and compound. Assuming you were able to take down an intruder with one you could just chuck the bow somewhere it won't be found and pretend you don't do archery. It takes years to really get good enough with a recurve though, so you wouldn't be fooling anyone who knows you well.

    I got into archery because some of my prepper buddies thought it was a good survival skill to have. WhiIe I really enjoy it, I would still much rather use a handgun or rifle on any two-legged pests that needed shooting around the house.

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