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A Tale Of Two Stores

I was at both Sam’s Club and Costco yesterday.

In Sam’s Club, keeping in mind yesterday was still August and temps were in the mid 80s….

The next row over was Halloween stuff but at least Halloween is only two months away, rather than four months.
At Costco I saw this delicacy.

Not just bone-in goat cubes. Free range bone-in goat cubes. A box of free range bone-in goat cubes will only set you back $127.
Not kidding.
Stock levels seemed pretty solid in both places, I need to get back to both in the next few weeks to resupply some canned goods.


  1. Anonymous

    I remember one year (only one Vasili) that Sears put up Christmas for Labor Day weekend. Retail in general followed suit shortly. Worst retail Christmas sales in decades; people were burned out on it by the time December and normal Christmas shopping would start. Those working on commission in part or whole were not in a very Christmassy spirit either.

    But is the goat Monkeypox free?

    Steve S6

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