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Something In The Water In The Buckeye State?

This caught my eye:

“More resources” is code for “a lot more money”. Why do Ohio schools need more money you ask? This is why…

WTF, 15% of students in Ohio public schools have a “developmental delay”? 
Way back when I was in public school in Ohio, “disabled” or “special needs” or “handicapped” students were generally what you would expect: retarded kids, blind/deaf kids, that sort of thing. These were kids who were clearly messed up or had some really significant handicap but there were only a handful of them. Now you are telling me that more than one out of every seven kids in Ohio is “developmentally delayed”? This despite the public education machine getting whatever it wants in Ohio and across the country?
What is going on here?
Part of it is the rise of kids on the autism spectrum and there are a whole lot of these kids. Despite (?) the advances in medicine and especially prenatal and pediatric care, more and more kids end up being significantly autistic just as it seems that the percentage of kids with serious allergies has exploded. There is something going on here that is messing up kids from an early age.
But the bigger culprit is found in the definition of a “developmental delay”. I have it on good authority that many of these “special needs” kids fall into this category: 
“…slower at reaching milestones in…social or emotional…development”
In plain English, kids who exhibit significant behavioral problems. When a kid consistently is acting out in class, instead of getting paddled or suspended, now they get called “special needs” and are given special treatment and extra resources. Many of these kids are violent and borderline psychopaths because if we know anything about kids, we know this: if you fail to discourage and indeed actively reward poor behavior in kids, what you get is a whole lot more of that poor behavior. 
Being a semi-famous internet racist I will also point out that Ohio public schools are, as is the case in most of America, slowly turning into pre-penitentiary holding pens and daycare for indigent parents. Look at this, and this is pre-pandemic:

A later story from 2021 shows the trend continuing in Ohio:

According to data from the Ohio Department of Education, traditional homeschooling is gaining popularity. Preliminary data shows homeschooling grew by 25% between the fall of 2019 and the fall of 2020.

The trend is also picking up steam nationwide.

Research from the National Home Education Research Institute shows in March this year there were almost five million kids in grades K-12 who were being taught at home. In the spring of 2019, there were only two and a half million.
Parents realized that if teachers can educate kids with slapped together lessons via Zoom, they can do at least as well.
Many parents have pulled their kids because public schools are dangerous, from budding young criminals to child molesting teachers and have elected to homeschool. Millions more send their kids to private schools.
Then there are demographic changes. Ohio is like the rest of the country, becoming less White and more black and brown. This means kids that are less intelligent on average with more behavior problems. Hence, more kids who cannot handle being in a classroom setting without falling behind and/or being disruptive. You can’t get rid of them so you label them “developmentally delayed” and coddle them in the hopes they don’t kill a staff member or student before they “graduate”.
What kind of country are we heading toward where 15% of public school kids have significant behavior problems, can’t function in a classroom or are too dumb to handle the ridiculously easy public school curriculum? A country that is dumber, less innovative and more violent. 
Basic, normal human beings are going to be in short supply in just a few years. Better plan now for how you will survive and function in that sort of country.


  1. Steve S

    Turn the last question around. How will a technological society be able to survive and function?

    NB: conservatives left the state years ago. So on top of the IQ and emotional IQ issues there's that.

  2. Anonymous

    In our school district the kids with the worst violent outbreaks are first nations or muslims and the product of 7 centuries of cousin marriage.


  3. Anonymous

    back in the 1970's I knew a guy who worked for the local gas company. he did a lot of high level
    machine work on the pumping engines and stuff. he would NEVER eat anything that was cooked over natural gas. BK ? anyway, he told me the gas company got rid of a lot of bad shit by mixing it in with the gas. like keatones and other bad stuff, I can't remember all of it.
    and with the water company ? I run all of our drinking and cooking water thru a big berkly filter.
    and when I refill it, it smalls of bleach big time. so I have no doubts they putting shit in the water.
    not that they would ever tell us if they are putting anything in the water.
    like the old saying, you can either trust gov't or know your history. and if you know history, you damn sure don't trust ANY gov't.

  4. Arthur Sido

    Ohio at least has become far more "conservative" over the last decade than it was when I was growing up there, the working class Democrat voters have finally started to figure it out and stop voting for people that openly hate them

  5. Steve S

    I didn't see much of that turn around (libs waking up) when we were there. Left Cbus 3 years ago. Second hand exposure as far as the rest of the state. I'm referring to the cities of course. Rural is always tends conservative.

  6. ChuckInBama

    I worked a t a chemical plant in the section that took water in from the river to use for cooling and in the processes. To remove particles normally found in river water, coagulants and flocculants are added to the water to make these particles (silt, algae, fish poop) settle out. Sodium hypochlorite (bleach) is added to kill the microscopic flora and fauna that would clog the pipes. Since most river water has a pH above 7, sulphuric acid was added to bring the pH to 7. Now, the drinking water for the city is taken in a few miles upstream. While the process to purify the water for drinking may vary slightly, I'm sure they use similar if not the same chemicals. And the water at plant I worked at; after all the chemical treatment a pass through sand filters made it potable, so municipal water treatment must use more sodium hypochlorite. That is the main ingredient in "bleach". We used it at concentrations that would eat leather gloves, yet our water never smelled "bleachy". Sorry I went long. Just thought I'd through that out there.

  7. Anonymous

    I was in a big filter vessel once that had waste water going through it before returning to the river. The vessel had anout 18 inches of used condoms on the floor. Evidently they are commonly flushed at very hard to strain out.


  8. Roma

    The same pharmaceutical companies that gave us the covid wonder vax are the ones our trusted pediatricians are mandated to give all children before they enter school. What could go wrong.

  9. John Wilder

    Run the bell curve – it's an entirely predictable number. Are we now expecting all children to be above average? Related: how much are we willing to spend on people who are incapable of learning?

  10. saoirse

    Correction. The numbers of "Basic, normal human beings" has been radically adjusted downward since the covid scamdemic. These people are now a commodity. The more radical ones in that group are already planning for life after the collapse of Murka.

  11. deb harvey

    elementary teacher here, youngstown, said she knows who will eventually end in prison but she makes sure they will know how to read before they get there
    i have many stories from teachers all of which corroborate your findings

  12. Otis

    Having Planned infantcide kill off the truly disabled before birth *** because they are brainwashing people and especially women to thinking this is 'ethical' and acceptable… 'disabled' people have to be fabricated in order to justify or explain the chaos and uncivilized that TPTB want to prey on us.

    Diabolical narcissists are just creaming their jeans seeing us do NOTHING in response to this.

  13. Anonymous

    Actually it’s money related. I was on the school board budget committee for three years. The feds provide extra $ for slow learners up to 15% of your enrollment. Rather than leave “free” money sitting on the table, districts move the bar up to ensure they hit that 15% benchmark

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