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Pistol Brace Ruling Coming “By December”

The long awaited braced pistol rule from the ATF is still in the works, the ATF is requesting funding to handle the “Amnesty Registration of Pistol Brace” according to a new article by John Crump at Ammoland news:

This is a way to try to force the registration of over 4 million AR-15 pistols by dangling “amnesty” and offering to waive the normal $200 fee. I don’t have an AR pistols of course because they are naughty but for the millions of people that do? I am not sure how many are going to voluntarily give their info to the ATF. Your choice will be to become a felon overnight or to submit to the first of no doubt many gun registration schemes designed to make confiscation easier.
Not much of a choice.


  1. Anonymous

    One thing that I've never heard asked about, is this all over the "Pistol Brace" Itself, or the "Short-Barrel AR?"
    An argument can MAYBE be made that this type of Gun is a "Short-Barrel Rifle" but the ATF failed to make the distinction when this style of Gun came out. Perhaps they realized that 'error', and are falling back on the idea that the "Pistol Brace" can be used as a Shoulder Stock; they went around in circles over That Idea, too.

    IMO, I never found the "Pistol Brace" that came with my Sig-Sauer, AR Pistol of any real utility, so I took it off.
    I find that a properly-adjusted, single-point Sling allows for a reasonable use of Iron Sights by holding the Gun away to tension the Sling. Beyond that, I mostly practice (with .223, not Mil Ammo) Hip-Shooting from about 100 Feet, as would be done in a Zombie Apocalypse Scenario. I also have a 5-Watt, not-Eye-Safe Laser beside the Barrel, Point-of Impact set for 150 Meters with Green-Tip. This is Visible in Daylight, and actually gives a better 'Point and Shoot' result than a Red-Dot Sight.

    Is the Proposed Regulation ONLY about the "Pistol Brace" device, or the Gun?

  2. Anonymous


    ATF is a Organized Criminal Enterprise

  3. Zorost

    I can't find a reference to the case I'm going to mention, so take specific details with a shaker of salt.

    Some time ago a guy was arrested by the DEA for having a pistol brace. He took it to court (IIRC, South Carolina) and the judge threw it out, saying something to the effect that DEA opinion isn't law and he only adjudicates the law. This was a circuit court which means it's not precedent of any kind, so don't do some retarded 'Sovereign Citizen' thing and start waiving a piece of paper around claiming the court has to set you free. I'd recommend not flaunting a retard law as getting snagged will hurt you far more than your symbolic sacrifice hurts them. But… if anyone does get nabbed, take it to court and hope for the best.

    Also: get involved in local politics, because it is far more important than many realize. We can't stop DC, but the local law can ignore DC.

  4. Xzebek

    Personally, I don't think pistol AR's are particularly practical or effective when compared to other options. However, those who like them and want them should be able to have them without undue hassle.
    If any rule comes down to require a tax stamp etc. I hope no one complies.
    Anyway, FTATF.

  5. JackDup

    I doubt the ruling will be in favor of the pistol brace. The woke joke has taken over all government agencies and it will get worse. Straight white men need not apply for any government position unless you vote democrat.

  6. Anonymous

    From what I understand about .300 Blackout, a barrel over 10.5" is just dead weight and provides no additional benefit. I don't own and have never shot that round, so this is based solely on what my (often questionable) memory dredged up from some article on the interwebs. Hey, if it's on the internet, it must be true!

  7. Anonymous

    On 300 BLK – it depends on your ballistics goals. If you're not trying to slow them down to subsonic, but want high velocity for hunting, then a 16"-18" barrel is better, as it will result in higher velocity. If you're trying to shoot at subsonic velocities, then 10.5 is preferable to help keep velocities down. High velocity rounds are more towards the 125gr weight, subsonics are all 200gr and up.

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