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Some tidbits you might find interesting and/or infuriating. 

From a reader who kindly brought this horrific and all too predictable story to my attention, Georgia couple charged with using their adopted children to make child porn
Of course this “Metro Atlanta couple” is a pair of fags, William Dale Zulock, 32, and Zachary Jacoby Zulock, 35. 

Who could have predicted something like this happening (me over here waving my arms wildly shouting “me! me!”). I suspect it happens a lot and these two idiots just happened to get caught. The only consolation is that these fellas are going to learn a lot about homosexuality when they get into a Georgia prison. From what I can tell almost 60% of the Georgia prison population is black and after a few months of the brothers working them over these two are going to wish they had gotten a puppy instead of adopting a kid. 
Back to The Atlantic, this time pondering a question with an answer so obvious that even a liberal knows it but is afraid to say it. 

The story kind of hints at it…

I’ll go ahead and spell it out for The Atlantic…

20 years ago America as a whole was still almost 70% White but by 2020 that had dropped to 58%. A nearly 12% reduction in the White population, and it is likely even more than that as the mixed race and “other” race categories have exploded so I assume lots of light skinned mulattos and quadroons claimed White on the census forms. This is more pronounced among school aged kids where the majority are already likely non-White. You can’t replace an entire race of people without massive changes occurring and one of those is that the average IQ of “Americans” is going to plummet. The only way to fix the drop in reading and math test scores now is to lower the standards of those tests, because the kids aren’t getting any smarter. 

Under the “Symbols” category of the document, “2A” is listed with the following explanation: “MVEs justify their existence with the Second Amendment, due to the mention of a ‘well regulated Militia,’ as well as the right to bear arms.”
Welcome to the world of being labelled an MVE, a “Militant Violent Extremist”, for believing that you still have the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. On the other hand, the Feds should arrest anyone who uses the Punisher skull logo unironically because it is felony levels of cringe. 
Speaking of cringe. How about some neo-con nonsense brought to us by Max Boot, also known as the dollar store Bill Kristol.  

The best part is Max saying that so many people he knows are “acquiring” foreign passports and moving somewhere else. You can’t just get a foreign passport and move to somewhere in Europe on a lark. But one ethnic group can and just happens to have their own ethnostate in the Middle East. Can you guess which ethnic group Max and his circle of friends belong to and which foreign passports they are talking about? If I talk about an ethnostate for Whites, I am a “White supremacist” even though the United States was a de facto and intentional ethnostate for most of our history but when Max and his “fellow White people” tribe talk about their ethnostate, the standard amazingly changes.
Another good article from Doctor Samizdat, The Favor of a Reply. There are an awful lot of statistics and charts that paint a grim picture of the future of medicine but I really liked this one….

Anyone with insurance knows that there is little relation between what the bill says and what is actually paid. I also see this with the Amish who pay cash for treatment and get a “discount” and by discount I mean sometimes to the tune of 90% off what the “list” price is. 

The problem is that thanks to insurance almost no one has any idea what their medical care actually costs. They know how much their insurance costs per month and maybe their co-pays but the visits and treatments? No idea and they don’t care. You can’t have a healthy system when consumers (patients) and providers (doctors) don’t have any sort of cost relationship.
Speaking of the Amish, Steve Sailer looked at their explosive growth rates and ponders an Amish Imperium: The Amish Have Grown 110% Since 2000

The Amish population has doubled every 20 years which is incredible. Thanks to large families, high retention rates and modern medicine (as well as the security provided by the English), the Amish have thrived and their population has boomed. I think they often studiously ignore that the society they live in provides the safety and security that allows them to continue to live their lifestyle. On the other hand, their families around here are growing smaller. While a dozen kids or more was pretty common a generation ago, now we are seeing 4-6 more as the norm. I suspect there is some contraception being used by younger Amish and they are getting married later. Still, unlike their English Christian counterparts, the Amish grow by reproducing rather than via evangelism. That might explain why they are growing and English churches are not.
A few things I have found interesting the last week or so, enjoy!


  1. Anonymous

    …From what I can tell almost 60% of the Georgia prison population is black and after a few months of the brothers working them over these two are going to wish they had gotten a puppy instead of adopting a kid….

    Maybe. Could be getting double analed by n!&&ers is their kink. I always thought a faggot would be in heaven to be sent to prison. Like Ghislane Maxwell. She probably get scissored between yoga classes now.
    As for members of (((the tribe that shall not be named))), the more that move back to that middle eastern country, the better. They earned their next pogram… good and hard.
    I saw a story about a
    life insurance company that said payments or deaths or whatever metric was up 40%. I say good. The less stupid normies running amuck fellating negros and (((the tribe that shall not be named))), the better. And it looks like the clot shots may indeed be not only killing stupid normies (a redundancy, I know), but making them infertile.
    Hopefully Europe does nearly freeze to death this winter. I say that because the only thing that MIGHT snap normies, American or European, out of their stupidity, isnthe spectre of death.

    Troy Lee Messer

  2. Anonymous

    "Georgia couple" conjures up the parody image of a toothless Redneck common-law husband and wife in my mind, not a pair of fudgepacking faggots. I'd sooner expect it to refer to a boy and his hog, but we don't live in a world that even attempts to make sense anymore. Every one of the freaks and perverts in the protected classes today would have suffered mightily, had they ventured out of the closet in the days of my youth.

    Damn, I miss that world. A world where we all knew that freaks and perverts existed, but they knew enough to keep their unwelcome perversions out of sight, or at least discreetly among their own.

  3. Anonymous

    The devil went down to Georgia and comrade Raffensberger (CCP) won't be collecting thirty pieces of silver, these ATL groomer penis puffers could go far in the CPUSA (D) party along with big as a house Stacey Abrams.
    Florida is coming out with the Gadsden Don't Tread On Me license plates as a glorious middle finger to the banana regime in the district of cesspool.
    Just go out driving around in Chiquitastan and you can see the terminal peak stupidity of the replacements uber alles, dullards are easier to control and fall for every COV-LARP mandate.

  4. Zorost

    What a bunch of haters. What 2 consenting adults do with a child in their basement sex dungeon is none of your business!

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