Thursday, August 11, 2022

It Will Be Fair And Balanced I'm Sure

Twitter "safety" just announced their policy regarding tweets in an election year (which is every year)....

"undermine public confidence in elections outcomes" is code for "noticing that Democrats are engaged in widespread cheating". No doubt this policy will be handled in a even manner and they will suspend accounts that repeated the lies about "Russian collusion" after the 2016 election.


Yeah probably not. 

They are setting the stage to suppress anyone complaining when they cheat again in 2022. Even if you see and record voting irregularities you will still get suspended.

On the bright side, we have come to a place where the neo-Bolsheviks don't even try to hide what they have planned, they come right out and tell us. Knowing is half the battle.


  1. OMG! Make it like we can vote on like Twitter like in like muh democracy!
    Totes. Winningest winnarz evarz.
    Russian planes over Alaska? Sad trombone.

  2. Another example of why I quit Twitter.

  3. Another reason I never joined Twitter. Or Facebook. Or any other social media platform. Nor will I ever join one even if it purports to be right leaning. I believe we made a mistake when we abandoned the Internet as a "whole" and segmented it. It became Balkanized with the expected results when that happens.

  4. Republicans will be shadow banned until after the election , oops make that forever.