Monday, August 8, 2022

Meanwhile In Our "Republic"

This shit is going on.

Did you notice the part where you live in a country where the current administration is raiding the private home of the former President and the likely candidate in the 2024 election just a couple months before the midterms? Mark my words, there is nothing they won't do to avoid an electoral bloodbath in November. NOTHING.

Boomer Fudds who wonder why you need an AR-15 should be referred to the events of this evening.


  1. It is well past the time for us who profess to believe in Jesus Christ as our savior to put our collective money where our mouths are or forever be known for the rest of history as the cowards we, so far, are.
    Waiting for the perfect time to act is futile. Waiting to be the last person sent to the gulag, still ends up in the gulag.

    Troy Lee Messer

  2. For a different view, please see the Z-Man's take on this:

  3. Why do you need high capacity magazines?
    Stasi. Stasi everywhere. (and tyrants. Lots of effing tyrants.)

  4. Ein volk, ein rich, ein Brandon!
    Send in the Fact-CHEKA to make sure no comrades are hiding thoughtcrime in their heads.
    Fundamental Transformation by any means necessary isn't just some catchy slogan.

  5. I prefer an AR-10 with a few 25 round magazines. More shock value when you blow your opponents body parts off with one round rather than put a few drain holes in them.

  6. Nobody should be surprised. Really and truly, very little other than the plandemic (who could predict that?) has been surprising since that day in November 2016 when they alleged that Trump and Russia had conspired together to steal the election. You knew right then who all was an active participant in ending our republic: the media, the intelligence community, the Senate Intelligence Committee, the FBI, and the DOJ, just to name a few of those who participated in propagating that scam built on 100% made up horseshit. So if they were willing to do that, what aren't they willing to do?

  7. Being a bit too sanctimonious eh?
    Since when does a modern president deserve anything but the most rabid contempt? They and their congresscritter cohorts should all be investigated, prosecuted and executed as soon as possible!
    The inference that Trumpenstein will most likely be the Gutless Old Pussies candidate is more disturbing than what was done to him. He's the consummate fraud but the sheep will flock behind him once again, lose once again and whine for four more years. I know the painting contractor that did extensive work on that shrine to palatial decadence. Out of pure spite and arrogance, Trump's goons refused to pay him but eventually lost in court. Those, and much worse, are the machinations of a mountebank not a savior. Wake the fuck up!!

  8. I highly doubt this has anything to do with fixing the midterms; if anything this will result in greatly increased Rep turnout. Even some Leftists are screeching about how this was a bad electoral move.

    Perhaps Trump will make another half-assed call for action, so the Left can round people up as a lesson to others, like J6. Or he'll get executed as a lesson for other factions that might want to rise up now that it's the end game. Or this is an even bigger fake-out than Q; Trump will win in 2024 and finish implementing Chinese tyranny.

    I think there are a lot of good theories as to why, but no matter which you choose to believe the analysis should be the same: it is long past time to organize and team up with people in your locality, and to team up at higher levels as well (county, state, region.)

    No one will be able to passively vote their way out of this, only find or become a leader.

  9. Trump didn't save any of the J6 arrestees. Eff him.