Thursday, August 11, 2022

Moar Med School Malpractice

Heather Mac Donald writing at City-Journal takes a look at a topic of frequent note here at Dissident Thoughts, the degradation of the medical profession in a vain quest to make the medical field more "diverse", in other words less White. Her post The Corruption of Medicine is quite long but it contains a ton of data, including these charming statistics:

Read that again. A black student with mediocre scores is seven times as likely as a White student with similar scores to be admitted to medical school. If you are a White student with less than stellar scores on the MCAT and a great GPA, you might as well not bother applying but if you are a slightly above average black student you are likely to be admitted. 

Later Heather points out that even the lower standards are not good enough and advocates are demanding an end to the MCAT period...

A 1300 on the SAT is around the 84% percentile, which is good but not great but if you are black, get a decent SAT score and a 3.6 GPA you are guaranteed a slot at UPenn medicine. Penn is one of the Ivy Leagues but clearly that means very little when you are black. There is a completely different admission standard for black graduates and this lower standard means that completely underqualified blacks are getting slots in medical school over much more qualified White and Asian applicants. 

This has been going on for a while but there was a major problem. When these black and mestizo students got into medical school, they ran into the brutal gauntlet of actually being a medical school student. 

One of the major milestones in medical school comes at the end of the second year with the "Step One" test. Mac Donald describes it:

Basically Step One measures whether you have mastered the basic concepts of the human anatomy which proves you are learning what you are supposed to be learning. High scoring students would be at an advantage in applying for selective residency programs. Of course this also exposed that black students who were underqualified were remaining underqualified well into medical school:

Black students are not admitted into competitive residencies at the same rate as whites because their average Step One test scores are a standard deviation below those of whites.

They tried dumbing down the Step One by including 'nonscience components such as “communication and interpersonal skills.”' but the gap remained. How to solve this dilemma? There is an easy solution for that as well.
If something is too hard for blacks, you just get rid of it and who gives a shit if it results in less qualified doctors? Our daughter took the Step One earlier this year and of course passed it but no matter how much she smashed the test, her result will look the same as a black student who barely passed. 

At every stage, black and mestizo med students trail their White and Asian peers and at every stage the medical school establishment tries to tip the scales to "fix the problem". I covered this previously in this post, We Wuz Otolaryngologists And Sheeit!. The result will be less qualified and less competent doctors, reinforcing my admonition to find a White male doctor who graduated medical school at least 10 years ago. It also means that any black or mestizo doctor will automatically be assumed to have gotten into and through medical school based on racial coddling, not their own merit, right or wrong.

To be clear, being smart is not a sufficient qualification for being a good doctor but it is a necessary qualification. There is a minimum standard of intelligence necessary to being a physician. The human body is incredibly complex and the stuff that can happen to your body is likewise complex. You need to be intelligent enough to learn, retain and apply a lot of knowledge to be a physician. I freely admit that while I am smarter than the average bear, I don't have the type of mind you need to be a doctor. My intelligence is geared more toward things like writing and speaking, not hard science and math. It's not for everyone and moreover you shouldn't want it to be for everyone, not when the decisions doctors make dozens of times a day can be the difference between life and death.

Heather Mac Donald also points out that it isn't just medical school that is slandered as "racist". Disparate health outcomes are also of course a sign of "systemic racism" in the medical community and another reason why we need more, dumber, black and mestizo doctors. It isn't that blacks engage in behavior that leads to poor medical outcomes, like shooting each other and being morbidly obese. Nope, it is that racist doctors don't treat them as well as they treat White patients.

Kind of like monkeypox. The obvious solution is for fags to stop sodomizing random dudes by the dozens for a couple of weeks. You know, to flatten the curve. But we can't tell fags to stop engaging in risky sexual behavior so instead we all have to pretend that a disease that almost exclusively impacts sodomites is a public health crisis. No one is responsible for their own health decisions, not fags and not blacks.

Figuring out medical care for you and your family right now is one of the most important preps you can engage in. Don't wait until it's too late to figure this out.

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  1. Don’t have to worry about healthcare anymore when the IRS death squads march out.
    Joking aside, we’re facing hard times. The govt already considers all normal, sane whites to be potential terrorists. Things are going to get worse whether people like it or not. How they act is what makes the difference.

  2. The mail room clerk should be promoted to brain surgeon in the spirit of egalitarian equity.
    Muh weed is the prescription for every ailment and then we catch some gnarly waves with Spicoli after the minimum union shift and 37 smoke breaks.
    Yes we can because muh magic soil!

  3. Ivy league? More like kudzu league, now that the dindus run amok there.

    My internist and cardiologist are both as White as mayo on Wonderbread in a snowstorm. I have no desire to be treated by a "doctor" who went to med skoo' on a bassetball scholarship.

  4. communism is not just a failed economic model.
    it is an evil, soul sucking black hole that destroys anything good, productive or innovative. it is the killer of the human spirit.

  5. decades ago knew dental school prof told to pass certain 'students' so they could remain eligible for sports teams [oklahoma[]
    he refused and was hired by tulane. he made it clear to tulane that he would never pass the unpassable. was told tulane's rep rested on the quality of their grads and nothing would ever be done to compromise ethics or quality
    wonder if the standards there are still as high

  6. Med school, and being a regular practicing MD, doesn't take high intelligence, just average or a little better. What it really takes to be a good doctor are perseverance, conscientiousness and ethics. That said, there is a often a pretty clear performance difference between diversity admissions and "merit" admissions. Incidentally, even though the gradient is seen in Ivies and other prestige schools, where you really need to look is in mid-tier schools. In other words, don't look at MIT; look at, say, Michigan State University. This is because the talent pool among Blacks is smaller. MIT (and equivalents) can scrape off the top few who are actually competitive. So you look at the "normal schools" for a view of the real world. (That said, from my time at MIT, on average the gradient was there too.)

    The below link is an analysis Ron Unz did about 10 years ago on admissions to elite colleges, but I'd bet a lot that the same applies to medical school admissions. Briefly, Unz found that white goys are the MOST under-represented group in elite schools, relative to academic ability (as measured on standardized tests). Asians were similarly under-represented; both groups were about 1/3 as likely to be admitted as they "should have been". Jews on the other hand were about 2 to 3-fold OVER represented. And Blacks and Hispanics were essentially infinitely over-represented because virtually no member of those groups made the cut academically. (This is a dividing-by-zero issue.) The Unz piece is long, but very much worth reading. If too long for you, scroll to about the middle and look at the figures and charts.

    As far as post-graduation doctoring goes, the training pipeline (residency) is typically a minimum of 3 years. (Me, I did 3 years residency, 3 years clinical fellowship, 4 years research fellowship; this does not make me smart. This makes me an idiot for ignoring [or not realizing] the opportunity cost of all that training. But I digress.) The thing is that too many residency positions are going to FMGs (foreign medical grads; there is a newer PC term I can't remember, so they remain fucking FMGs). FMGs overwhelmingly come from India, Pakistan, and various mostly 3rd world places. You don't get many white Europeans or even East Asians as residents. There is often (usually) a cultural gap and an attitude gap (problem) with the FMGs we currently accept. It's not good for American Medicine as a profession, and not good for the patient.

    Finally, from my relatively limited sample (of med students at elite institutions -- we're talking Harvard, Columbia, Duke, Michigan, Penn; you get the picture), the majority are firmly invested in Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (DIE!) and general political correctness. High-IQ people (many of whom genuinely mean well) whose heads have been filled with not just garbage, but poison. That also does not bode well for the profession.

  7. a long time ago when I worked at the U of penn, we used to tell the ER staff if we ever came in bleeding or something, give a towel or two and call a vet student.
    some of the shit I seen those clowns do would shock you. and ALL of the john doe who passed on the table where taken upstairs to harvest what organs they could in less than 5 minutes.
    weekends in the summer time they always had a OR crew there just for that- west philly specials
    all night long.

  8. I'd add that the goal isn't to help coloreds, but rather to screw Whitey.

    A guy gave a presentation on his law review article* at my law school. It was about how AA actually decreased the number of black lawyers due to the mismatch effect. Basically, a school with an average SAT of 1300 has classes at a speed geared towards students with an SAT of 1300. A school with 1400 incoming SAT has classes aimed at SAT 1400 students, etc. So when you take a 1300 SAT student and put them in a 1400 SAT school, they get left behind and have have a much higher rate of bar failure, leading to fewer actual lawyers. The statistics are clear, especially since the bar passage rate at HBC's where there is no AA are at the rate you'd expect.

    This article is one of the most cited law review articles of all time, so the data is hardly unknown. Yet it is mostly ignored except to accuse the guy of racism, in spite of being married to a black woman and a card-carrying shitlib.

    * "A Systemic Analysis of Affirmative Action in American Law Schools"
    November 2004 Stanford Law Review 57(2):367-483

    1. One of the dark, pun intended, secrets of AA is that blacks might be admitted even to undergrad programs more frequently but they are not graduating in large numbers. Just get them in the door, snap a photo of them with White students they are not assaulting or raping for the website, and then forget about them.

  9. As to doctors being smart, the last 2-3 years has me questioning that.
    Over the past 2 decades “evidence based” medicine has been promoted, but December of 2020 that went out the door. Out of 40 of my colleagues, all but I and 2 others said no to the mrna shots. I am class of 1991 and finished residency in 1994. I trained during AIDS, and even then the fear mongering with the Fauci flu put that to shame. By 12/2020 we knew the case fatality rates and the risk factors. So when it came to a shot put out in less than a year with a new technology, I declined. My colleagues looked at me like I had 3 eyes. I explained that it was a new technique, risks not known, and it was put out there way to quickly. And that the risks of Covid were not as horrific as the non stop medical media was promoting. I also mentioned medication recalls in my career: vioxx, bextra, baycol, avandia etc. As well as Tuskegee airmen “experiment.” Still not the slightest bit of skepticism? I mentioned the roll out of mandatory airbags and how that led to deaths of children and small statured adults - not many thought of that. No minds changed.

    So here we are, with shots for the original strain, and we’ve had delta, and at least a second version of omicron,..... I’m just doing my best with each individual under my care, playing along with the system rules, as things fall apart.

  10. I wonder what the body count of "equity" is?

  11. Passing the boards and getting licensed is a tougher game. Im sure that will change soon. The discrimination of foreign students against Nationals is very real but no one speaks of such atrocities. How many traditional Anglo names are on the roster at your doctors office?

    1. The end stage still has some tough standards but I can see those being done away with soon. That med school sheepskin won't mean much in the near future.

  12. I have a good Doc, Asian, but her schedule is so busy appointments have to be made months in advance. To that extreme, I use her basically for yearly checkups and my normal slate of prescriptions. Any emergencies, I end up going to urgent care facilities and seeing whatever diversity hire is on duty that day. But 99% of the time I know exactly what I'm sick with, so any diagnosis that doesn't match what I already know ends with a "thanks but no thanks" answer. No mystery shots, no vaccines that haven't had a half-century of proof, etc. So far that's been ok, but I know it's getting worse.

    As Mike C stated above, apparently we have a ton of "FMG's" in the Houston area from areas where Islam rules. Lots of Muslims with foreign accents. I don't trust any of them. What I've seen in engineering, people with degrees from foreign lands are not up to our standards, albeit we are lowering standards daily.

    1. That is going to get worse as word gets around that Dok-tah Laquanda Brown is awful and the shrinking number of decent docs get busier and busier.