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Looking At Jackson And Memphis Is Like Looking Into A Crystal Ball

When you are paying attention, you start to see patterns emerging and you also start to see things that on the surface have nothing to do with one another suddenly seem to connect. Once they start to connect? You can’t unravel the strings. 

Two big news stories of the week at first glance have little in common.

One, the self-inflicted water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi.

Two, the kidnapping, rape and murder of Eliza Fletcher in Memphis, Tennessee. 

What thread connects these two events?

The simplistic, although accurate, answer is: black people

While that is true, I think what connects these two events is a bit more complex. 

Both are indicators of the broader decline and nearing tipping point our country is approaching. 

Municipal governments have a few basic functions: sanitation, providing police, fire and EMS services, schools, water supply and waste removal. Those are the basics that allow a city to function, to be home to businesses, recreation and housing. When one part stops working properly, the rest typically follow in the dysfunction in short order. The first one to stop working is usually policing and that is the most devastating. If people don’t feel safe in a city, they will flee to the suburbs. That has been the story for the last half century as the “civil rights” race riots exposed the looming demographic problem brought about by mass migration of blacks out of the South and into large and medium cities in the north and west.

One by one, cities have reached the teetering point and then tipped over. Some have been that way for decades, most notably Detroit. The Motor City was once a prosperous city and the fourth largest city in America by 1920 but as World War II ended and blacks moved in, the city quickly fell apart. 

Because I grew up near Detroit and lived in Michigan, including metro Detroit, for many years, these statistics are as familiar to me as the back of my hand. In the 1940 census, the year prior to the U.S. entry into World War II, Detroit was over 90% White with a population of 1.5 million. The black population was under 10%.

By 1950, five years after the end of WW II, the number of blacks had doubled, from 149k to over 300k and as a percentage of the population they went from 9.19% to 16.25%. It would rapidly climb with each census until the most recent as the mestizo and mixed/other category gained significantly. 

In 1967, the infamous Detroit race riots occurred. 23 people were killed and Whites fled the city at a more rapid pace. By 1970 the White population was down to 55% and a decade later it was at around 1/3 of the population. As Whites left, several things happened. Crime grew worse as the population of the city became more concentrated with blacks. The tax base collapsed as White residents left. Politically the city was dominated by Democrats with the last Republican mayor being Louis Miriani, who served until 1962 and was replaced by Jerome Cavanagh, a White Democrat who was elected with the overwhelmingly support of black voters. It has been Democrats ever since and the last White mayor was Roman Gibbs who served until 1974, until the recent election of White Democrat Mike Duggan in 2014. That is a 40 year stretch of black mayors and 60 years of Democrats. 

Today Detroit’s population continues to decline, from a high of 1,849,000 in 1950 to the most recent census of 639,111. That is a decline of nearly 2/3 in 70 years. 

Let’s go back to Jackson and Memphis. These are both smaller, Southern cities. Both have had, unlike Detroit, a large black population for a long time. As far back as 1950 Memphis was 37% black but like most cities as the decades passed the black population grew more concentrated, now standing at nearly 2/3 of the population.

Jackson, being part of the “Deep South” is even more pronounced.

It is a little hard to see on a smaller screen but Jackson today is over 78% black and only 16.54% White, while in 1970 the city was still 60% White. In both cases the demographic changes led to political changes, with Memphis last having a Republican mayor in 1991 and Jackson has had Democrats since the 1940s and black mayors since 1997. This also means that many of the administrative and bureaucratic positions in these cities are also held by blacks. For example in Jackson…..

The Director/City Engineer is black as is the Deputy Director of Water Operations. Maybe they are the best people for the job, maybe they are politically connected and maybe it is just a coincidence that the Jackson water system is a disaster. 

In Jackson the Chief of Police is a black man named James Davis and his entire “executive command staff” are black men. In Memphis the police chief is a black woman named Cerelyn “CJ” Davis. This is a trend throughout the country. Are black top cops less apt to go after black criminals? It certainly seems that a case can be made for that.

Fortunately the good people at Salon, in particular Areeba Shah, have figured out the real problem:

“There are no white people there”: Jackson’s water crisis, explained

Huh, that sounds like something I might say but then you read the article and you see what they really meant

Little has been done to restore a deteriorating water system in Jackson, which is 82 percent Black [sic]. Extreme weather patterns are now exposing the role racist infrastructure plays in contributing to unequal water systems across the country, in communities that are majority Black [sic]

Ah, the infrastructure is racist. That makes perfect sense to people named Areeba Shah. How is the infrastructure in Jackson “racist”? Does it have nooses hanging around to frighten black people? Is it somehow different from the infrastructure in other, similarly sized cities? Don’t know.

It also makes sense to blame White people for the disastrous infrastructure in Jackson even though Jackson has been under single party, monochromatic black rule for the last 25 years. What did the city of Jackson do during that quarter century of control to head off the looming water problem? Apparently nothing. See also: time preference. 

Many of our largest cities have significant “no-go” zones and mid sized cities are becoming entire no-go zones. Eliza Fletcher should have been able to jog wherever the hell she wanted, whenever she wanted, wearing whatever she wanted but we don’t live in that sort of country anymore so now people point out that a White woman wearing very little clothing out jogging in the dark in Memphis is a supremely dangerous activity. Around here? A woman could jog in her bra and panties at two in the morning and other than giving the Amish boys a thrill nothing would happen but in places like Memphis, Detroit, Jackson, St Louis, Baltimore…..a woman, and especially a White woman, is a juicy target for the violent criminals who tend to be overwhelmingly black. 

I shared a small segment of Tucker’s monologue about the Fletcher murder last night, here is the full segment.

He gets pretty strident near the end, around the 7 minute mark. Some choice quotes:

Once we accept that as normal we are stuck with it forever….

It will never change except to get worse….

Our entire country will be Memphis (and Jackson and Detroit….) if we don’t put a stop to this insanity, right now, with as much force as is required….

Of course you know and I know that there is no political will in America to put a stop to this. We could put a stop to this and in no time at all. We won’t. Prisons are overcrowded and do nothing to reform or dissuade criminals. The “justice” system will lock up people for trespassing in a public building without bail or hearings but let rapists and carjacker walk free. The President of the United States declares that 75 million mostly White Americans are a threat to the very fabric of America but can’t spare a moment of his time to mention a brutally murdered mother of two in Memphis, or any of the other tens of thousands of victims of violent crime in America. 

Someone like Cleotha Abston who has apparently already been imprisoned for 20 years for kidnapping and has a violent juvenile criminal record starting from when he was 13, ending up in juvie court every year from 1995 to 1999 which inclided a rape when he was all of 14 years old, should have been locked away doing the worst sort of hard labor for most of his life and only released when he was no longer a threat to anyone and after submitting to castration. He wasn’t and now Eliza Fletcher is dead. It is a story repeated over and over in America on a daily, or even hourly, basis. 

What connects Jackson and Memphis is that they are a glimpse into our near-term future as the percentage of the population capable of maintaining and innovating, keeping public order and the basic necessities fulfilled, will diminish to the point that the wheels of civilization come off. Systemic failures will happen more frequently, last longer and be more severe. Adding in new mandates for “green energy” and laws to combat “climate change” will simply make things worse. Soon it won’t be smaller cities not having clean water for a week but larger cities without clean water or the power not working in the midst of a heat wave or severe cold spell. People will die. 

When the wheels come off the in the city, those who can will flee outward, some looking for safety and some looking for plunder. Sure you might not, and should not, be in one of those cities but you almost certainly live within a short drive of one. That is why we should be watching those urban centers of decay, violence and degeneracy. When they start to fall in earnest, our lives will become far more precarious. Each day the people that built and maintained this country die off and the ranks of the new “Americans” swells exponentially. The tipping point is getting closer and They are smashing the accelerator to the floor in the hope of speeding up the collapse and the creation of a glorious new order, minus most of humanity.


  1. ricker62

    In the greater St. Louis metro area urban gang of gun stealers, criminals, have used stolen Hyundais and Kias to make smash and grab hits at 3 gun stores in distant semi rural communities – O'Fallon, IL, Wright City, MO and St. Charles, MO. captured images on security video show clearly the racial make up of the perps. They have also hit one of the closer in urban gun stores. They are still at large.

  2. Anonymous

    Arthur, you've written a good summary of the problem and a sober warning, but the people who most need to hear it will never heed it. They remain convinced that catastrophic violence or dysfunction will never affect 'their' town or their kids' school. They are comfortable in their neighborhood and remain convinced their grandchildren will live lives much like theirs. Oh, a little more being careful with what they say, but they'll get a decent education and go to college and meet a decent partner and have a sold life.

    All those bad things happen elsewhere, and will continue to remain in isolated pockets. Besides, only Whites who live in large urban environments are at risk, while they remain safely ensconced in their suburb with the Indians and Han who are all educated and professional and would never, ever dream of discriminating against anyone.

    I don't mean to sound bitter or dismissive, but I believe trying to 'awaken' or warn the average White is a fool's errand. Even a majority of those who consider themselves prepared for various catastrophes trumpet their non-rayciss beliefs.

  3. Anonymous

    Old joke.
    When asked about the gangrene the doctor replied, "No need to amputate, it will fall off on it's own in a few days." At that point,
    Steve S6

  4. Anonymous

    "Decaying Infrastructure" Lags about 30 Years from when a Complicated, White-Created City becomes "Dark".
    The White Architects, Engineers, Construction Workers and System Operators/Maintenance move form the City due to the 'Blackening', and eventually, when the last of them have been replaced by various Third-World 'diversity', the Infrastructure and Systems reach the end of their Design Life. No provisions were made to Build Replacements (no Money put aside) and the Exodus of Intelligent Whites left no one able to Design and Build New Systems, much less Maintain, under increasing levels of "Wear" the 50-100- Year old Equipment.

    Jackson is the Textbook Example of how Low-I.Q. savages are Incapable of even Maintaining what White Men Designed and Built. Memphis is only one of Millions of Examples of how Low-I.Q. savages are Incapable of Living in Civilization- of any Race.

    Please, call Me Racist. And join with other Whites who continue to Expose the Foolishness that any third-world, low-I.Q. Proto-Humans can 'integrate' with White Society.

  5. JackDup

    Straight white men need not apply.

    We were heading through Memphis going south and saw a sign for Graceland and thought maybe we would check it out, pulled off the exit ramp took a look around, and decided to get the hell out of the jungle, no thanks.

  6. Anonymous

    If heritage Americans were allowed to organize and act without interference from White LEO's like ANTIFA and BLM, order could still be restored in this country, even at this late hour.

  7. Anonymous

    South Africa is the template. The good news is I won't live to see America with a white population that small. So things will probably work better here than they do there. Things really, really don't work there. There is nothing happening in Jackson, or Memphis, that hasn't already happened there on a much larger scale.

    With our larger white population we might land more in some kind of middle ground. Like Brazil. I continue to discount predictions that our situation will evolve into large scale violence or "civil war." The people I just saw mask up and lock down the moment they were ordered to, don't look to me like the warring type. There will be more race riots, sure, but we are used to those already.

  8. Arthur Sido

    Even in a bad scenario there will still be a significant percentage of Whites and even if only a few percent of us wake up that is still millions but I am counting on the diverse to start to thin each other out.

  9. Anonymous

    Unfortunately, as we can yet again draw from the African experience, as long as blacks are being subsidized and supported by whites, they don't thin out, they multiply. We see this in the population explosion of Africa that never would have happened without all the aid pouring in from well meaning white folks.

  10. Mike Hendrix

    When I lived in NYC back in the 90s, when walking down the street on the Lower East Side late at night, SOP was to cross to the other side whenever you saw a young black male coming from the opposite direction. I did this plenty of times myself, even though I hardly ever went anywhere without being strapped, either in my jacket pocket or inside the back waistband of my pants with a loose shirt over it.

    I worked at a bar called Mona's with my friend Steve, who, after closing up at 4AM as usual one night, was walking home with a pocketful of cash on him when he found himself in that very situation. He stopped himself in the middle of reflexively moving to cross when he felt kinda guilty about it, telling himself, "Aw, c'mon, don't be That Guy, just keep on walking and assume this guy is all right." So he kept on as he was going.

    Guess what happened next. Go on, guess. I dare ya.

  11. Plague Monk

    Black PEs? Can you say Affirmative Action, folks? Over the course of almost 40 years, I've worked a few dozen contract designer positions and a long stint as a direct drafter. I worked with literally hundreds of engineers and designers. I have yet to meet even one dindu that was even marginally competent in their work. Not even one.
    Dindus combine the worst traits of wetbacks(laziness) and Indians(arrogance) and add stupidity to the package, but companies are pressured to bring these morons into the office. On the positive side, I made a six figure annualized income several times cleaning up the messes left by the dindus, so I really shouldn't complain.

  12. Zorost

    There was an interesting discussion on twitter about his.

    Battlebeagle (IIRC):
    "How do the words below make you feel?:

    “Jackson, Mississippi Nuclear Power Plant”

    Lots of shock and horror responses. Someone said luckily nuke plants have higher standards and no AA hiring. I asked how long ago the same could be said of water treatment plants. More shock and horror.

    Someone else:
    "Akshually, there is a nuke plant 60 miles from Jackson, just south of Vicksburg."

    awww sheeeeiiiit.

  13. Anonymous

    Statistics show dwindling numbers of Whites in every major metro area in the country, such as the ones you cite regularly, Arthur. But all those Whites have to be going somewhere. I have never seen a single statistic showing ANY community ANYWHERE, urban or rural, enjoying an uptick in the White population. Are we just vanishing, like ghosts?

  14. Anonymous

    What an honest post. Like the author, I grew up in the Detroit area — a down river farming community. As a farm kid, we'd take a truck load of produce to the Eastern Market every summer morning. This made for early lessons in how to avoid being beaten and robbed–which happened regularly in the area. The lesson was simple-avoid blacks. Through the years, I've literally watched Detroit strip itself of its grand architectural and cultural heritage. In fact, I've bought some of the salvage–beautiful, elaborate, early electric fixtures and stained glass and moved the treasured onto new citadels. Which is another lesson–blacks and nice things don't get along. Now, Detroit is nearly completely stripped–there is almost nothing left. I've got some of those fixtures (I picked up years ago) going into a building I'm restoring in rural Appalachia (98% white). Imagine that–what used to hang in mansions on the east side of Detroit (and West End Toledo)–in what not that long ago was the wealthiest city and stretch in America–are ending up in the latest place white America is running to.

  15. Arthur Sido

    Below replacement levels of child bearing plus the "not a bioweapon" Covid killing off lots of older Whites, I believe the absolute number of White people in America is actually dwindling.

  16. Arthur Sido

    There really isn't a time or place where it is safe to be in Detroit anymore, even if you go to see the Lions or Tigers play you get in and back out again as fast as you can because a few blocks away the police presence ends and the jungle begins.

  17. Anonymous

    The White birth rate has been below replacement for decades. Check the US school population demographics – overall the under 18s are less than 50% White. As you go down in age/grade, the White percentage decreases. And it's not just blacks – my older son's former high school, in what used to be described as a hideously White suburb, is now only 24% White – the majority are Orientals or subcons.

    The older Whites (early boomers and remaining silents) are dying off. Expect that death rate to increase substantially over the next 5 years or so – due to both age and the vax. The US White, non-hispanic population was officially 58% per 2020 census. Take out about 2% for Jews, 1.5% for Muslims, another 1-2% for various Mestizos and subcons who claim to be White, and the real percentage in 2022 is perhaps – perhaps – 54%. Remember, this is all based on self-reported race per the census.

    tl;dr: Yes, Whites are vanishing. The White percentage of the world's population was 28% as recently as 1950. Today it's between 9-10%. Yes, your grandchildren will be a persecuted and despised minority. Plan ahead for how to deal with this baked-in demographic reality.

  18. Anonymous

    Went through Memphis last February and toured around for a few days. It reminded me of Detroit with more humid weather. I used my finely-tuned Detroit radar skills to stay out of trouble. While there, I checked out some of its remaining historic architecture. Such as this place which was a complete, stripped wreck. The wikipedia entry neglects to mention its architect Edward Jones–a confederate who designed many monumental, elegant buildings in SC and later Memphis. He also designed submarines ("fishboats") for the confederate navy. His buildings which are in still in white areas are well maintained. Were they landscape turned into a jungle they ended up like the Clayborn Temple, despite their later importance to "civil rights".

  19. Anonymous

    Lots of places just like that. All the old downtowns. I attended a wedding in New Bedford not long ago, and the center of town was as quaint as a Norman Rockwell painting. Sloping, cobbled streets, ancient buildings, with a fine, old New England feel. Echoes of the past, when the town was a major port city, with statues commemorating notable White people and events from its storied history. But just one block off the main drag? Mogadishu.

  20. Anonymous

    Some Whites need to become like poltergeists. Invisible, ethereal, yet able to cause quite a ruckus before vanishing again.
    Some Whites should become like werewolves. Seemingly peaceful, but actually relentless hunters.
    We need to reclaim our status as apex predators.

  21. Anonymous

    After Brandon's rainbow circus restores the water in the racist hellhole Jackson for the poor downtrodden comrades of the glorious unity collective, then the world conquering tour can start?
    Maybe a high speed rail hub could be launched from Jackson! Brandon loves choo choo and the printing presses are state of the art while the taxpayer pockets are deep. Forward! Yes we can.

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