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August Came And Went

No final rule on the pistol stabilizing brace thing. That surprised me, they have put an awful lot of time into this and it seems to be withering on the vine. Perhaps the Bruen ruling is making them reconsider tactics, or perhaps they just haven’t gotten some lonely autistic White kid to commit a false flag mass shooting with a braced AR pistol yet.

I’m guessing the latter.
Meanwhile it is Labor Day weekend coming up and there are going to be deals a-plenty for guns and gun accessories. As usual Palmetto State has a ton of crazy deals and you could do worse than having a PSA AR as your back-up or back-up to your back-up. They also have their Glock 19 clone Dagger, a complete frame and a complete slide with a threaded barrel for under $300 and free shipping ($289.98 plus sales tax). That is a pretty hot deal for a back-up piece, just slide the two parts together, add a cheap Magpul mag and you are ready to go.

Everybody is running crazy sales, even some ammo at almost decent prices. I keep saying this but right now is the sweet spot, prices are good, availability is great, there isn’t a rush of panic buying or anything so you can get almost anything you want, provided what you want isn’t a revolver in something other than .38 special or a lever action rifle. 

I also keep telling you, things might get hairy really soon. Alex Jones is warning us again and has been warning us for a long time. Will we finally listen?

Most of his “bonkers claims” turned out to be true. YMMV. 


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