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No Matter Where You Go, There They Are

Even in Kosciusko County, Indiana. 

Kosciusko is a bit to the west of where we live and has a whopping one incorporated city, Warsaw, Indiana with a population of around 13,000. Warsaw is fairly well known as the “Orthopedic Capital of the World” because lots of that stuff is made there, hip replacements and that sort of thing. As you can probably guess, the county is named after Tadeusz Kościuszko, a Pole who fought in the Colonial Army during the Revolution and of course the county seat of Warsaw is named after Warsaw in Poland. 
As a mostly rural county of 80,000 people in Indiana, the demographics are about what you would expect, with the county being over 93% White (that includes about 7% mestizo). Asians are 0.8%, lots of engineers in that group I assume, and blacks are only 0.7%, few to no engineers in that group. However as we know, when the black percentage is greater than 0.0%, trouble is sure to follow.
Case in point.

Police have arrested three suspects related to a crime spree involving car thefts that ravaged Kosciusko County across multiple dates in August.

Between Aug. 10 and 11, and again between Aug. 21 and 22, multiple thefts of vehicles and valuables within vehicles were reported, as well as several reports where cars were ransacked, but nothing of value was reported missing.
Whoever could it be? It must have been some alt-right Ultra MAGA extremists! 
Or not. The arrested are named KaShawn Hudson, Mario Pratt and Michael Hubbard. “KaShawn” was part of the Warsaw local 0.7% and Mario and Michael are from South Bend apparently. 
Mario is working on his flared nostril, head back look but needs to work on it. Michael in the red shirt tried to evade police by jumping in a canal…where he got stuck in the mud and had to be rescued by the cops prior to arrest. Good thing he wasn’t running from the high sheriff toward the Underground Railroad, he wouldn’t have made it.
When most people think of South Bend, Indiana, they think of the University of Notre Dame but the Bend is also 25% black and away from campus seems to be a pretty shitty place. For a small city, South Bend has already seen 58 shootings, 14 fatal so far this year, and over 120 shootings last year. The current Secretary of Transportation, sodomite Pete Buttigieg, was the prior mayor of South Bend and oversaw the city devolving into chaos. 
These charming fellas are part of a “gang” calling themselves the “AG Boiis”, so I am sure they are all fun loving folk.
No matter where you go, if there are roads they can find you. Living outside of the cities is a necessary step but it isn’t sufficient. Pay attention to where you are and who is and is not supposed to be there. Never assume you are far enough away. If a “gang” like these idiots can cause havoc in Warsaw, Indiana, they can do the same where you are.


  1. saoirse

    Doesn't matter what the nig-to-white ratio is in K county. If there's a substantial amount of muds just an hour away you're part of that demographic whether you like it or not. In addition; the sistah city elected a butt-slammer which indicates that the majority of white peepo there are wokies, and "Touchdown Jesus" cucks, which is another big minus and indicator of impending trouble.
    When I advocate for moving far away from the cities I don't mean an hour away and yes, do pay attention – no matter who you're around!
    Doesn't matter that I live in an all-white area, I keep my handgun in my pocket along with my hand when I'm in public places.

  2. Anonymous

    Barry Soetoro made sure that the enrichment would reach every point and the NYT has an actual article about the need for redistribution to small town FUSA from four years ago.
    A buddy moved almost 100 miles west near a CPUSA occupied territory border and the indispensable enrichment will be following.

  3. Anonymous

    when I used to live in philly, I kept a ar carbine by my chair, and I always carried either my 220 or the 1911. here in the country, I just carry all the time still, but the carbine is also close by.
    here in Pa. if you have a carry permit, you can keep a AR pistol in your car/truck. that might change with the new ATF bullshit though.

  4. Anonymous

    As I commented at Sailer's the other day, even one is too many. Doesn't matter if he/she is part of the magic 0.01%, there will be a cousin or a step-sibling's boyfriend who will turn up and wreak havoc. We're moving in a matter of weeks to a county that, in 2012, was 0.04% nogger. I don't believe it's much higher now, but the mere sight of one – of whatever age or gender – should put any White on high alert.

  5. Anonymous

    I moved to a very small rural county. It’s old America. But, to the authors point, a week ago I was driving on the four lane and one of the very few content of their characters was shirt off, head and face covered walking against traffic in the middle of the road raging at drivers. Daring them to hit him. Because it is racist. A few months ago he disrupted a church service yelling at the church goers. He was sent away by local law. But now he’s back.

  6. Xzebek

    Very small rural towns can be dangerous. I've heard that people, particularly of the disruptive chimp variety, can find themselves lost and end up stumbling into a hog pen. Very sad.

  7. Zorost

    Came across an interesting argument recently, that we are in a civil war. Not an imminent one, but an actual one. CWs are characterized not by military vs. military battles, but by murder. It pointed out that CW1 was abnormal in that there were 2 sides, separated geographically. Even then, there was a lot of murder on that border. Other CWs often include a lot of skirmishing and ambushes between civilians. One thing that is present in many CWs is the release of criminals to victimize civilians of the other side…

    Another interesting fact that was pointed out was that often what we call a CW wasn't recognized as such by it's participants. It was just "the Troubles", or "the hard times," "the struggle," "the emergency," etc. It was only afterwards that people looking at the big picture placed all the small scale violence into the frame of a CW.

    CW also often includes the gov trying to genocide the groups not bowing down to them.

  8. Plagu Monk

    When I worked the medical design contract in Warsaw a few years ago, far too much of my time was spent assisting the young Asian engineers(mostly Brahmin and upper caste Hindoo women). Several of them had problems with the dindus, mostly because of the arrogance of the Asian women when they went to bars and businesses frequented by dindus. I was asked several times to assist these women by my client supervisor after work hours or on weekends. I told my client supervisor that fighting or shooting dindus to protect these Asians was not part of my job description. That, and both the client and the onsite contract agency were virulently anti-gun.

  9. Anonymous

    or they tend to get lost in the deep woods, unable to fight off the critters there.
    there are a lot more snakes in the woods than most people realize. and they not fussy about what or who they bite and eat too. and there are a lot of very large state game lands in this state where you can get lost just a little more than a 1/2 mile from the road,,,
    it be a shame if that happen to somebody.

  10. Anonymous

    gee, they sound like some medical assholes I used to work with many years ago.
    never got invited to any of the parties. but if they got scared or in trouble, I used to be the first one they called. even a couple of years after I left there. it all stopped when I changed my phone number and phone. after a while, you just have to let the assholes sink or swim on their own.

  11. Anonymous

    We are only an hour out of Cleveland. Fortunately an indirect route.
    We picked here because we are 2 counties removed, county voted 76% repub, 96.5% white, .9% black, 1.6% hispanic

    The one town, county seat has all the others.

    I hope we moved far enough out to avoid what is coming.

  12. Anonymous

    How is 80,000 people "rural"? The town i live outside of is 400 people. The whole county is 13,000 in a good year with over 4,300 sq miles of land

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