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Bet You Didn’t Hear About This One

The po-leece in Tarrant County, Texas foiled a mass shooting set to occur at a Homecoming game. When I saw the story on my email alert using the key words “mass shooting” and saw the names, I figured this would be huge news: Brandon Gipson and Isaac Cooper. Sounded like a couple of White guys and the media would be all over it. 

Then I saw the mugshots. Not as frat boy as I thought.

You can feel your IQ drop just looking at those pictures, especially Isaac on the right. Wow.
They had an “AR style pistol” and as usual with the brothers…

Did no one tell these fellas about that whole stabilizing brace thing, or just a regular stock since these two 18 year olds almost certainly obtained this pistol illegally? I haven’t shot an AR pistol with just the buffer tube but I expect it loses a lot of accuracy. Not to mention that there are not even iron sights on that pistol so these geniuses were going with the “spray the crowd” tactic. I am admittedly not a certified “shooter” but without sights or some sort of brace I doubt I could hit much with any accuracy very far away.
Some elements are in place: shooting at a school even averted, AR pistol recovered but alas for the FBI they were a couple of colored kids so no one is making a big deal about it.
Meanwhile the Texas Tribune published a story bitching about a judge in Tarrant County, Alex Kim, because he sends too many “youths” to prison instead of to some alternate sentencing bullshit.
Many blame the judge but apparently no one blames the crappy parents and the asshole kids committing the crime. The story calls them “children” more than 25 times or “boys and girls” like they are preschoolers rather than teenaged dangerous criminals. “Boys and girls”, GTFOH. Based on those two geniuses above, Tarrant County needs to send more “yoofs” to the slammer where they can’t hurt anyone else. 
Yet another story going down the memory hole


  1. Anonymous

    The one on the right could be obama's son.

    On an unrelated note i got a call from a head hunter yesterday asking if I was willing to relicate to the US for work.
    1) a little less salary, but in US $ and lower taxes so thats a plus.
    2) generous benefits
    3) moving allowance
    4) extra week of holidays
    Sounds almost like a dream job… then i found out its on the edge of shitcago.
    Sorry not interested.


  2. saoirse

    We wuz assassins and sheeit!
    Tarrant County = part of Dallas/Ft.
    Worth metroplex = a guaranteed nig presence.
    Last time I was there in '18 there was a Nation of Islam rally with about 200 faithful pongids and only half a dozen cops, who were predominantly latrinos.
    Looks like the south will never rise again – unless you're referring to an overflowing toilet!

    Are you going to do one about the "refugees" suing DeSantis – with the help of some POS shyster law firm in Chiraq?

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t give them suggestions on how to shoot better.
    We want them to stay inaccurate and inept since they keep attacking Whites and are very likely to do so enmasse soon. Here’s hoping the Whites defend themselves properly, but the niggers need no aid.

  4. TechieDude

    That would have been an unfortunate selection of a target. Not only would there be cops there, I guarantee there would've been a high percentage of fathers and mothers packing heat.

  5. Arthur Sido

    I am of the opposite school, most blacks have a 10 to 1 wounded to killed ration when shooting each other, if they were better shots the population would drop by thousands more every year.

  6. Arthur Sido

    Article I read said they had 14 cops present because it was homecoming. I am not sure we had even one cop present at my high school football games, except maybe when the inner city schools came to play us

  7. Arthur Sido

    The traffic in the outskirts of Chicongo is incredible, my last boss would spend the first hour or more of his work day working in his car while stopped in traffic. No amount of money is worth that, on the other hand if you can get to Indiana the cost of living is low and the guns are plentiful.

  8. Anonymous

    Most parents wouldn't be packing. It's a felony in Texas to get caught carrying on school premises (as in, inside the building) or at UIL competitions (sports, academic, anything school sponsored). I say most because there are some who understand concealed is concealed.

  9. Anonymous

    "many blame this judge" do they? I blame the judges who DON'T sentence this way. And strangely, I couldn't find a place to comment on that article. Funny how that works.

  10. Anonymous

    True, the illegals almost certainly have brass balls, but they also have 'friends in high places' aiding and abetting them. They are merely pawns in a chess game to destroy the country.

  11. Anonymous

    Arthur wrote, "You can feel your IQ drop just looking at those pictures…"

    Those were the exact words that popped into my mind when I saw those mugshots.

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