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Is There A Prize Or Something?

Do they award mayors cash and a trophy for having the most degraded city in America? If so, Memphis has to be in the running.

First you have Cleotha Henderson kidnapping, raping and murdering a White woman, Eliza Fletcher. 
Then you have 19 year old  Ezekiel Kelly grinning like a chimp after being arrested for a shooting spree that killed 4 people and injured three others.

Awfully proud of himself for shooting unsuspecting people, what a tough guy. I would love to see pictures of the victims of his shooting, I suspect they all bear a striking resemblance to me rather than to him. The one video I saw was in an Autozone and the victim is a White guy.

This isn’t even a “around blacks never relax” situation, the guy walked around the corner to leave the store and was shot on the spot. Even if he had been carrying an arsenal it wouldn’t have saved him. 
A second victim, this one named as Allison Parker, has been identified. Seeing a pattern yet?

Then this 

Thieves ran off with $800,000 worth of Nike shoes and clothing after ransacking 20 trailers, according to the Memphis Police Department (MPD).

The break-in happened near Shelby Drive and Lamar Avenue just after midnight on Tuesday, September 6, according to a police report.

Twenty trailers that contained Nike shoes and clothes were found to have been broken into when MPD arrived at the parking lot, according to police.
I am going to say that 100% they were tipped off by someone who knew what was in those trailers.
That is just in the last few days. What an absolute shithole Memphis has turned into.


  1. Anonymous

    Turned into? It’s been like this for a while. Same with any area with a substantial nigger infestation.
    There is a solution, and no, it’s not voting harder, moving away, praising “based niggers”, or other shit conservatives do. Certainly nothing the leftists do either.

  2. Anonymous

    Love da toofus on dat happy homeboy's fugly mug.

    That loud scratching sound you likely just heard was me removing Graceland from the bucket list. Sorry, king, but I'll wait to see you on the other side.

  3. Anonymous

    it always gets worse. never better. saw too much of that in philly back when I still lived there.
    they never should have taken him alive. he just going to get out again inside of 5 years if that long. there is a state prison about 30 miles from here, and some of the locals have a plan to shoot anyone trying to get out when it al breaks down. they call the idea a public service.

  4. Anonymous

    There was a comment that he didnt shoot any blacks, only whites.

    I wonder if this was caused by Msnbc's comment of being at war with republicans? Just like the muslim shooter in Canada a few years back was only shooting people who were not muslim.


  5. Anonymous

    Media publishing these things more, not necessarily happening that much more, trying to kick things off. Just a suspicious thought. All the rest of the globohomos seem to be trying to provoke something.
    Steve S6

  6. saoirse

    The "solution" I think you're referring to would be a noble but suicidal undertaking right now. Indeed, it would resolve a lot of the violent and homicidal chimping out BUT…… there's not enough people willing to band together yet – not even covertly, and who can blame them. Any white that employs any means of self-defense is going to be sent through hell, especially in mud towns.
    Abandoning the shitholes and regrouping far away is the practical thing to do. The cities must collapse under their own weight before hunting season is declared.
    Just look at all of the pitiful white Murkuns wailing over the queen parasite, and gushing about another season of college and pro nigger ball!
    The ramping up of "kill whitey" doesn't even get a one point rise on the concern meter of those deadbeats.

  7. Zorost

    If only there had been someone, anyone, warning Whites to GTFO of the cities…

    If anyone is still propping up these urban hell holes by their presence, start looking to move. You might make less, but cost of living is far less, especially when you figure in the cost of dying.

  8. Anonymous

    That nigger had a full-auto switch on his Glock pistol and was firing bursts out of the window of his car while rapping out loud to himself for the livestream viewers. The guy who was shot in the auto shop was hit by a full-auto burst, and you can hear it if you listen carefully, but the noise reduction in the recording messes the audio a little bit. I think he also randomly fires a burst out of his car window in the same video where you can see the switch on the back of the Glock's slide. I heard him mention the word "justice" somewhere between one of his incoherent mumblings, but I couldn't make out much else through all of the mup-do-da-didda-po-mo-gub-bix-nooding.

    There have been some other gang-related shootings in the recent past (like maybe a year-and-a-half or so?) in Chicago that involve these Glock switch devices. Where the fuck are these monkeys getting this hardware from?

  9. Anonymous

    there's a reason why the South had segregation and jim crow laws. it's impossible to live safely when animals are allowed to roam free.

  10. Anonymous

    Within the last year I’d say half the local gangbangers we’ve picked up have auto sears. Stolen glocks have become a very hot commodity. A couple of the thugs told us they got the sears off eBay. It’s becoming part of their standard load out.

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