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How To Eliminate Urban Crime In One Easy Step

Just stop talking about it!


  1. Anonymous

    Our little community was crime free till last spring when a house was rented to a group of meth heads.

    Now we have a crime wave. If you leave a tool unlocked up at night they will come into your yard and steal it. Lots of people have video of the 3 of them, people have chased them off but the RCMP keep saying they are investigating and never arresting the three of them.
    Recently a RCMP ssid to a lady in town that they "don't arrest informants". So turns out the theives are being protected by the cops. The rule of law is dead.


  2. Anonymous

    We park our Samizdat on the edge of a declining Southern city, 90% black. So far this year, there have been 60 homicides per 100,000, almost double New Orleans at around 35,and Chicago around 25. If the trend continues, living within the city limits means you will have am approximately 1 in 1200 chance of being shot to death. Considering that 5 to 10 thugs are shot for everyone killed, no wonder the city is an abject disaster. The mostly white burbs surround it like a chocolate filled donut

  3. Anonymous

    The RCMP corporalnis the next door neighbour to the addicts. Youd have to be real careful about cameras and where / when..


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