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Declaration Of War Incoming

They are apparently going to hop Pedo Joe up with Adderall and throw him on TV during prime time to warn us again of the “danger” of “right wing extremism”

Yep, those damn dangerous “MAGA Republicans”. Over 13,000 people murdered in 2022 so far, and how many of those people were shot by “MAGA Republicans”? Or the better question, were any of them shot by “MAGA Republicans”? 

I am anticipating an especially strident Biden tonight. Ironically the story from the Washington Post linked above includes this:
Biden will focus on a movement that doesn’t recognize free and fair elections and increasingly talks about violence in response to actions they don’t like, a White House official said in a preview of the speech set to begin at 8 p.m. Former president Donald Trump and his allies have repeatedly claimed the 2020 election was rigged.
Meanwhile the same guy has been talking more about his non-Cialis induced prolonged erection at the thought of using an F-15 to bomb American citizens…

Today the person running his Twitter account sent out this:

You can bet that will come up again tonight, followed in short order by a false flag shooting using one of those “assault weapons”. 
There has been a quiet build-up toward this address. A few weeks ago it was announced that Biden would host a “Unity Summit” on September 15th.
I am sure the summit will include the standard anti-2A, anti-White faces. If you go to the White House website today you can nominate a “Uniter”. I nominated Adolf Hitler, I encourage you to submit similarly serious suggestions. 
About a week later we got our regularly scheduled warning about “racially motivated attacks” that come out about once every few weeks.

Then we had Biden referring to 70 some odd million Americans as “semi-fascist”, a claim repeated by various dimwits.

Remember, Sniffy Joe is hosting a summit called “United We Stand” while demonizing half of Americans and fantasizing about bombing Republicans who don’t get with the program.
If we get what I expect, look for some serious executive orders cracking down on gun rights and free speech enforced by the increasingly militarized Federal bureaucracy. No matter what he says, don’t Fedpoast. They are trying to incite someone to do something dumb to give them cover, although if we don’t do it they will just stage a false flag anyway.
The clock is ticking down toward zero….


  1. Anonymous

    It's logistically impossible to physically go after after 10s of millions of people who occupy all the territory that we do. So it's hard to say what their envisioned goal is here, why they would wish to antagonize all those people. But you don't make a speech like this just to make a speech like this, it precedes some kind of action(s). They will certainly continue to go after pols and journalists the regime disapproves, one by one.

    Every time Joe talks authoritarian (i.e. "our patience is wearing thin") his approval rating goes down. Which only matters if votes still count.

  2. Anonymous

    well, the first time was what 2009 with bozo? then a 4 year break of being the bad guys, and now we are the bad guys again. this is a handle to door they really don't want to open. but they will because they think they can win or get away with it.
    come to think of it, it does seem really stupid of them to do this. I am wondering how they expect to win ?

  3. Arthur Sido

    The people who wrote Biden's speech have declared half of the country to no longer be welcome in the new "America". Denying the patriotism of the only people who ever exhibit any patriotism and declaring them cast into outer darkness is the necessary next step. More to come.

  4. Zorost

    Exactly Steve S6. Even the old USSR stopped going door to door when they realized it was far more effective to just "unperson" someone. Couldn't get a job, welfare, or healthcare. Which is why the Left has been pushing to control those things to every degree possible.

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