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Candygram For Mongo

Well not a candygram as such but a Telegram. I decided to give the Telegram app a whirl, lots of dissident right types seem to have accounts.

Hopefully this link works.

Maybe it will be useless, who knows. Maybe it will be a way to keep comms open outside of posting. Either way I’ll try it and see what happens. 
**EDIT ** 
Also if you have a channel recommendation, drop it in the comments below.


  1. Anonymous

    I routinely communicate with my older son via Telegram. Scan various channels on and off, particularly ones that YT doesn't like such as Ice Age Farmer. Generally the best place to find accurate European/international news and live feeds.

  2. Anonymous

    Just closed my account and deleted the app and files. Same on wife's. Took a bit of sleuthing to find them all. It's a drive space hog. Downloads all kinds of media to your phone or tablet just by watching it. Doesn't seem to compress or clean up the database on your system. Pity.
    Steve S6

  3. Anonymous

    donbass devuska
    asb military news
    the right people z
    intel slava z
    MoD Russia
    Patrick Lancaster news
    stalker zone
    ukr leaks eng

    These relate to the war in ukraine. a lot of russian videos of artillery and dead ukranians

  4. Anonymous

    And a warning there is a lot off overlap. And there are some graphic videos of dead Ukranians and Ukranians being decimated by artillery

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