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A Quick Post On 9/11

At first, it seemed that the events of September 11, 2001 would be my generation’s Pearl Harbor. I was 29 years old, the father of five children, and working at a decent job at Fidelity Investments. That one sunny day 21 years ago went from another dreary day of working in financial services to a horrifying disaster. Some of the vivid memories of those events included talking to my wife on the phone about a plane hitting the World Trade Center while she was home with the kids watching Fox News when she said something that made a mildly interesting bit of news turn into something else when I heard her say that a second plane had hit the other tower. What happened next is the stuff of history, although history doesn’t always reflect what really occurred. 

I have tried to compartmentalize that day. There is what actually happened to the people that died, in the planes and the towers. Real people with families that were murdered as part of an ongoing struggle.
Then there is what happened after the attacks and, this is where my thinking has changed a lot, what happened before the attacks. I make no claim to know what happened, who was actually responsible, what their motivation was, but I am pretty sure that the official narrative is largely bullshit. Who did 9/11? Was it an inside job, the Feds, Mossad, some other international actor? Don’t know. Whoever did it, whatever their aim, it crushed the last little bit of the old America and paved the way for the surveillance state and the 20 year cash grab under the guise of “The War On Terror”. 
If it was done by a state actor, then the mission was a success. 21 long, cynical years later and I still get a little choked up watch the news from that day. It still feels like a punch in the stomach. As far as a psyop, this was a masterpiece.

Normal to not normal to nightmare in just a few short minutes. The talking heads were scrambling trying to respond to the events changing. 

What an awful day. I remember driving to work the next day, I was in a small office tower in northern Kentucky on the Ohio River looking into Cincinnati. My commute to work always included a ton of plane traffic in the skies as the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati airport is a major hub for Delta but the skies were empty for days afterward. 
Meanwhile the alleged mastermind behind 9/11 is still rotting in Gitmo. Makes me suspect that They don’t want anyone to hear what he has to say. I bet he has some interesting stories. 
We will likely never know what really happened but I know this. The best scenario from that day is that 19 goat-humpers got to meet Allah after getting really lucky. That is also the least likely explanation. Every other possible scenario is far worse.


  1. Anonymous

    🎶Where were you when they built that ladder to heaven…did it make you feel like crying or did you think it was kinda gay…🎶

  2. Zorost

    A few hours left of 9/11/22, counting it down as I expected a false flag of some sort today.

    Whenever it happens the next one will likely be 100% domestically targeted. Not the false flag, but the reaction to it. Enabling Acts to follow.

  3. Anonymous

    I was fooled by the spectacular destruction in those few hours. I put an American flag sticker on my car and my nephew joined the Marines. The aftermath included the quickly passed Patriot Act that extinguished individual rights and included a dragnet of spying technology watching every citizen. Later, Iraq was invaded and taken over. For what? Yellow cake as the lying Colin Powell claimed? And later hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed? And ultimately a Saigon moment in Afganistan following what looked like a stolen election from said citizens?

  4. Skipperdaddy

    I was building a horse barn in south Florida that day. With 2 guys who were Vietnam vets. We were listening to it unfold on the radio. When the news said they hit the Pentagon, I said, whelp thats it, we are going to war. I ate that shit up like spoon fed ice cream. Along about 2007 woke the fuck up and realized were all played. Today they don't even try to hide it.

  5. Anonymous

    Back then I wouldn't have qualified as anybody's "conspiracy theorist." I didn't trust the media, even in those days you had to be literally retarded to do that, yet I was still vulnerable to regime propaganda, to "the current thing." So I didn't question much about 9/11 and the ensuing war efforts, until years later.

    I have a lifelong friend who became one of the 9/11 "truthers." He would get pretty worked up about it. Yet today, he is multi jabbed and doesn't question any of the regime propaganda about that, never has. I find this an odd disconnect. He is also on the left politically; perhaps that makes it easier for him to suspect malevolent conspiracies in perceived right wing administrations than it does in perceived left wing administrations. Since he was a religious believer in the russia hoax, probably still believes it to be true (many do), that assessment of his views could hold some water. Suspicious of conspiracies, yet somehow blind to the uniparty. Weird. I use him as an example because there are no doubt many Americans, on the left and right, who are like him.

    Speaking for myself, I don't believe anything anymore. The net outcome of the last two decades, as it pertains to my relationship to the regime, is that whenever they open their mouths, they are lying. Whatever the new current thing is, is a lie.

  6. Arthur Sido

    Lots of lefties didn't believe the 9/11 narrative because they hated Bush so much, it is hard to remember now that they love him because he and Trump don't get along but back then he was the Devil incarnate.

  7. Anonymous

    Unfortunately it does seem to be that simple. It is easy to find lots of proudly jabbed people who were publicly suspicious of the jab when Trump was in office. MPAI

  8. Anonymous

    a long time ago, early 1970's after I came home and was watching the news with my parents.
    that is when I found out they where lying to us. told my parents too.
    dad wasn't shocked at all, mom had some problems with it for a while.
    dad served in WW2 and Korea. had a box of medals too that he never cared about .
    want to sent me north as he didn't think there was reason enough for the war back then.
    on 9/11, he just said fuck. this is worse than pearl was. I got mad as hell about it all until they
    showed where the "plane" hit the 5 sided funny farm. then I knew it was bullshit. I seen plane wrecks
    and help clean up 2 of them, still have the nightmares from it too.
    no plane hit there at all. more like a missile did, if anything
    my next thought was what are they trying to hide or do and why.

  9. Anonymous

    The interesting thing is that "the narrative" has completely collapsed. Literally NO ONE believes anymore the "official story". The memes (which are brutal) are everywhere, even leftie reddit. This wasn't true last year. But this year, everyone (left, right, non-binary) is on the "it's bullshit" train. That's a massive change in a very short time.

  10. old coyote

    Trauma, in this case an element of terror) as an element of hypnosis is a centuries-old technique of mind control. Access to millions of minds via the talmudvision grants our centuries-old enemies the power to sway the majority of those incapable of reason and logic- roughly 8/10 according to Aristotle.

  11. saoirse

    Having done considerable research on the JFK, RFK & MLK assassinations, the first WTC bombing and the OKC charade prior to 9/11, it didn't take a serious leap of faith for me to realize that what was unfolding from that day forward wasn't what it was being portrayed as.
    Propaganda techniques, logical fallacies, mis/disinformation and pseudo-patriotism all reared their ugly heads again and continued unabated to this day.
    Understanding how the above are utilized, along with the problem-reaction-solution paradigm (a.k.a. Hegelian Dialectic) and "cui bono" can lead one along the right path to true freedom and independence!

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