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Can’t Even Imagine

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance interviews a cop about crime among the darker hued folks.

Around the 18 minute mark it really gets to something I have observed. While mestizo gangs are absolutely vicious in their violence and certainly groups like the Italian mafia and Russian organized crime could be ruthlessly violent as well, those are mostly contained within rival gangs. The Mafia didn’t generally just gun down a civilian. blacks? The crime is unpredictable and random and, as the cop points out and I keep saying, it targets the weakest and the most vulnerable: the elderly, smaller people, women, lone individuals. Not to mention that black violence often not only targets the weak and vulnerable but also frequently sees innocents caught in the crossfire, like Devin “Boom” McGregor, a five year old black boy who was shot while in the car with his father. He later died as a result of his wounds. 

It is not mentioned but it is fair to assume that Devin’s father was into some shady black criminal shit as it sounds targeted or at least he pissed some other blacks off. This seems to be confirmed per the Chicago Sun-Times:
Supt. David Brown told reporters Monday morning that investigators suspect the boy’s father was the intended target but he gave no motive for the attack and reported no leads.
No leads? What a shocker. It is likely this boy’s father will seek vengeance on whoever shot him and the odds are pretty decent that more by-standers will get shot in the retaliatory strike. Same article mentions that two other small children, a six year old girl and a 7 year old boy were also shot in the last week, both apparently while someone else was being targeted. 
I can’t imagine being a cop who has to deal with these animals being vicious to each other while hurting and killing other people without any apparent regard for the carnage they cause, day in and day out. No wonder they snap or get caught (and then fired) for saying nigger on a hot mike like (former) Cincinnati police Rose Valentino:

A Black male student walking past Valentino, a 14-year veteran, allegedly stuck up his middle finger at her. She later told investigators that that is what caused her to lose control and go into a profanity-laden rant.

“I f—ing hate them,” she can be heard saying on the body cam footage. “Oh, I f—ing hate them so much. F—ing God. I hate this f—ing world. F—ing hate it.”

Valentino then said, “F—ing n—–s. I f—ing hate them.”
How can you be unaffected by 14 years of seeing the worst of humanity every day? Decent humans in  the police force are leaving urban police force, leaving these departments hollowed out with nothing but terrible people wearing badges and carrying guns. Are things going to get better?
Obviously not.
Like Ol’ Remus used to say: stay out of cities and avoid crowds, especially crowds with more than zero blacks.


  1. Anonymous

    My department has 400+ officers, or did when we were fully staffed. We run wide open, 24/7. We need at least another 20 patrolmen to really stay on top of things. If you removed 30% of our county’s population, our dept could get the job done with probably 40 officers total. They’re almost exclusively the culprits of violent crime here. Often ‘randomly’ targeted at the most defenseless victims they happen upon, and often absolutely brutal. Until I transferred to CSI I didn’t fully appreciate how horrific things really could be. When I retire, we’ll be moving to the most remote, homogeneous place I can afford.

  2. Anonymous

    I feel for that woman. 14 years, same time I’ve got in. It really messes with you after a while. I use to roll my eyes at the old timers, always sitting with their backs against the wall, never relaxing in public. Now I get it. You can’t ever let your guard down. I tell my trainees after a couple days, once I gauge where they are on the reality spectrum- When dealing with a certain group, you cannot relax, and you cannot expect a rational or logical response to any given situation. No matter how mundane the issues may seem whatever happens will be sudden, loud, and usually needlessly violent.

  3. 4hawks

    Eliza Fletcher is a current study in Op-Sec for WF's. Rose Valentino's hotness score just went up several points on my notepad. 'Negro fatigue'… yeah, I completely understand.

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