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Great post from Big Country, OK… I ALMOST Peed Myself (seriously), featuring an ATF agent being an asshole and getting bitched slapped by the local smokies in Columbus, Ohio. Screeching “I’m a Federal agent!” in plain clothing while local cops are pointing guns at you could go seriously wrong. If the cops (or Feds) point a gun at me and tell me to comply, I better fucking comply or they will light me up. Funny this guy doesn’t seem to think he is held to the same standard. I remember the video from last year and it is funny every time I watch it.

It reminded me of this video I have been meaning to share:
Lots of good comments including a few from LEOs. His most important point is this one:

I am all for cooperating with law enforcement in most circumstances when they are making a lawful request but only when you have legal representation present. Especially in the heat of the moment. If you just shot someone in self-defense you are likely either hopped up on adrenaline or just coming down from the adrenaline high, either way you aren’t thinking clearly. You can only hurt yourself by rambling to the cops. 
You know how in cop shows the bad guy will ask for a lawyer when he realizes he is in trouble, which makes it seem like the only reason you would want a lawyer is if you have something to hide? What if I told you that you can (and should) have legal representation present even if you are not under arrest?
Don’t go to the police station without legal counsel. 
Don’t let them in your home without a warrant and even then contact a lawyer right away. 
I hate to feel like that but it is true. There are a gazillion laws and who knows if you are violating some minor bullshit rule without even realizing it? 
I am not talking about something like witnessing a fender bender but anytime you are being questioned about you or they want to see in your home, things can go badly without much effort. For your own protection, keep your mouth shut even when (especially when) you feel like blabbing until you get someone professional to watch your back. 
That isn’t being anti-cop, it is being pro-common sense and pro-cover your own ass. 


  1. Anonymous

    We have the right to remain silent. Most people lack the ability. Since this government has abdicated their few constitutional responsibilities, they do not retain authority over any of those they refuse to represent? These uncivil and immoral humans lack the ability to represent any one but their own interests.

  2. Anonymous

    Don't know how hard it might be to find a copy of this, but excellent article …

    "My Lips Are Sealed: The Duty to Answer Police Questions"
    Virginia Lawyer, August 2022, Vol 71, p. 16

    It's a little more muddled area of law than you might expect from SCOTUS rulings.

  3. Anonymous

    I understand that recently there is a trend to equate claiming the fifth with probably cause, suspicion, or evasion of the truth. So the recent advice is to plead the 6th. Officer, I am happy to speak with you when I have had the advice of legal counsel.

    Not "I plead the 5th, I won't talk because I might incriminate myself."

    But rather "I will talk with you at the advice of my lawyer."

    Keeps you cooperative, and there is no lawyer that is actually going to advise you to talk to the cops.

    Sums it up.

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