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In a move that has been anticipated for several days, Russia announced a “partial mobilization” of 300,000 troops.

This could be just the beginning.

Shoigu also stressed that Russia possesses an immense mobilization capability and could summon almost 25 million people with some military experience. “So one could say that this partial mobilization is just 1%, or a bit more” of the total number of people that could be mobilized, he added.
The conflict in Ukraine could have and should have ended months ago but the U.S. and our “allies” keep propping up the corrupt regime of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 
To Western ears, the idea of calling up 25 million reservists is crazy. Most American normies watch the news and consume the narrative, believing what they are told to believe. This is just a limited conflict by evil Vodka Man Bad and the noble Ukrainians will drive the heathen from their lands and go back to being a poor, corrupt country in no time! 
That is not how the Russians see it.
While I am not an expert on Russia, you don’t have to be to understand that they see this as part of an existential struggle against a hostile West that in large measure seems to be still fighting the Cold War. It is not just an amusing proxy war but a direct conflict. The average American doesn’t see this but the people who keep arming Ukraine and providing indirect (and likely direct) military assistance against Russia certainly understand it. Vladimir Putin declared that the West is trying to destroy Russia.
He is deadly serious and added this:
Putin also accused the west of using “nuclear blackmail” against Russia noting that “if its territorial integrity is threatened Russia will definitely use all the means at its disposal.” to defend Russian territory. “This is not a bluff.”
Are you willing to see American cities turned into radioactive rubble so the American military-industrial complex can have a better profit margin? Putin would sooner see the world destroyed than see Russia subjugated by the West and forced into degeneracy. 
Adding 300,000 reservists into Ukraine is a huge escalation and it might also mean that the restraint Russia has shown so far is coming to an end. What will this mean for us, how will the West respond? If recent times have taught us anything it is that the people pulling the strings are reckless and sociopathic. Also keep an eye on Taiwan and the recent escalation of tensions in the Pacific. It wouldn’t take much to set that off and then all bets are off. Add in rising domestic turmoil and we have the makings of a perfect storm of chaos. At least we can’t say we weren’t warned.


  1. Anonymous

    Vlad doesn't play. I am amazed it took this long to make this statement.
    the problem is the west. Nato was not to expand east. but it did. the clowns in power what the Russia of the 1990's where they could go in and buy everything for pennies on the dollar.
    or just steal it. besides he only has to wait until it starts getting cold. the clowns will be more worried about their own people rioting than the Russians coming.
    remember he did put a stop to all of the western stealing in his country. and most of his people
    know and trust him. can the west say the same about ANY of our so called leaders ?
    so, we looking at either a WW3 or the dollar becoming more like worthless than ever.
    and most of Europe freezing and starving this winter and next year.
    what's the problem ?

  2. Anonymous

    Russia's strategic thinking has always had to consider the possibility of a wider war vs. NATO and taking care not to overextend and become vulnerable to a NATO counterattack. Thus they have never and can never commit 100% to Ukraine. There's no doubt a lot of space between 100% and what they went in with initially. From where I sit it appears at first they thought they could get it done on the cheap and/or they'd be welcomed as liberators etc.

    Anyhow, the real war remains economic, the shooting war in Ukraine is kind of a sideshow relatively speaking.

  3. saoirse

    "If recent times have taught us anything it is that the people pulling the strings are reckless and sociopathic"
    "us" unfortunately being no more than 5% of the populace being truly concious. Sure, there's a load of people that know something's rotten in Murka but their cognitive dissonance only allows them to blame whichever party of the Uniparty they're not registered to. Sitting ducks all.
    Regardless of what precipitates the collapse, be the ones who've made the best arrangements possible to try and survive.

  4. deb harvey

    those psychopaths who pull strings in the west only want western downfall and they will get it
    after west is subjugated their evil eyes will turn to other soft targets
    prophets have described nuclear war. it will come

  5. Anonymous

    Its the soverienty threat that worries me. The ukraine is corrupt and western political types are the ones propping it up. The russian puppet governments are just as bad. The west will never accept the referendums coming up. They will claim with some truth that they are rigged. Russia will take them as legitimate and then annex that territory. Once its annexed any attempt by the ukraine to take it back will result in russia being able with a straight face to say its an invasion of their territory.

    This has all the earmarks of spiralling out of control. Archduke ferdinand is in his car, its June 28th and he's driving down Appel Quay.


  6. Zorost

    "Are you willing to see American cities turned into radioactive rubble"

    I've got a list…

    If Putin has any left after the coasts, I hope he doesn't forget Chicago.

  7. LGC

    Russians don't play poker, they play chess.

    Like i said 6 months ago, Russians don't bluff.

    Also which FUSA cities get turned into radioactive dust. Cuz as someone said earlier, I"m pretty sure we all have a list (DC, cough, NYC, cough cough, SF, cough cough cough)

  8. Anonymous

    Since the 'Large Cities" being referred to as military targets for nukes are the bastions of left-turd 'thought' I would pause and feel bad for the historic sites (whatever statues have not been pulled down, homes of patriots from history, USS Constitution etc.) then whistle happily on my way to help finish the purge of any remaining leftists from wherever they hide.

  9. DeplorableGranny

    As a Christian Constitutionalist Granny living in Washington State I have a feeling Joint Base Lewis McCord, Banger in Bremerton and Boeing airfield will be hit. If it was a bomb the size of Nagasaki or Hiroshima me and my family might stand a chance, but I have a feeling we will have just enough time to figure out what was happening before its all over. I hope this administration gets drawn, quarter and buried in the four corners on this beautiful country.

  10. Anonymous

    Why does the Woke West hate Russia so much? Because Putin and the Russian people refuse to go woke. Putin’s public denouncements of the abhorrent and perverse lifestyles of woke westerners makes him their mortal enemy.
    I’ve been saying for years that Russia is a more “God fearing” and more moral nation than the US.

  11. Anonymous

    I rarely listen to NPR radio because of its woke bullshit, but I happened to listen to it the other day in between surfing the dial. They were claiming Russia is a mess, that there were mass protests against the war in Ukraine, and that thousands of fighting age Russian males are trying to flee their country.

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