Monday, August 1, 2022

More Third-Worldization Of America

There was a lot that startled me when I was in Haiti but one of the ugliest aspects of that country is that there is trash everywhere. Not just mounded up in the streets but literal rivers of garbage. You can do a simple image search for "Haiti garbage" and get plenty of examples....

Haitians didn't even seem to notice that they lived in what amounts to a nation sized open garbage dump. There was no sanitation to mention, the water is dangerous to drink, livestock just wanders around everywhere (our bus driver in Haiti ran over someone's goat) and people just dump trash everywhere. While many Haitians were friendly and cheerful people, they were also pretty dumb as a whole and not terribly industrious. 

This is true in many third world countries where people literally shit in the street and garbage is just dumped wherever it is handy. No one cares about the "environmental impact" or "carbon footprints". Concepts like that are reserved for more advanced societies where people have the time and the intelligence to understand the long term ramifications of littering and posses the inherent affection toward the natural aesthetic. East Asians tend to be clean and tidy people, as are Europeans. Africans, South Asians and South/Central Americans? Not so much.

In America we have long had anti-littering laws, campaigns against throwing your trash on the roadside and various other movements to preserve the natural beauty of North America. As a kid in the 1970s I saw the commercial with Iron Eyes Cody, the "Crying Indian" (an actor who was actually an Italian named Espera de Corti) who sheds a single tear watching people litter over and over.

Caring about the environment wasn't always a leftist political movement that ran cover for Marxism. I wrote about this last year in Conservation > Environmentalism. Something I pointed out in that post is that replacing White people who obsess over "nature" with black and brown people who don't is going to cause serious issues.

Replacing White people who are concerned with the environment with blacks and browns that don't is a genius move. Immigration relieves population pressure in the Third World and has an enormous impact on the environment. Ever seen pictures of the border crossings and the trash strewn all over? Or pictures from places like Haiti with literal rivers of garbage? 

The same dipshits holding "Immigrants Welcome!" signs are also endlessly yapping about "climate change", never once making the connection between exploding populations and the need to feed those populations. 

"Environmentalism" has always been a bogus movement but even it is being replaced by the endless racialization of our politics. 

Unlike Haiti, most of Michigan outside of the Detroit-Flint corridor is a lovely place. If I had bought tickets for the recent billion dollar lotto prize and won I would have bolted for the Upper Peninsula as fast as my newly purchased Ferrari would take me. The small city of Kalamazoo is generally a nice place, home to Western Michigan University and generally a decent place to live. That might be changing thanks to the ever present cult of "diversity", "equity" and "racial justice".

"We are eliminating certain offenses that are never or hardly ever enforced, like spitting on the sidewalk. There are other offenses that are being removed that no longer are considered a crime under either state law or state jurisprudence such as fortune telling," City Attorney Robinson clarified in the meeting.

The new ordinances are not legitimizing the violations, but decriminalizing them.

"They are still a violation of our ordinances it just no longer carries a criminal sentence," said City Attorney Clyde Robinson.

It's a violation of city ordinances but we just won't do anything about it. Riiight, I am sure that won't encourage people to litter and piss in public. 

I guess if you are going to replace Americans with the third-world, you need to make the laws more migrant friendly. This follows a trend seen all across the country where "minor" violations are decriminalized, like fare jumping on the subway. Oddly enough many of these "minor" crimes tend to be committed overwhelmingly by certain racial groups. 

While I understand that something like taking a shit behind a dumpster isn't a violent crime, these sorts of lifestyle crimes add up and they are not "victimless" crimes because decent people are stuck with living in cities where piles of shit are found on the street and you have to get a store clerk to unlock SPAM for you because shoplifting is out of control. It's been probably 20 years since I have been to San Francisco but I still recall that even though I was staying at the $400/night Ritz Carlton, when I went outside of the hotel the city reeked like a porta-a-john. 

When you make it easier for people to be terrible human beings, they tend to respond by being even worse human beings. This is especially true among certain demographics who jack up every decent thing they touch. We are forcibly being mutated into a third world country via demographics and encouraging anti-social behavior. The elites pushing this won't be impacted by it but you can bet you and your kids will be. 


  1. While Haiti is a good Example of low-I.Q. African Savages being... african savages, what Disgusts me Far More is how, here in this Country I was born in, I have watched for the past 65 Years the Cities that White Men Built in the last Century and a Half were allowed to Crumble into Wreckage nearly as bad as any turd-world shithole. New York, Detroit, Chicago, and a Hundred other Cities, once thriving Centers of Culture and Industry (even if Polluted) filled with Magnificent Buildings, Bridges, Parks and Houses, all allowed to Decay as the White People who Built (and were able to Maintain them) were Driven Out by feral negroes; their incentive to Work, Learn and be a Part of a Productive Society totally Destroyed by the "Welfare State".

    Now, the same (((forces of evil))) are working, 24/7/365 to Import and Distribute, mostly to smaller Towns, Millions More of Illiterate, Disease-Carrying, Criminal Mestizos from "South of the (non-existent) Border". Perhaps, the politicians Aiding and Allowing this believe that once enough mud-race creatures are Imported, that they will form a political 'power base' that will Forever Enthrone the Democr... Communist Party USA in Power.

    What these Traitors do Not, Cannot Understand is the Fact that (((their))) Plans for a Technotronic Dictatorship of Total Surveillance and Kontrol of the People depends ENTIRELY on the Skills and Knowledge of the White Majority that has the Intelligence to "Make Things Work". Once that Demographic is Destroyed, or (more likely) becomes Aware of what the "Future" holds for them, the "System" will begin to Decay, Decline in Effectiveness, and then Crumble as Active Resistance begins on a wide scale.

    It sure is going to be "Interesting" . My Money is for "Full-on Mad Max" and the Last Truck Running, Wins.

    Gryphon -

  2. Typical 3rd world shithole

  3. Step 1. Locate address of those decision makers
    Step 2. Go do that doodoo that you do

  4. I keep grocery bags in pockets to pick up litter but some spots look like a landfill close to the main highway.
    There are so many replacements it is three years into a road upgrade for 1960's four lane roads that had 1/10th the population, the stripmallville yes we can haez town is a parking lot with no work crews in sight.
    The glorious people's republic of Michigan? Any place with the CPUSA Gretchenfuhrer is a write off.

  5. I'd have bought a bunch of the Copper Country.

    The big plus would be home-field advantage, the big minus would be cleaning out all the meth, human trafficking and general shitbaggery that flowed in the last decade.

  6. I recall that TV ad with the Warren-style fake Indian from my youth, and like any good 70s kid, I fell for the bullshit about the "noble" red man. Wounded Knee, Billy Jack and all that. When I got a little older, I used to visit the Indian reservations on Long Island to buy cheap cigarettes by the carton for resale, and to sell liquor to the injuns on Sundays (illegal at the time) out of the trunk of my car. I was struck by what shitholes they were.

    Most of the inhabitants were idle drunks who lived in single-wide trailers and fed off White guilt. Like trailer parks everywhere, the places were disgusting with litter, junk cars, domestic crime and feral dogs. Compared to most of Long Island, and especially the tony east end (think: Hamptons) where the reservations are located, it was quite a shock after what I'd believed about the poor, benighted natives. Those rumors of Buffalo jumps were not just rumors, obviously. So much for the red man "living in harmony with the land".

    Such are non-White communities everywhere in the world. And there are, in fact, some very notable shitholes in east Asia, Japan and South Korea notwithstanding. But trust Affluent White Female Liberals (AWFLs) to perpetuate the myth of 3rd worlders striving to save the planet while we evil White men poison it in our corporate greed.

    And yeah, Haitians. A more de-evolved and savage demographic I cannot imagine. Those devils have flooded into healthcare in New York, but you do NOT want one as your nurse or aide in the hospital or nursing home. I wrote a first-person essay on that very topic for AmRen, which they will be publishing in the coming months. Watch for it.

  7. LMAO! This nation has been on the decline for at least half a century (actually since 1945). Democraps and liberals have made their devolution into psychotic wokies obvious for decades but the best offense that whites could muster was to vote for Republicunts - a losing proposition if ever there was one! Stupid lazy fucks thought that "morning in America" was a reality that would last forever.

    I'll wager that most of the people gnashing their teeth here were cheerleaders for Trumpenstein, Gee Dubya and The Gipper and bristled with the usual phoney self-righteousness at anyone expressing reservations about the sincerity of those two-legged turds.

    Some pompous ignoramuses still think that voting is a bold sacrament and seriously try and justify doing it in 2022 and beyond. I'm not talking about "Normiecons" either. Supposed 'hard right' advocates kick all of their tough talk to the curb every two years and acquiesce like the cunts they really are.
    You make your beds with the same unwashed sheets so lay in them and stink! Keep floundering around in your egotistical patriotism, you fool no one.

    This blog lists two websites, Renegade Tribune and National Vanguard, as worthy of visiting. Shitcan the RNC and the poseurs of the Alt Right and start looking at something more representative of white advocacy.

  8. Trash and littering is a pet peeve of mine. I'm always picking up drink cups, food wrappers, etc. in my neighborhood, as I walk the dog. Haven't caught anyone in the act, but if I did, I'd be tempted to ask, "No trash can where you live? Are you homeless?" Really, though, it's about lazy people not giving a shit.

    1. When we lived in Asia, my husband used to pick up the trash the Oriental women deliberately and carelessly dropped as they walked past trash cans, tap them on the shoulder, and faux innocently say "I believe you dropped something of yours." Lovely way to make them lose face. Also NEVER get out of their way in the street or sidewalk; make them get out of your way instead.

  9. 💃🏽🌮🇲🇽

  10. The wailing and gnashing of teeth over the bussed migrants from Texas tells you this is how to win. Ship 'em to Long Island, Connecticut, and Berkeley!! NIMBY people need to get what they don't want.

  11. Watching the mayor of DC wine as border states move the problem their party caused to their doorsteps has been wonderful