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What Will They Do?

Spend any time at all among the public and you start to see a pattern developing. There are a lot of people who are just not going to fare well in a SHTF situation of any sort.

Some are obvious, the elderly being the most prominent. Thanks to modern medicine, people are living much longer. Perhaps I should say “surviving” rather than “living”. Having a pulse while laying in your own filth in a nursing home isn’t really living. Millions require constant care and survival prolonging medication. Any disruption will lead to a massive culling that will make Andrew Cuomo’s mass murder of the elderly in New York look like a day in the park. 
It isn’t just the elderly, they always suffer along with young children in the worst of times. Thanks to the endless firehose of cheap calories delivered via simple sugars and carbohydrates, tens of millions of Americans are dangerously obese and have chronic health problems at younger ages than in the past. Look at the leading causes of death in America:

Many of those are directly related to poor diet. Even with the Covid numbers that are pretty obviously bullshit, one of the leading comorbidities that made Covid fatal was obesity. Being fat is right up there with smoking and frequenting hookah lounges as the surest path to an early grave. Oddly enough, while we can tell people ad nauseum that smoking is bad for them, we are supposed to celebrate grossly obese famous people. 
It is everywhere you look. Round faced fat women in their 20s and 30s crammed into yoga pants. Men in the same age cohort with double chins, huge bellies and an utter lack of any muscle tone. Most of them tiptoeing around like they are terrified of the world. School aged boys, especially White boys, are often obese and generally soft and timid while school aged girls are flabby lumps wearing pajamas to school. It is rare to see a middle aged White woman who doesn’t have a big belly and enormous ass. Lots and lots of people in early adulthood are already dependent on a cornucopia of drugs, mostly “antidepressants” that make you suicidal, especially if you stop taking them cold turkey. I am sure they will do great when the pharmacy runs out of SSRIs. 
When people used to ingesting 5000 calories a day in sugars and carbs suddenly have no food? It will be lethal and in a hurry.
Add in the single moms with 2-3 little kids and no baby daddy around. It is all fun and games when they get free food via EBT and the cops keep the animals at bay but if that stops? You are going to find out pretty quickly why so many women in wartime shack up with their occupiers for food and protection. Better stock up on kneepads now.
Things are looking pretty ugly right now as the weather starts to cool. Set aside a “new” Covid variant popping up, many people might be lucky to make it to Spring without freezing or starving to death. Tucker spent a significant amount of time on this last night.
Pretty stark warning. For all of Tucker’s faults, he is sounding the alarm that no one else in mainstream “news” is doing. 

7 times more expensive. Remember that much of Europe is north of most of the U.S. and it gets plenty cold there. Here at Casa Sido we are heated by propane and electricity, and our propane is amortized out over the year at around $150 per month or $1,800 for the year. If our propane cost was 7 times more expensive? Our cost would be $1,050 per month or $12,600 for the year. By comparison, $1050 is about what we pay monthly for our mortgage, property taxes and home owners insurance. I could swing a grand a month for heating but it would require significant cuts somewhere else. A lot of people, and I mean most, would not have the budget to cover energy costs going up by a factor of 7.
It is making people pine for the good old days of bread lines and barbed wire barriers under Communism.

Things in Poland are going to get rough….

According to Reuters, with Poland still basking in the late summer heat, hundreds of cars and trucks have already lined up at the Lubelski Wegiel Bogdanka coal mine, as householders fearful of winter shortages wait for days and nights to stock up on heating fuel ahead of the coming cold winter in queues reminiscent of communist times.

Artur, 57, a pensioner, drove up from Swidnik, some 30 km (18 miles) from the mine in eastern Poland on Tuesday, hoping to buy several tonnes of coal for himself and his family.

“Toilets were put up today, but there’s no running water,” he said, after three nights of sleeping in his small red hatchback in a crawling queue of trucks, tractors towing trailers and private cars. “This is beyond imagination, people are sleeping in their cars. I remember the communist times but it didn’t cross my mind that we could return to something even worse.”
If I didn’t know better, I might think that this is intentional. Make things so bad that people wish for something, anything, to relieve the misery, even Communism. I really enjoyed the clip of Trump warning them exactly what was going to happen and the German delegation snickering at Orange Man Bad. We will see how much they laugh when people are without food and heat this winter. It will probably be OK, as I pointed out on Twitter.

Remember when Pedo Joe said this last December?
“I want to send a direct message to the American people: Due to the steps we’ve taken Omicron has not yet spread as fast as it would have otherwise done. But it’s here now and it’s spreading and it’s gonna increase. … We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated — for themselves, their families and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm. But there’s good news: If you’re vaccinated and you have your booster shot, you’re protected from severe illness and death.”
He was a year early when declaring the Winter Of Severe Illness And Death™. But it is coming, maybe not this winter but soon.
This is what I keep saying about The Great Reset, something that radical will require a massive collapse to make any alternative seem better in comparison. Those Normiecons in the suburbs swearing they ain’t gonna eat no bugs? Well when they haven’t eaten anything for a week and their kids are dying you can be sure as shit they will eat the bug paste and wash it down with cockroach milk. Almost none of them have any plan other saying “No I won’t do X”. 
So the answer to my question, what will they do? Those old people and the single moms and the obese wine aunties addicted to antidepressants and mocha lattes? 
They will die. Not quietly in their sleep, they will die horrible deaths of starvation and violence. Their deaths will not be lamented by the architects of our destruction, instead they will be celebrated, first quietly and later loudly. Broken eggs and omelets dontcha know. This is all part of the plan to reduce the global population to a more easily manageable (iow ruled) size. 
There have never been as many humans as we have on the planet right now and that means that the global calamity is going to be on a scale never before seen. Buckle up, we are going to see it happening in real-time.


  1. Anonymous

    Couple guys at work the next table over in the dining hall wete talking last month about this winter. One said if it got bad ge'd head into the mountains and hunt. Thats not a viable option as it gets -40C around here, without heat you will die. The deer and moose find places to hunker down when its really cold you wont find them.

    The 2nd guy said he had 2 months of food stored.

    My thoughts are you will need heat, water, enough food to go from the fall to the following fall and a way to keep it from being taken from you.


  2. Anonymous

    Dismal picture there, Arthur. Got any GOOD news?

    It is not even 2 years yet since the election was stolen and an alarming but still manageable manufactured plague was spreading, but it seems like forever. These are the very darkest times of my entire life, and I've been around for quite a while.

    It saddens me greatly to think that this is what all the buildup has led to, all the years of studying, working, saving and sacrificing. On the eve of retirement now, I expected to be prioritizing all the wonderful items on my bucket list and begin knocking them off one by one as my horizon grows shorter. I look at that list now and laugh. Visit Paris? Berlin? London? Aw, hell no. And yes, I wanted to experience Poland. But not if there is no fuel, no food, and desperate people willing to do anything just to survive. There are no longer ANY travel destinations that I intend to pursue in the near term, domestic or abroad. Just hunker down at home, check on my loved ones and wait.

    Wait. Hope. Endure.

  3. Jim Wetzel

    "Thanks to the endless firehose of cheap calories delivered via simple sugars and carbohydrates, tens of millions of Americans are dangerously obese and have chronic health problems at younger ages than in the past."

    Preach it! Looking at that table of the top ten causes of death, I see diabetes is clear down at #8. But I have to think that a lot of those cardiovascular deaths are fundamentally due to diabetes, and I'd bet most of those kidney-related causes lumped together in #10 are also really diabetes deaths. And God only knows what the real causes of the "COVID-19" deaths (#3) were. Old age, I'd bet, for a very large fraction.

  4. Anonymous

    Michael Yon has been preaching this for years. Either a prescient call or him being a “broken clock being right twice a day” sort of thing.

  5. Arthur Sido

    I assume most deaths are a combination of stuff, not many people died just from Covid for example (died with vs died from) so I bet most of the people who died had multiple causes on the death cert but only the top one is listed

  6. DeplorableGranny

    We are very blessed because my husband and I are on the same page when it comes to what's going on in the country. We are fortunate that our home is paid off, our main source of heat is wood stove, 500 gallon propane tank for cooking and hot water, and stocked with two years of food and 5 years of ammo. We also have a water collection system and a hand pump for our well.

  7. saoirse

    Let it begin and let them perish! This includes over three-quarters of my own family and friends.
    I tried to tell all of them multiple times but they choose to take the easy way and stay numb and dumb, even with a plethora of doctors and exercise/diet gurus barking in their faces on their precious televisions (a.k.a. the electric jew).
    I've also tried to get them interested in prepping – no, too much work.
    Some have the temerity to say they'll be knocking on my door come collapse time. Maybe knocking and kicking (on the door to an empty residence, on an empty stomach) ten thousand times will finally help them lose that weight.

  8. Anonymous

    Unlike Europe, the US doesn't have to import most of its fuel. We will continue to see fuel inflation (I believe) but I think a worst case scenario for the USA, which has its own supplies, is 2x to 3x.

    Likewise, the USA is agriculturally self sufficient. We may no longer get oysters imported from Korea or asparagus from Peru, but we will have food. Of some kind. On my recent trip through the midwest I did not see fallow fields. But that's not a prediction about what it will cost. My personal observation at the grocery store is food inflation has ameloriated some in the last month.

    Europe is run by either absolute drooling retards or saboteurs. Or both

  9. Anonymous

    The Electric Jew, that's a good one. Never heard it before … Thank you! Ill add it to the list of shit I say to drive people nuts. I'm in your debt.

  10. Anonymous

    I remember watching grown men beating a kid to death for the c-rats we gave him after he left the fire base. and we where told to stand down and do nothing.( like fire their asses up )
    you do not forget things/sights like that. and people here fight over a toaster ?

  11. Anonymous

    I got really tired of hearing if anything happens I just come over to your house.
    which is why, maybe 3 people know where I live in my family. I cut ties with most of the people I knew from my working days. I have maybe 3 friends I even talk to anymore.
    the rest of them have drunk the kool aid so to speak.
    have some new friends up here now. one is a marine. he bought himself a new bike a H/D
    of course. when I asked him about food, he kind well,,,,
    I told him if doesn't get some food in his house soon, when shit goes south and you starving
    I tell you to go and lick your damn chrome toy!
    he stocked his basement the next week after that. he got 100 pounds of rice even, and he hates rice too.

  12. Anonymous

    Fr. Feeney used to say that having a TV was like having a Jew in your living room.

    This situation has been foretold in Catholic prophecy. While not Church Approved, many saints, mystics, and religious have prophesied about something called the Minor Chastisement. It is in Fatima and Akita (both Church approved) as well. You can read about it in a book called Trial, Tribulation, and Triumph, as well as others.

    Basically, there is huge Muslim migration into Europe, there is massive civil unrest, there is communist subversion, there is mass immorality, there is starvation, famine, natural
    disasters, and war. The whole enchilada. Eventually, about 2/3rds of people die. There arises a Catholic Monarch (likely to be French) and a Heroic and Saintly Pope. Southern Europe is trashed by a combination of German and Russian forces, but they ultimately win.

    Paris is leveled, the UK is all but submerged by tidal waves, Rome is sacked. It goes world-wide, but the Saints are mostly from Europe and that is what they focus on.

    At the end, though, there comes a time of peace that lasts a generation. Communism is destroyed, most of the Muslims convert to the faith, etc. After that generation, then comes the anti-christ.

    It seems anything but 'minor,' but when I look around, I think are there really two thirds of humanity that can be expected to convert and change their ways? If not, then what does God do with them? I also think this will happen because people today have no sense of God or Religion. But it is mostly through ignorance. I suspect the anti-christ will not come until most people believe in God, but willingly choose to reject Him.


    Muslim Immigration – Check
    Civil Unrest – Check
    Loss of Religion – Check
    Pestilence – Check
    War – Check
    Communist Subversion – Check
    Mass Immorality – Check
    Famine – pending
    Natural Disasters – pending

    And, interestingly enough, Russia has underwater nukes that could flood the majority of England, as well as elsewhere…

    It seems to be unfolding…

  13. Mike_C

    “a lot of those cardiovascular deaths are fundamentally due to diabetes”
    Exactly correct. Diabetes is a cardiovascular risk factor equivalent to having already had a prior heart attack (myocardial infarction, MI) when estimating risk of an incident (“future”) cardiovascular adverse event. Diabetes mellitus type 2 is the “gift” a person gives to himself through being obese.

    People think of DM2 as a “sugar disease” but it’s really a vascular disease that messes up the proper function of the arteries and thus predisposes to MI, stroke, kidney failure, and so forth. In short, you’re spot on.

    Death certificates are often massively fucked up through oversimplification as to the actual cause of death.

  14. Anonymous

    I assume that when the wheels come off and food is scarce that things will get for how bad i look at the worst black friday fights and know that was over a TV not food and those people are not starving.


  15. Zorost

    "It is making people pine for the good old days of bread lines and barbed wire barriers under Communism."

    And the best old days of snappy uniforms and mass deportation of undesirables.

    I don't disagree with the WEF/ Davos set that we should lose about 90% of the earth's population; I disagree about which 90%.

  16. Zorost

    The problem with SHTF hunting is that game animals will quickly be exterminated. I remember my granpa talking about shortly after the Great Depression everyone in the county being called out to see deer tracks because they hadn't been seen in so long it was a novelty. That was rural central Wisconsin.

    IIRC, something like 1/5 of the deer herd here is killed during the 9 day gun season, with only about 8% of the population hunting, with limitations on bag limits and hunting methods. Many midwestern states hunted game birds to extinction during the GD as well, and needed programs to re-establish populations.

    Hunting is great as a hobby, and to cut food costs, but anyone who thinks they are going to Davey Crockett their way through the apocalypse is dreaming.

  17. Zorost

    I don't know why so many people fantasize about letting their relations die. The more people I could count on to not slit my throat, the better. Especially if all their loyalty costs is a sack of rice with some meat scraps.

  18. Zorost

    I agree that the US has the ability to feed itself several times over, the issue is that TPTB seem to see hunger as an ally. They've been intentionally trying to drive up prices, and not just because they own a bunch of farmland which almost certainly won't be affected by the things they inflict on real farmers.

  19. Anonymous

    The Black Friday analogy is an old meme I find hilarious. Also, as a former WI hunting man I hear you on your hunting feasibility prognosis. While game is plentiful now, history always shows that it becomes scarce in famine in all cases. That and all the wolves etc I saw the last few years up north the herd was greatly reduced already. I hope the best for you and all my people back in the homeland, I’ll do my best to make a dent here in Antifaland, Oregon before my inevitable end.

  20. saoirse

    @ "Zorost"
    Realize genius that this cuntry runs on a JIT management system (but you already know that right? LOL) so, what happens when the "sack of rice with a few meat scraps" runs out – along with the water, meds and sanitation – with no resupply coming soon, or ever again?
    Suddenly your dream of finally being a king with a posse of loyal lap dogs vaporizes and you're all snarling at each other while standing in line at the FEMA camp, or worse.
    You're the one fantasizing pal!

  21. Anonymous

    And if you don't have a Community at your back you are just a resupply point for the roving gangs…Read Ferfal on what happened to isolated farms in Argentina when things went sideways…

  22. Zorost

    Not sure what the relevance of JIT is.

    A year of simple food like I mention is only a few hundred bucks. Loyal teammates are what will get us through what is coming, not hunkering down in a basement next to a pallet of food giggling about how all your friends and family are starving to death. Then you get attacked unawares by much greater numbers because you have to sleep some time and you don't have enough teammates to keep watch.

    Simple food is cheap now. Loyal teammates will be priceless then.

  23. saoirse

    My "teammates" are many and we're already well established. Unlike your "will work for food" commandos, they have enough common sense and respect (for themselves and their families) to be self-sufficient before the collapse.
    Giggling is not accurate. It's more like howling – at clueless fools like you playing tactical Mother Teresa and getting your ass handed to you!
    Apply now for sainthood.

  24. Anonymous

    Gosh, 90% is a tall order. Consider starting smaller with a more modest goal and see if things improve. Two percent maybe?

  25. Zorost

    I'm not much of a saint. I tend to be very cold-bloodedly practical. Which is why I have little faith in strangers, especially those who horde food in preparation for letting their relatives starve.

    Lets say you are wrong, and instead of collapse there is a slow slide. Instead of your relatives coming to you so you can live out your fantasy of letting them starve, you have to go to them with your immediate family for help. Assuming they could make room, would they take you in? If so, you are a selfish prick for admitting you wouldn't do the same were the situations reversed. If no, you and your relatives deserve each other.

  26. saoirse

    Zorost: "I tend to be very cold-bloodedly practical."
    LMAO! You tend to be a legend in your own mind Walter Mitty!
    Bribing a load of deadbeats who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives (and flaunt it) is the best you can do because no one with any grasp on reality would get near you. Regardless of the scenario, you'll find out who the selfish pricks really are. Have fun nursemaid – while supplies last!
    Since your teenage angst desperately needs fulfillment, you can have the last word.

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