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The Ever Predictable “News”

There was quite the kerfuffle in New Mexico of all places, and it did not involve a chemistry teacher turned meth cooking drug lord. Nope, there were targeted killings of Muslim men in Albuquerque and of course this sent the media and hustlers into a frenzy. Obviously these were “hate crimes” committed by some dastardly White supremacists! All the usual suspects showed up including our ever vigilant leaders…

 Hate has no place in America! Unless you are hating on White peeps. 

Then check out this guy, CJ Werleman, a purported “Activist against Islamophobia”. “Islamophobia” of course is that it is called when you notice Muslim behavior. 

CJ was on the case and figured out who was to blame, and even had a back-up plan in case the first one fell apart.

Those bastards! When will White supremacists stop attacking innocent Muslims. Or alternately Hindu nationalist fighting on the front lines in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
Well you just knew how this was going to end (HT: WRSA)

Muhammad Syed apparently is a Sunni Muslim from Afghanistan and was targeting Shia Muslims because those two groups of goat-fuckers have been fighting since…well since shortly after Mohammed molested that little girl. 
The “news” has become utterly predictable. I saw this headline and guessed right away who was involved:
You guessed it…

The employee is 35 year old Antoine Kendrick, a 35 year old man who is working at Wendys. No surprise, the elderly customer appears to be White and looks like a stiff wind would blow him over.

What a badass! Bravely knocking out an old man who can’t even stand up straight and didn’t see it coming. These African dudes are like mythical heroes slaying powerful foes. 
Or the story out of Cincinnati and a mass shooting in “Over The Rhine”, OTR being a notoriously shitty part of Cinci, where 9 people were injured. Guess who?

News, amirite? 


  1. Anonymous

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with hate. It ties directly with love. If you love something or someone, you hate that which would destroy it. They have made an emotion a thoughtcrime, when instead we should be boiling over with hate against everyone and everything tearing apart all we hold dear.

  2. Plague Monk

    The kids in my neighborhood are going back to pubic school this week. I was working on our garden yesterday while the kids were waiting for the bus, and one of the parents was packing, keeping an angry eye on the darkies down at the next bus stop. Two families of darkies in the neighborhood; both single moms working for the city, and their hatchlings are constantly causing trouble. The wetbacks have beaten the darkie males up for harassing the latrino girls, even the little ones.

  3. Plague Monk

    And yet, the constant refrain I hear in the online gun community is how wonderful it is to have darkies, ragheads, (((them))) and wetbacks buying guns. I won't name any of the writers of this drivel, but most of us know who they are. I share my late father's belief that any darkie found with a gun for any reason, including self defense, should be subject to immediate summary execution.
    The Jim Crow laws were put in place for a reason, and should never have been repealed.

  4. Anonymous

    "Hate has no place in America"

    No, asshole. NON-AMERICANS have no place in America. Take your 7th century goat-herding cretins, with no modern skills and no chance of assimilating into a society that has left them behind more than a millennium ago, and live your short, brutish life among the dirt and the rocks and the intolerant sex-crazed sheep-fucking followers of Muhammed in your own special hell. DON'T bring your bestial practices to these shores, for we do NOT need or want your kind here. STAY HOME, you goat-fucking troglodytes. Wage your wars against one another in your own god-forsaken shitholes and stop "enriching" ours.

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