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Celebrating Arming The Enemies Of Freedom

Some of the groups that are supposed to be on /ourside/ are either super dumb or dangerous. Case in point.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is the main trade group for the firearms industry, representing manufacturers and dealers. They sponsor SHOT Show, the biggest industry insider event for firearms manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Their social media is also apparently run by an idiot as shown by this post on Facebook (feel free to drop by and leave a snarky comment)

Wow, fat black women are buying guns! I am sure that will translate into support for the 2nd Amendment, right? 
The CNN article linked (archived version to avoid giving commies the clicks) is full of nonsense like this:
“I’m a Mexican woman in a same-sex relationship; I need to feel safe. I need to feel protected,” (Yessica) Mendez said. “And right now the laws and the things that are going on don’t make me feel safe and don’t make me feel protected.”
Is there any group more protected in America than mestizo dykes? Give me a fucking break. She even goes on to say that despite gun ranges being mostly full of older White men with conservative political t-shirts that were overwhelmingly courteous and friendly to her, she still feels afraid of them. WTF. 
Back to the NSSF post. The guy they quote, one Tom Nguyen, is a firearms instructor and apparently a pretty good shooter (maybe even a certified “shooter”). He also runs a Faceberg page called L.A. Progressive Shooters that sounds like a joke (again feel free to leave constructive comments on that page):

His page is mixed between talking about his shooting contests, advertising upcoming classes and a steady stream of leftist news stories like these (as well as an obvious attempt to highlight the rare White criminal stories). Click to enbiggen:

Yeah this guy is definitely a fruitcake, I am guessing he is a homo as well as a raging leftist. He also knows how to shoot and teaches other fruitcakes how to shoot. How is that of a benefit to the vast majority of the shooting community that is White? It isn’t. 
Do you think people like the seven obese black women in the first picture are going to vote for pro-2nd Amendment candidates or do you think they will vote for who promises the most free shit paid for by Whites?
The gibs wins every single time.
This is what gun groups like NSSF, the NRA, etc don’t understand….
White people vote on issues

Non-White people vote on race
Lots of Whites go to the polls driven by a handful of issues, especially gun rights and abortion. Liberal Whites vote based on leftist issues, “health care” or gun control.
Asians, Jews, mestizos, blacks? They vote based on perceived racial solidarity. In 2020 Biden got lots of support from blacks because they for some reason thought he was down with the brothas and sistahs. All of these groups vote primarily*(*please notice the qualifier there, I add those for the benefit of the certified “shooters”) based on their racial animosity toward Whites. 
Millions of White voters show up to vote because of their stance on protecting the 2nd Amendment. I say with a great deal of confidence that almost no* non-White gun owners are voting primarily based on the pro-2A credentials of a candidate. Yet we see the NSSF and others pandering to non-White voters and crowing about how great it is that people who reliably vote for anti-2A candidates are buying guns. 
I am quite envious of these non-White voters in a way. While voting based on racial solidarity is intellectually lazy on the one hand, it is incredibly effective in a way that parsing the vote based on issues is not. Being an issues driven voter works when you live in a racially homogenous society as we had for most of our history but in a multi-racial, multi-ethnic society it is suicide and we see that playing out right before our eyes. 
What is worse, many of these groups are training far-left activists in shooting and other “combat” skills. We like to laugh at the freaks and weirdos in antifa but a noodle armed dude wearing panties can still cap your ass with an AR if he is trained and make no mistake, leftists are getting trained. We still outnumber them by a huge margin and we have lots more ex-military/LEOs on /ourside/ but the gap is closing and, don’t miss this, the overt cover provided to militant far-left groups like bLM and antifa by the government makes a powerful force multiplier. 
As an FFL I sell to any customer who can pass the background check, has the money and isn’t an obvious straw purchase. That doesn’t mean I welcome the addition of thousands of new gun owners who are rabidly anti-2A, anti-American and anti-White. The 2nd Amendment can be a double-edged sword, while it protects our rights as heritage Americans to arm ourselves, it also extends those same rights to people who would cheer if a Bolshevik revolution occurred and the original Bill of Rights was eaten by Lizzo while she twerked. 
There are more of these far left groups arming and training every day, like the John Brown Gun Club and The Pink Pistols, and they have the same goal as the rest of the neo-Bolshevik Left: the replacement of heritage White Americans and the overturning of the American republic. In their push to sell a few more guns, some gun groups are encouraging the arming of the very people who will be instrumental in the end of the 2A. While I affirm that every American citizen has a right to self-defense and the bearing of arms, that doesn’t require me to be giddy over “liberals” buying lots of guns.
There is more to the gun rights issue than how many guns are sold in America (see: The Single Issue Focus Of The Gun Rights Lobby: Both Their Greatest Strength And A Fatal Flaw). People with a hostile political philosophy arming themselves and getting trained is not something the gun rights community should celebrate.


  1. Anonymous

    I've assisted a professional firearms instructor who occasionally provided classes to black executives and some of their employees. Let me tell you that the fine motor skills required to dribble a basketball or catch a football in no way translate to the fine motor skills required for proper weapons handling, especially handguns. Quite possibly the most atrocious disregard for trigger and barrel discipline I have ever seen.

  2. Anonymous

    The 2nd amendment – along with all the other amendments and the benefits of citizenship – were intended for White men only. Arming one's enemies, just like worrying about the abortion rate of one's enemies, is something so stupid only deracinated Whites would do.

  3. EasyCo.

    I remember the idiots at saying how they were helping "liberals" and that they would become 2nd amendment purists.

    Of course, when anyone said anything against that they were labeled "RACISTS!!" by the conservative and Libertarians there.

  4. Zorost

    " While I affirm that every American citizen has a right to self-defense and the bearing of arms"

    I agree, but I narrowly define "American citizen."

  5. Anonymous

    Oh the irony. This country (wrongfully) opens it's arms to Vietnamese refugees and their son/grandson turns out to be a flaming VC!
    The "we're arming ourselves as a defensive measure against white supremacism" is nothing but a cover story. Like all good social marxists, they hide their real agenda behind the agitprop of victimization.
    What they're really doing is forming the latest version of the Red Guards for an offensive in the west's Cultural Revolution. Now that they have tacit control of most of the institutions they'll need an assortment of radicalized illegals and freaks to enforce their diktats.
    Make no mistake, these fuckers don't have the suicidal moral constraints that plague most "heritage" Merkuns. One needs to look no further than the mass murders of Lenin/Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot to see what's in store for anyone dumb enough to wade in the sewers of denial.

  6. Anonymous

    "She even goes on to say that despite gun ranges being mostly full of older White men with conservative political t-shirts that were overwhelmingly courteous and friendly to her, she still feels afraid of them. WTF."

    Evil flee where no man pursueth. Moral degenerates know they do wrong and fear normies. Especially normies with guns.
    Steve S6

  7. Anonymous

    So Gun Gibs is the newest grift in da 'hood? La'Trina 'n Sha'neequa gonna claim they need protection from all the evil White predators roaming da skreets of dey ghetto. Black applicants for pistol permits will be escorted to the front of the line, because reparations. Blue states will wave those racist background checks and ignore a trifling few dozen felony convictions. A level playing field is all that matters, right? Aside from, ya know, black lives an' shit.

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