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It’s Like Watching Myself On Youtube

If I was less handsome and masculine. Tucker is out here starting his segment with talk about time preference and a lack of impulse control.

Tucker knows, everyone knows, that when you talk about time preference and lack of impulse control, you are of course talking about blacks. When you combine no impulse control and high time preference with a natural predilection for violence and a lifetime of being told nothing is your fault? You get American blacks. 
As Tucker points out, you can’t get away from it simply by moving to a smaller city. Crime is exploding  there as well, like Asheville, in Western North Carolina that he singles out. He mentions the new mayor of Asheville, one Esther Manheimer. According to Wikipedia, Ms. Manheimer was born in Denmark and is the former director of the American Movement for Israel. Well of course she was. E.S.T. She is also mostly concerned with “equity” and “climate change” and her Vice Mayor is this rocket scientist.

Yes. Sheneika and a Jewish broad born in Denmark are running Asheville right into the toilet. Who could have seen that coming? In fact the entire city council of Asheville looks like this.

A Jewish chick mayor, a black chick vice Mayor, two more black women, an obvious dyke and two more White women (although the last one looks like a “Fellow White”). What a clown car of woke bullshit and aging estrogen. 
Asheville has less than 100,000 people and “only” 10% are black but that still is enough to have crime running out of control. 
We have always had lots of blacks but now they are running out of control, acting on their natural impulses like we haven’t seen in a long time. Someone is weaponizing them, enabling them to run riot in our cities and when they are (rarely) arrested, they just walk right back out the door and commit a new crime. It is easy to pinpoint the black criminals, we see them everywhere on TV and social media, but the people who are behind letting them slip the leash are harder to see and even harder to name because most normies of both political parties refuse to notice what so many of Them have in common. 
When Tucker starts to name the name, then we will see how long he is allowed on the air.


  1. Anonymous

    An all-female governing board. Between PMS, menopause, drama addiction and that uniquely feminine toxic brew of megalomania and insecurity, it must be quite a hen party at board meetings, the estrogen dripping down the walls. I break out in fowl pox just thinking about it.

    My wife worked for decades on the management side of a ginormous medical conglomerate, specifically as corporate director of nursing services. She freely admits that there needs to be a rooster overseeing the hens to keep them from pecking one another to death.

  2. Anonymous

    look no farther than the DA office. or maybe the clowns in city hall/ state hall or whatever you call that bin of stupid shit. or maybe the real reason for all of this is to bring about a new federal police force to bring crime under control. funny, I just keep getting that feeling there is something ugly
    behind this. as for any city council that is all female is just a nightmare in daylight.
    just how do you run anything on feelings ?

  3. saoirse

    Asheville is similar to Austin TX. which has a Jew mayor with one black, three latrinos and a gaggle of what would be called "womyn" on the city council. Two very liberal shitholes surrounded by mostly cucked conservatives although NC is now purple I believe.
    I've traveled through Asheville many times in the last 25 years and it was always teeming with shitlibs, from young wiggers to wealthy socialists perched high in their designer chalets precariously built on the mountainsides.
    Concious whites fleeing the cities would never relocate to places like these!

  4. Anonymous

    I figure most wanna kill me.
    Thats how I deal with …them.

    NEVER! Trust them. Taught my kid that and he saw it first hand at college.

    And we live in White Land.

    He couldn’t believe how spot on I nailed, how it happens with them.

    They stop mentaly and emotionally developing at like 13, i am convinced of it.

  5. Anonymous

    North Carolina has been a favorite with east coast Juice for almost a decade now – started with the university towns and spread out. And they tend to spread the word and sell their NY bungalows for lotsa shekels. Florida is getting a bit crowded with Haitians and Puerto Ricans, so the Juice have moved on to the Carolinas (yes, I've read they're spreading to parts of South Carolina as well). And wherever they go, they run for office – often starting with the schoolboard – and ruin the place. Whole reason they now have pride parades in Coeur d'Alene.

    Move somewhere that doesn't have lots of YT videos made about it, or homesteaders touting its virtues online for clicks.

  6. Anonymous

    Legal Insurrection just had an article about Ashville. Democrats turning it into a shithole. Police not only not allowed to do their job they are something like 41% understaffed. Underpaid and leaving in droves. Crime is up 31%. Used to be a nice place. Damn shame.
    Steve S6

  7. Anonymous

    It's gotta bother at least some of those women to have the stars and stripes in the picture with them. Kind of surprised they framed it that way. Lay 2 to 1 odds the next round of official pics leaves that out.

  8. Anonymous

    Ashevilles sister city is San Francisco…we live outside charlotte used visit the area often but we refuse to go there…a goid boik is Talebs book blacks vs niggers..hes a black author and nails it..

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