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Just Throwing This Out There

Stuff from Auguson Farms, like long term food storage foods in #10 cans, at Amazon has come down in price a bit. Well, most of it anyway. Back in March a #10 can of dried whole eggs was $33. Today….

I wouldn’t invest in whole egg products, at least not today. 
However I did order a few more things, nothing at all to do with the potential nuclear war we find ourselves on the verge of engaging in. 

$50 for all three, not terrible I thought. Some expert preppers, likely also certified “shooters”, might scoff because this is not the most cost effective way of stashing food but it is convenient and easy and will be here tomorrow. So I have the money and I’ll take it as one way of storing up extra vittles. 

It might be worth your time to do a little shopping or go to your local Aldis or somewhere else you can get cheap canned goods. I am sure you won’t regret having extra canned food on hand but you definitely will regret it if you need it and don’t have it.


  1. Xzebek

    Adding to one's supply of necessities is always a good idea. I do so whenever possible. Fast delivery from Amazon is a plus, despite its politics. Larger supermarket chains occasionally have excellent sales on canned goods but that doesn't help if you need supplies now. I am hoping that as people see prices increase they will see the wisdom of stocking up now. Despite what certified "shooters" think. 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    For the past couple years, since the plandemic started, i ramped up lts foods, hit up the mormons site, incredible values….buying up augason and similar products too, buy the buckets as well, used a rebate at costco to get a 150 meal bucket for 50.00…got canned goods stashed too…
    might be high in sodium, but when the belly grumbles, this stuff will keep you going…
    variety is key….

  3. Anonymous

    Found out a farm an hour from me is selling product they produce. 50lb sacks of wheat, quick oats, rolled oats, barley. Price was good so i picked a few. Only too late when its no longer available


  4. otis

    I wish I could dehydrate eggs. I have 2 dehydrator, but no silicone sheets to keep the scrambled eggs from sliding through the trays.

    I've been freezing them instead.
    just as good as fresh, but not if the power goes out for any long period of time

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