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They Don’t Need You And They Don’t Want You

Something I keep saying over and over is that one of the advantages we have in the modern day is that our enemies have become far more open and blunt with their plans for us. It certainly makes the task of identifying the bad guys a whole lot easier. For example….

A homosexual Israeli named Yuval Noah Harari, widely regarded as the right-hand henchman for globalist criminal Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, did a TED Talk the other day and part of his talk described how the vast majority of people are neither needed nor wanted by the globalist elites and they also seem to be suggesting that they have plans to get rid of most people. For reference, “most people” means “you”. Here is Mr. Harari.

You don’t even need to do an early life check. Here is a video that pulls the pertinent information from his TED Talk. Update: the video I posted has been removed as the account was deleted.

Some of the choice bits, transcribed by The Renegade Tribune, Yuval Harari: ‘We Just Don’t Need The Vast Majority of You’. Emphasis in red mine.

They are no longer part of the story of the future, and I think that – again, this is a hypothesis – if I try to understand and to connect to the deep resentment of people, in many places around the world, part of what might be going there is people realize – and they’re correct in thinking that – that, ‘The future doesn’t need me.

The normal people think that they don’t have a place in the future and they are correct. They are superfluous and quite frankly an impediment to people like Yuval Noah Harari, intelligent homosexual degenerates. 

Who exactly gave degenerates like Harari the “right” to dictate the future for the rest of humanity? He and his faggot “husband” are in a sterile relationship and they have no part of the story of the future of humanity. He is a genetic dead-end, although I assume he plans on cloning himself and his “husband” to create the next generation of Übermensch (overhuman). Ironic that the idea of the Übermensch versus the Untermensch (subhuman) was considered part of National Socialist ideology and in that system people like Yuval Noah Harari were definitely considered card carrying member of the Untermenschen and massive population reduction of the Untermenschen was another central theme. I am sure he doesn’t see the irony. 

Continuing on….

“Now, fast forward to the early 21st century when we just don’t need the vast majority of the population… because the future is about developing more and more sophisticated technology, like artificial intelligence [and] bio-engineering, Most people don’t contribute anything to that, except perhaps for their data, and whatever people are still doing which is useful, these technologies increasingly will make redundant and will make it possible to replace the people.”

When he says “we” don’t need the vast majority of the population, who is the “we”? Well it is the globalist elite. Humanity outside of the elite only has utility insofar as we are serving them. Someone like me, living in rural Indiana and doing my own thing? What possible use am I to someone like Bill Gates or Klaus Schwab? Might as well get rid of me and my family.

Their plans require a massive technological leap to enable robotics, automation and AI to take care of the menial tasks that the little people take care of now. Food production, infrastructure, maintenance and sanitation, housekeeping. They certainly have some plan to replace the dirty humans that perform those tasks now without stooping to actually doing the work themselves. 

The elites and their preferred underlings are systematically shutting the world’s population out of the decision making process and writing us out of the future of the world entirely. While I am considered a “racist”, I don’t wish any harm on Africans in Africa or Jews in Israel or Muslim in the Middle East but people like George Soros and Bill Gates seem bent on widespread eradication of humans they have deemed superfluous and problematic, most of them black and brown people in the Global South. Who are the real racists again? Of course Harari and Schwab and company also want me and mine dead because we are problematic and aren’t willing to simply go along with the program and get on the train to the gulag like good little Kulaks. 

We are approaching the endgame of a very long war that drastically escalated in the last century. It is a winner-takes-all war unlike anything we have experienced before, even in the two World Wars. If we win, humanity has a chance to reverse course and seek a real future where the average people have both a stake and a place. If we lose, the vast majority of humanity will die and the only people that will be allowed to remain are the elites and their henchmen and servants. I assume that people like Gates and company are working on plans to prolong their lives in perpetuity via transhumanism and/or cloning. If they achieve immortality via technology and can find a way to replace humanity, why would they need or want us around? You weren’t given a vote in this process anyway.

This is the message that needs to be pounded into our people. Democrat, Republican, it doesn’t matter. This isn’t a struggle to see which political vision dominates the next century. It is quite literally an existential struggle for the survival of most of humanity. Half measures, compromise and egalitarianism aren’t going to win the struggle. The days for being nice guys is long gone. They mean to see you dead and if it takes billions of bodies to make their vision come true, so be it. They have shown their willingness to commit mass murder plenty of times, from the Holodomor to the Killing Fields. What are a few billion dead useless eaters?

However radicalized and extremist you have become over the last decade….isn’t nearly radical and extreme enough.


  1. Zorost

    There truly can be no compromise or political solution. Either we live in a polity with none of them and no control by them, or everything we care about will perish.

  2. Anonymous

    Soft ivory tower bureauweenies will have to outsource to keep the kulaks out but will some replacements hate their Euro cousins?
    Comrade "civil servant" Jaques Attali has some interesting comments about the not-a-vax and of course the fact-CHEKA claims it is not true.

  3. saoirse

    "This is the message that needs to be pounded into our people. Democrat, Republican, it doesn't matter."

    Your people not mine.The only thing that can be pounded into those willfully ignorant shiters is sand – up their asses!
    Kumbaya messages always amount to nothing. Only the few whites strong enough to jettison the entire system will have the chance to survive. The rest will walk right into the slaughterhouse self-assured that their doing a revolutionary act.
    Harari and his fellow freaks know this.

  4. Anonymous

    Till you people realize that you can not live with evil and those like faggit Israeli Yuval Noah Harari and Klaus Schwab are nothing but bags of shit that can be ended easily with a piece of lead to the head and you actually do it don't bitch about what your letting them do…

  5. Mike_C

    "It is a winner-takes-all war unlike anything we have experienced before"

    I floated the following sort of as a joke in a discussion about a potential science fiction story, but I can genuinely see something like this happening: Genetically-targeted diseases that make everyone somewhat ill, but certain (types of) people very very ill, with high mortality rate among that group.

    Ashkenazim apparently went through a "genetic bottleneck" some centuries ago and have limited genetic diversity. They tend to carry specific mitochondrial-DNA markers. (Which is also in line with the halakhic definition of Jewishness, mostly.) I don't know for sure, but I suspect low diversity among Han Chinese. I could certainly see Jews and Chinamen trying to exterminate each other via lab-made tailored infectious diseases.

    Why would it come down to Jews vs Chinamen? Because the former already own the West so they have no need to totally eliminate whites. (All the talk about how the PRC "own" the Bidens is the tiniest of potatoes compared with Jewish control in the West.) Chinamen are almost as self-centered and arrogant as Jews, and they (also) consider their civilization as the most ancient and best. (Zhong Guo is always mistranslated as "the Middle Kingdom". That's a crap translation. The proper translation is the "Central Nation" — central as in "hub of the universe.") Chinamen will not knuckle under to Jews. No Chinaman has the delusion that his "salvation comes from the Jews", nor does he feel the need to "stand with muh Islael (sic)". Therefore Chinamen must be eliminated since they will not be brought to heel. (Good looking Chinese women are however marriage material. The number of Jewish male/Chinese female parings is quite high at elite colleges, for example.)

  6. Anonymous

    his "husband"

    Hold it right there, Kemosabe. This fool's reason for existing just evaporated into thin air, and nothing that this limp-dick pajama boy could say or do has any relevance to my life at all. I'd love to know what his joosh mama thinks of her little phaggot playing hide the cocktail wienie with another limp-wristed kosher kweer, or perhaps some self-loathing, off-color goy-toy, guaranteed never to give her grandchildren.

    In correspondence with another timely article today on V-Dare, these leftist morons sure as hell are deucedly unattractive. Of the lot of them, blaqq women are hands-down the butt-ugliest females ever to insult the human eye. But joosh men take the taco when it comes to the most painfully un-masculine, nauseatingly fey creatures on two legs. Harari's face is just begging to be punched, and his noodle-armed, ectomorphic frame stuffed inside a gym locker, even before he proudly acknowledges his homosexuality, veganism, pedophilia and chronic halitosis.

  7. Anonymous

    Well, you /could/ join a cryonics organization as a Plan B. Should they be successful, they will assume all the frozen are fellow-travellers and after your revival, you can execute a different plan…

  8. Anonymous

    homosexuality is severe narcisism.
    explains why domestic abuse is so common to the situation.

    narcs arent wired like humans. they have little to NO empathy.

  9. Anonymous

    The Fact that these (((askenzi))) like schwab, harari, bezos, rothscild, (((etc.))) now talk Openly about Genociding the White Race shows that THEY Believe that their Centuries of Fomenting Wars among White Men, and the subsequent, Global Propagandizing of the "Holy (cost) Jew" and the Eeeeebill Whyte Man has reached a point where they think they can Initiate their Globohomo Tyranny.

    What (((they ))) Fail to See, much less Understand, is the very Infrastructure that their Plans depend upon, is Created, Maintained and Operated by the Very same Whites that they wish to Destroy. Because None of these (((parasites))) has EVER Created, Maintained or Operated ANYTHING in the Real World that allows it to Function, they Cannot Conceive the level of Fail that Awaits them, "When the Lights go Out".

    I believe that it was the Failure of judeo-communism in Russia that has driven (((them))) into the current Hysterical, Desperate Attempts to solidify Kontrol over and Everything and Everyone within their Reach, because they can See (even more so because of (((their))) Failure in the Ukraine) that Russia, free of (((communism))) is moving in the Direction of a Patriotic Nationalism, the Thing (((they))) Fear the Most. Like Germany, the jew Knows and Fears what happens when White Men organize to Throw Off the Yoke of the kosher banks, and the faggotry and corruption that is the hallmark of the ashkenazi 'race'.

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