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Quick Update

Too busy for a regular post today but I saw some ugly news in a follow-up to my post The Ever Predictable “News” where I mentioned one Antoine Kendrick who sucker punched an elderly White customer who was unhappy with his order.

Unfortunately the 67 year customer has succumbed to his injuries.

Sure Antione is going down for second degree murder but that doesn’t change that the customer is dead.

Here is the lesson:
blacks in America are unpredictable and violent. Over and over we see incidents like this, something irritating and innocuous to White people but cause for violence and death from blacks. Often it is a black who didn’t show any signs beforehand of being violent. It is just boiling below the surface waiting for some ridiculous trigger to set them off.
Meanwhile we have to tip-toe around blacks because you never know what might set them off and even if you should defend yourself the odds are you will be the one jailed. Not that you will get a chance for a fair fight, they aren’t into those. No, it is always an attack from behind, a gun when you are unarmed, when you are outnumbered, or smaller, or older or a woman. They get some perverse pleasure from hurting people and then strutting around like they are badasses for knocking out an old man who didn’t even see it coming. It isn’t right and it isn’t just but you simply must avoid them.
At least for now. 


  1. saoirse

    Ant-wan will be out in 5-7 because…… after being thoroughly enriched by a whopper (no slight to BK) of a lawsuit, the victim's family will plead for leniency and 'healing'. Probably donate (i.e. throw away) money to black and liberal scams instead of to an inmate to shank the mofo.

  2. Xzebek

    The chimps are feral animals and must always be viewed as such. As Arthur stated, violence is never more than a second away. Be wary and be armed.

  3. Anonymous

    Say it, Wilder. It's "Never relax AROUND BLACKS". You tiptoe around that 3rd rail again and again in your comments and on your blog, but you know damned well WHO it is destroying everything trad Americans cherish. Yes, they have (((handlers))) pulling the strings and directing their mindless hate and anger. But it is BLACKS who destroy everything they touch for the pure joy of denying it to others. It is BLACKS who make it unsafe for Whites to live the lives they once did. Say it.

  4. Ozborn

    You want to make something stick in folks' mind, don't say the whole thing. Make them finish the idea in their heads and internalize it further. It's not like any readers here haven't heard it all before.

  5. Anonymous

    I'm sure we've all figured out the score by now. Every one of these animals, good, bad or neutral, will be wearing a bright orange bullseye on front and back, come the reset.

  6. saoirse

    Say it Anonymous 7:54 AM.
    You exhort Wilder to say blacks and then use parentheses to avoid naming the jews!
    Sorry 'Ozborn' but omission and cowardly substitution hardly promotes any rational analysis. They are used for the exact opposite.

  7. Anonymous

    I saw a lot of that back in philly. if they couldn't steal it, they would fuck it up somehow.
    like keying a car they can't break into type of shit. as far as "fights" go. if they have the odds/numbers on their side, they will try to beat you to death.
    and if you beat one of them up, they will come back with numbers-"friends" or with a gun or guns. a few years back, I figured it be better to move away from them rather go to prison over one of them. the law is not on your side there.
    and people wonder why the crime rate is up there ?

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