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Coming Soon To A Republic Near You!

A monumental engineering achievement in the Democratic Republic Of The Congo! 

Apparently no one told them that was a load bearing ribbon.

The whole thing gets funnier the more you watch it. The “bridge” crosses what appears to be a shallow ditch and is made from PVC pipe and who knows what else. Clearly it wasn’t meant to hold dozens of people, in fact it doesn’t look safe for a single person to cross at a time. Yet they were so proud of this feat of engineering that they had not just a ribbon cutting but if you look at the video there is a guy in uniform wearing sunglasses with a bottle of champaign to christen the bridge. Battleships are launched with less pageantry than this bridge. I think the one half of the bridge is maybe the bed of a truck covered with tin, which looks to weigh a lot more than the other half that might be a wall segment from a cargo container?
On the other hand, there is a 15 year old Amish boy living down the road from me, I could give him and his little brother $500 cash and they could build me a bridge of similar size that would last 50 years. 
Laughs aside, this is what you get when Africans are running the show. That collapsed bridge is a metaphor for life in America soon, from medicine to roads to water and sanitation. Yet another glimpse into what life will be like for your children and grandchildren.


  1. Anonymous

    Working with lots of engineers daily for the last 30 years, I've come to a realization.
    About 10% are really good, can innovate and push the limits.
    10% are good solid designs but not pushing limits as much.
    60% can follow codes mostly, make designs that work but usually marginally. The vessel wont explode, the bridge wont collapse but its not innovating.
    10% consistently design things that suck, constantly breaking down, wear out quickly and are unpleasant bordering on dangerous to use.
    10% should be run out of industry because they will design things unsafe.

    Asians seem to almost never be in the first 2 categories, But also rarely in the bottom one either.
    Europeans show up in all categories at about the rates above.
    Eastern european ones seem to over represent at the two extremes.
    Middle eastern engineers well they seem to be in the middle with over representation in the bottom 20%


  2. Anonymous

    I am astonished to note that this story and video are being reported on CNN and any number of other liberal outlets. How is this 'news' of such importance that they feel compelled to embarrass their favorite pets with its dissemination? They won't give any descriptive details of the perp(s) when Dindus chimp out in any city in this country. But they publish the very same video cited here, clearly showing African primitives demonstrating their African primitiveness. Bewildering.

  3. Don Curton

    Don't forget those in the bottom 10% who do nothing but schedule meetings, waste everyone's time, contribute nothing to the project, take all the credit, and get promoted to management.

  4. Anonymous

    We stole their spaceships as part of the imperial colonialism.
    Architectural structures are a construct of the white male patriarchy.

  5. Anonymous

    Stop repeating the 'talented tenth' myth. It is perhaps the talented 0.01%. And it's not what they think of their fellow negroids that matters – it's what they think of Whites. That the difference isn't genetic, but merely cultural. That every dysgenic cultural behavior of today's blacks was copied from White Scots-Irish. That provided the same opportunities, there would be no difference in bell curves.

    Sowell has black children. Do you really believe he'd accept, for a moment, the truth that they are genetically inferior? Thomas married a White woman. These men are not saviors and possess no more access to truth or knowledge or wisdom than the average White. They are lauded for things which would be taken for granted in a White man. Self respecting Whites don't need magic negroes to justify their belief in reality.

  6. Anonymous

    Just imagine what it must be like to be one of the "talented tenth", a genuinely competent person sharing genetic traits with the rest of that utterly failed race. Supremely embarrassing, I would think. We Whites have the reverse, an incorrigible, useless tenth of our population who could not amount to anything in a lifetime under any circumstances. The Billy Carter and Hunter Biden types whom the more sentient non-Whites love to trot out as evidence of equivalent White malfunction.

    But the numbers don't lie. 13/50, and that stubborn 1.1 sigma on IQ differential. I'd dearly love to know what Thomas Sowell or Clarence Thomas really think of their fellow negroids.

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