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Memphis dindu Cleotha Abston has now been charged in the kidnapping and murder of White heiress Eliza Fletcher.

This is a rare incident, not because blacks murdering Whites is rare (it isn’t, quite the opposite) but because the media is giving it a fair amount of attention. Even CNN is covering the story including the mugshot. Of course this makes me suspicious and one has to wonder if this was random or if this Cleotha Abston was targeting Fletcher for some other reason. The obvious scenario is that Cleotha was prowling for a White woman, saw Ms. Fletcher jogging by in running clothing, grabbed her, likely raped her and then killed her. We will see if there is more to the story but at least this horrific crime is being covered and lots of normies are seeing the picture above, a smiling White woman slaughtered at the hands of a scowling black criminal. 
Maybe this will help wake a few Whites from their suicidal slumber.


  1. Anonymous

    The juxtaposition of those two photos is absolutely jarring. The happy, smiling, attractive White woman and the miserable, surly, feral ape are not even relatively adjacent on the species chart. Dindus are a completely alien, useless breed of animal. I can't even begin to fathom God's purpose in putting them on the planet, or why He saw fit to make them so fecund. Yeah, I know, r/K selection, and the short, nasty, brutish natural life of the negro. But why do they exist at all? Doesn't God and Nature usually have a plan?

  2. Xzebek

    They are, at best, and when in small numbers, marginally capable of functioning in a civilized society. Usually, they are feral animals, likely rabid who should be handled as such.

  3. Skipperdaddy

    I have followed this story because I live in TN. Damn shame. Seems as though this young lady was doing everything right in her life. Then here comes some piece of shit to fuck it all up. We don't know the facts of what actually happened at the time but I couldn't help but wonder why she did not kick it in to hi gear and wind sprint away from this fucking waste of oxygen. My guess is she panicked. Had no type of self defense training or awareness. I trained both my daughters if anyone tried to abduct them, make them shoot you right there out in the open because they are only gonna take you somewhere remote, rape you, then kill you there. Memphis is Mogadishu on the Mississippi. If my only option is to jog in the core area (at 0430 no less) then I’m buying a treadmill. Its so sad that this type of bullshit has become damn near everyday occurrence in our society. I hope one day soon justice will be more prevalent and swift. Then and only then maybe this type of shit will be deterred.

  4. Anonymous

    So very sad, but 4 am? wtf?!?

    And, since when did a grimace with gritted teeth become a smile? I noticed that on my own sister's professional photo recently. It is like they know they have to smile but the joy is non-existent…

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