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Not Being Rude Is White Supremacy

The Atlantic is a treasure trove of unintentionally hilarious woke nonsense that thinks of itself as the height of intellectualism. Like this….

Notice the subtle way that the White people are shrouded in darkness while the sassy Latinas are the only light in the neighborhood. Where would we be without mestizos to brighten our cities?!

The essay is written by a chick named Xochitl Gonzalez so you know it is going to be good. I didn’t know it was a broad’s name until I went to her website and saw her pic:

I should put out a warning before dropping a nightmare-inducing photo like that on the blog. 
Her basic bitch is that a lot of people, especially wealthy people (in other words Whites and Asians), don’t find it amusing or charming to listen to black and brown people screaming at the top of their lungs or playing their shit “music” at maximum decibels. Her “argument” is summed in this charming anecdote about her grandmother:
But one person’s loud is another person’s expression of joy. As my grandmother used to say, “I’m not yelling, this is just how I tawk!”
Oh OK, since that is just how you “tawk”, or as we White people like to call it “yell”, I guess we all have to modify our standards to accommodate you.
I trust you see the difference here.
I am not intruding on anyone else when I am being quiet but when they are being loud and rude? It absolutely impacts me whether I like it or not. 
It is sort of like smoking. I can choose to not smoke but if people around me insist on smoking, I still end up coughing from their smoke and smelling like cigarette smoke. It isn’t simply a matter of their personal preference when it negatively impacts me. I don’t want to have to suffer through you bellowing a conversation or playing hip-hop at deafening decibels nor should I have to.
Her essay is a  frivolous and selfish example of a much broader issue: people who come to America and then demand that Americans conform to an alien standard instead of the other way around. Ms. Gonzalez writes:
We love our music. We love to dance. We love being Puerto Rican.
You know what Puerto Ricans don’t love?
Being in Puerto Rico.
Not that I blame them but they leave Puerto Rico to come to America and then tell Americans that we have to adapt to them and no, I don’t care about PR being a territory, Puerto Ricans are not Americans. They didn’t have anything to do with the founding and building of the United States and they only started to really come here in large numbers in the middle of the last century. 
In every imaginable way, Americans are being told that we have to change to suit the people who are coming here after making a mess of their own countries despite the simple logic that would tell them that what they are demanding we change is what makes America a place they wanted to come to in the first place. Now any time you wander into a large group of black or brown people, even you if avoid becoming the victim of a violent crime, you are treated to a cacophony of noise, corpulent black women bellowing into they phones and laughing uproariously or mestizos chattering in Spanish. Something as simple as decorum and basic common courtesy are now seen as “White supremacy”. 
Each passing day heritage Americans find ourselves strangers in our own country and told that we must endlessly accommodate every demand of every group while they in turn revile us and our history and traditions. 


  1. Mike_C

    It's not that rich people love quiet. People with good manners love quiet.

    To be fair, many Chinese are obnoxiously loud too. Yet another reason I purely hate Chinatowns. (That and the fact they're Cantonese speakers. It all sounds like angry ducks to me and I can't understand a damn word, and they hate me for being "a northern invader". But I digress.) The manners are shameful. When I was in Japan I could spot Chicom tourists (rich ones covered in real or good fakes of Rolex, Burberry, Coach, etc) easily based purely on the rudeness.

    Xochitl (SO-cheel) my ass. That woman ("daughter of Socialist Workers Party activists" and raised by grandparents in Bensonhurst (Ben-sun-hoist)) is about as Toltec as my goldfish is a parrot. If anything she looks like an "Eastern European" New Yorker. And as far as " We love being Puerto Rican" goes, good for you. Then Go be Puerto Rican in freaking Puerto Rico!

    Around these parts of East Massholia, I've noticed a tendency of "new Americans" (such as Cape Verdeans for example) to use their phones on speaker while in public spaces. So we all can enjoy BOTH sides of their pointless, idiot conversations

  2. Anonymous

    Nope, I still can't hate them as much as I loathe blacks. If mestizos are an '8' on the loudness scale, blacks shoot past 11 and keep right on going. I also find that hispanic noise truly IS cheerful, loving life, maybe a little drunk. Black noise, by supreme contrast, is ALWAYS angry, nasty, combative, hateful. I will take loud salsa over loud rap any day of the week.

    Yes, mestizos are noticeably louder and less considerate than Whites, on average. But I don't think it's deliberate rudeness. It's cultural ignorance. Blacks are defiantly, willfully inconsiderate. Hispanics are just overgrown children drunk on fiesta. BIG difference, in my humble opinion. And I live literally drowning in hispanic culture down here in Texas.

  3. BigCountryExpat

    Wifey and I now, b/c of the inherent inability of Monkeys to not fling poo or be civilized in a basic restuarant setting is to look around, and if the ethnic balance is 80% whypeepo, we -might- stick around for chow… any infestation of over 20% monkey, you risk a chimpout and the subsequent fallout

  4. Anonymous

    I was in Northern Alberta few weeks ago and stop in a town to use the facilities and grab a burger at a fast food chain.

    A african anerican couple came in with two kids. Mom had an obvious injection in her ass and looked like baboon in heat. She had pink hair yoga tights and a crop top. Dad had gold chains, very wide sholders and two huge rings on one hand. Heard them talking they were headed to alaska, the mom was talking so loud the old couples sitting having coffee all left.

    Noticed they were driving a brand new chevy 2500 with illinois plates. Very obviously not locals. Very nicely dressed kids but mom was dressed really skanky in contrast to the kids.


  5. Xzebek

    White culture is superior to all other cultures. History has borne that out. Indisputable. Another way of looking at that is white people created the superior culture so they are superior. Seems pretty simple to me. The problem isn't our superiority, it is the anger resentment and shame that the members of the inferior cultures experience and exhibit when confronted with white superiority. Then the feral behavior sets in as they want to destroy the superior culture because they are incapable of creating an equivalent culture or appropriately assimilating. Part of that would require less shrieking in public.

  6. Anonymous

    Another excellent and spot-on post. Agree about noise levels of all non-Whites – wherever you may be, whatever group you encounter, they have different cultural standards. Different social mores. These differences always engender social conflict. During our two years in Asia we didn't have any problem with the Chinese being loud, although they are filthy and litter endlessly in public. In our first apartment we were enriched by the Indian maid upstairs going out at onto the stairwell or patio at dawn daily and pounding spices. Yeah, and that was in addition to the building 'upgrading' by replacing all the ceramic tile with marble tile. Spice pounding and jack hammering all day every day – and with a newborn. Husband made a quick recording of the noise and we got authorization to move.

    Totally unrelated question – we are very belatedly looking to get CCL insurance – the type where you get counsel etc. in the event you have to use your means of personal protection. I know enough to avoid NRA, but cannot recall the specific group everyone used to recommend. Is it USCCA? Any other group anyone can recommend? Much appreciation in advance.

  7. DeplorableGranny

    I was at the beach in Washington State in April of this year. It was a little windy and I just wanted to listen to the ocean while reading a book. I was in my car with the windows down. A car pulls up right next to with music blaring. The song playing was ni**er this and ni**er that, talking about bitches and ho's. A guy and two woman and three kids get out of the car and they are all screaming at each other (including the little kids that were maybe six years old) using profanity every other word. There was tons of places they could have set up no where near anyone else. I started my car and moved about 50 yards away from these incredibly rude selfish hoodlems.

  8. Anonymous

    That's another aspect of non-Whites that is at odds with White sensibilities – no concept of personal space. There could be 25 identical cardio machines at the gym, and no matter how many are vacant, they will come set up right next to you. Same as when they go 'shopping – it's always the entire extended family, including the grandparents on magic 'murrican social security disability, and all the cousins from the village back home (in either Michoacan or Liang province, same difference).

  9. Steve S

    Check the fine print and look for actual user reviews. Some (well known) have been known to not support cases after they review circumstances even before you go to trial. I was recommended and have CCW Safe. Also look at coverage limits ($) and whether they cover just criminal suit or civil too. Bail coverage and other details are important.

  10. Anonymous

    Mexicans truly don't bother me other than the political implications of their coming here en masse. Ditto for most other Latin American diasporas. When I used to live in South Florida, where both groups are well represented, it inspired me to say I'd rather live next door to a thousand Cubans than 10 transplanted New Yorkers.

    Long story short, I see white leftists as a much bigger problem than Mexicans.

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