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The Squeeze Is Coming

Your daily reminder that White middle class people are Public Enemy Number One.

Riddle me this Batman, how does hiring 80,000 highly compensated Federal employees reduce inflation?
Also worth noting:
With 165,000 employees, the IRS will have as many staff as some of the largest private employers in the country and 8 times as many employees as the Border Patrol has agents.
What are all of these IRS agents going to do? If you believe they will go after big corporations and the “top 1%”, then you are a fucking moron. They are going to make life miserable for middle class Americans and small business owners who are generally not making enough to warrant being harassed over their tax filings but when you have an extra 80,000 IRS agents looking for something to do? You can bet the number of audits is going to skyrocket, even for regular tax-payers who don’t normally give the IRS any reason to pay much attention to their filings. I expect it will be even worse for small businesses who already have to deal with the Byzantine tax rules and now are likely to be endlessly harassed by the IRS…..
“The approach here is to double the IRS workforce, take the leash off, and see how much they can collect,” (Joe) Hinchman adds. “I think they’ll collect it but it will be quite painful.”
Small business owners making under $200,000, a category that includes me, don’t have enough revenue to hire accountants and most of us do our own taxes but now we are targeted for extra scrutiny on top of the extra burden of higher fuel prices and other inflation squeezing our profits. It almost seems like they don’t want people running small businesses and instead favor large corporations that can pay for lobbyists and tax lawyers, and of course buying politicians. Almost….
Meanwhile the always pleasant and cheerful folks at the IRS are apparently getting geared up for some reason:

That $700,000 in ammo came in just three months and went to the IRS Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) division that has over 2,000 armed agents. Why does the IRS have 2,000 armed agents? Gee I wonder….
Some Republicans in Congress like Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor-Greene are sounding the alarm about the expanded and apparently heavily armed IRS but it is too little, too late.
With 8 times as many IRS employees as Border Patrol agents, it is pretty clear who the Federal government considers a threat: you and your family, not illegal aliens, human traffickers and drug smugglers. The IRS is going to be coming after normal American tax-payers with endless reams of paper and backed up by thousands of armed agents while leaving our borders wide open and undefended.
This is not how a functional society is supposed to work.


  1. Anonymous

    Yes, withdraw as much as possible. I have reduced my work hours per week. I buy almost nothing. I do everything myself. I hope to be completely withdrawn soon. And no, I'm not a retired boomer. Mr. Turner

  2. lgc

    The process is the punishment. It isn't designed to raise money, it's designed to ruin you and break you.

    Cash looks better and better all the time

  3. saoirse

    No one saw this coming? What better way for democraps to oppress their white working class foes (the only ones that actually work) than to harass them into becoming either woke sycophants or homeless pariahs.
    Their voting blocs are all exempt of course, right up to the wealthiest celebrity.
    Republicunts have been bleating about lowering taxes for 40+ years but the relief is only meant for their corporate cronies.
    What if said white working class decided to develop some intestinal fortitude and started a real tax revolt by refusing to pay up? Suddenly, two thousand IRS porkers don't look so menacing when facing thirty million or more.
    Added bonus is that fed and state gubments start crashing.
    Leave the system before it leaves you destitute!

  4. Don Curton

    The greatest trick they ever played was having your employer take it out of your paycheck before you ever see the money. Don't pay? You don't have a choice – the money is gone before you even get it. Then people actually act fricking happy when they get a refund every year, instead of questioning why the IRS took too much in the first place. Most people don't even realize how much they take in the first place.

  5. Greg

    Exactly correct Mr. Curton. Amity Shlaes wrote the book on it called The Greedy Hand. If you don't know who Beardsley Ruml was, you need to. He's the FDR minion who invented "payroll withholding".

  6. Zorost

    “Congress asked the IRS to report on why it audits the poor more than the affluent. Its response is that it doesn’t have enough money and people to audit the wealthy properly. So it’s not going to.”

    IRS hates the south; counties more or less likely to be audited:

    “The use of the IRS as a weapon”

  7. Anonymous

    I retired early, only shop for essentials. Wife and I have as much as possible checked completely out of the world.
    Hunkering down and waiting.

  8. Zorost

    The system starved the system for 2+ years with covid, to a far better degree than we ever will. The result: greatest wealth transfer in human history. I think we need to do a bit more than just withdraw.

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