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Giving Banana Republics A Bad Name

The outrage du jour last week was the ridiculous raid on Trump’s private residence at Mar-A-Lago, a raid orchestrated by Attorney General Merrick Garland who treats the AG’s office as his own personal fiefdom to lash out in anger over being denied a seat on the Supreme Court. The raid was blessed by a judge and fellow member of Garland’s tribe, this ridiculous looking figure, one Bruce Reinhart. 

The raid on Donald Trump’s residence and apparently also a panty raid on the former First Lady overshadowed a far more insidious and dangerous outrage.
Last week also saw the next phase of the seemingly endless punishment of the three men involved in the death of Ahmaud Arbery: Gregory McMichael and his son Travis along with William “Roddie” Bryan. Having already been sentenced to life in a Georgia state prison for their “crimes” was insufficient, now they have been found “guilty” of Federal “hate crimes” for violating the civil rights of Arbery. These new sentences will ensure that even should the three men at some point see their state convictions overturned, their Federal sentences will guarantee they never get out of prison.
I have written extensively about this case over the past couple of years but John Derbyshire put together a very well written piece on this topic: 
The outrage over this case has been pretty sparse. Most Normiecons have avoided the topic like the plague, terrified of taking the side of three White men and appearing “racist”. If the situation was reversed, black “civil rights” leaders and politicians would have come out of the woodwork to defend three black men accused of killing a White “jogger” but when the roles and races are reversed? Crickets from our systemically racist White supremacist society. 
As Derbyshire puts it, the Brunswick Three are being ritually sacrificed and punished to appease the malevolent gods of social justice. The threat was obvious, convict these three men and throw every book in the law library at them or the state of Georgia and our nation would see burning cities and the jurors, names released of course, would face personal violence. A local jury of nine white women, two white men and one black man found three White men guilty of murdering a black criminal and the omnipresent threat of violence clearly weighed heavily on their minds as they deliberated. On the other hand perhaps not, an awful lot of Whites even in the South, and especially White women, have White self-loathing so deeply ingrained that they automatically assume the worst of their own people and side with black criminals over White family men.
The case has obvious parallels with Derek Chauvin, the cop who was restraining the violent criminal George Floyd when Floyd’s already weakened heart gave out. Chauvin was never going to be found not guilty, not in this world, but that of course was not good enough so he likewise faced Federal “hate crimes” charges, as do his fellow officers present when Floyd died.
Federal trials like the one Chauvin and the Brunswick Three suffered through are meaningless to normal people. They were all already found guilty of various “crimes” but in order to appease the angry woke mobs they need to be ritually sacrificed over and over again. I wrote about this relating to Chauvin in 2021:
I wrote:
As with all primitive violent gods, the gods of Marxism demands a sacrifice to appease their wrath but they also require these sacrifices on a regular basis. Having expended their sacrificial lamb with the Floyd trial, now there is an opportunity to keep scourging him for the crowd. A “hate crimes” trial is a great opportunity for the Feds to rend their garments and gnash their teeth. Maybe they can hire some professional wailers to mourn the passing of a violent piece of shit? Whatever it takes to keep the lid on the pot.

You can see where this headed. Hating Derek Chauvin, screaming at him in his orange prison jumpsuit and frothing at the mouth like the Two Minute Hate from 1984 is a high, holy obligation. Can we be far from the point where April 20th, the day Derek Chauvin was found guilty, will be declared a national holiday where we celebrate the guilty verdict? Maybe we can get rid of a racist holiday like Independence Day to make room. 
In a sane society, people should quietly be relieved that two criminals like Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd were taken off the board before they could hurt anyone else but we don’t live in a sane society. 
These men along with other political prisoners serve a dual purpose, first as a public object of wrath for the Left to vent their rage against but secondarily as a stark warning to political dissidents. You can post what you like online (for now and only on certain platforms) but if you cross the line into the real world, you are likely to get smashed by the system. If Kyle Rittenhouse had shot a few blacks instead of Jewish pedos, he would have suffered the same fate. There would have been no tearful joy when the acquittal was read, Kyle would be in a penitentiary for the rest of his life. 
The rule of law is long dead and the list of political prisoners in America grows longer with each passing day. Here is a partial list.
James Fields, given hundreds of years in prison for driving a car in a panic into a crowd where an obese woman subsequently died of heart failure. The main “crime” of Fields was being designated the object of hate at Charlottesville.
Derek Chauvin, sentenced over and over for “crimes” because an actual criminal died in the act of resisting arrest while high on a fatal dose of drugs. 
The January 6th trespassers who are being imprisoned as a warning to Whites to shut up about outrages.
Gregory and Travis McMichael and William “Roddie” Bryan, given sentences far harsher than blacks who intentionally and willfully commit murder of other blacks.
I am sure I am missing plenty but you get the flavor. These men are mostly forgotten because there is not a damn thing we can do about it. Trump has billions and swarms of lawyers, these men are abandoned to the system. What are we going to do about it? Nothing, that’s what. Be mad and be aware but these men are gone, they will never walk free again. 
You need to be smart but you also need to remember that you will never get a fair trial in America, not anymore. Get old fashioned and obsolete notions like that out of your mind, most of your people will gladly lock you up forever in order to avoid violent retribution from the social justice mob. There are not many of us left who can rely on each other and we are spread far and wide. Be alert and don’t be dumb, They have plenty of room in prison and plenty of jurors who will throw the book at you. 


  1. Anonymous

    Well said. Anyone who still believes in the 'rule of law' or intrinsic 'rights' is a fool. The average American idiot still believes that the relative freedom and prosperity circa 1950 – 1985 was somehow a historical norm rather than an aberration. History and experience demonstrate the standard is rule by power and violence, and general and widespread penury.

  2. lgc

    The lesson is clear (although probably not the one (((they))) want you to learn. You cannot let yourself be taken by the popo. There is no rule of law, that means there is no police, no fair trials, no nothing it's simply brute force. So be it.


    Since this is the current state of "Justice" in Amerika, draw a lesson from it. The elephant in the room is the ugly fact of the January 6th "Protestors" who are still languishing in a FEDGOV gulag, denied bail, and being railroaded by Demoncrat-controlled judges and prosecutors. If anyone out there feels compelled to go full-on Red Dawn, Snake Plisken, Josey Wales, etc.; they better do their homework, plan accordingly, and STFU. Bleib ubrig. – DTW

  4. Anonymous

    Dweezil, again thanks for your patience.

    Here's what happened in Califruitopia recently when several MEN excersised
    their testosterone and their 1st Amendment right to speak out at a local
    library that was hosting a 'drag queen story hour':

    Group of men disrupt drag queen story hour at California library
    (not at all surprising how the (((controlled & owned media))) automatically
    try to portray the Men as the bad guys and promote drag queen panda
    dulce as the victim)

    And of course the bolshi's who run the library 'hollered for da law'…
    which of course 'the laaaaw' is now, like good bolshi thugs investigating
    the bolshevik created thought crime of 'hate crimes/hate speech' that
    the library personnel allege happened there (remember, when dealing with
    women utilizing 'bitch brain' it's ALWAYS about what they FEEL, never about
    facts, logic, common sense or history).

    Hate crime probe after group disrupts drag queen story hour
    (again the (((media))) uses terms like 'storms into library', etc
    to coax a desired mental outcome in the viewers minds – notice
    that there is absolutely NO interviewing or reporting on what
    the non degenerate folks have to say about themselves or what
    happened…wouldn't fit the (((narrative))).

    It's not just happening in Califruitopia but trying to be pushed
    in rural Arizona, in my own AO for that matter as this just published
    copy of the 'local fishwrap' shows:

    Residents speak out about 'drag story hour'* at the Parker Library

    *the 'editor' John Gutenkunst can be a local globo-homo bolshevik
    water carrier as much as he wants, I REFUSE to give any legitmacy
    or support to the Gender Disphoric mentally ill by capitilizing their
    idiocy and madness.

    The issue of it has been 'tabled indefinitely' but the library is planning
    on having a meeting open to the public about it on September 12th.
    As one can guess, the online comments about this 'event' are NOT
    at all in favor of this garbage being attempted to be pushed in such
    a rural Arizona town several hundred miles away from where the
    gender dysphoric 'performer' lives (Tucson, Az).

    For those who haven't seen it (because (((Susan Wojiki))) of 'spewtube'
    in bolshevik queen fashion, "Off of our platform!!" to Black Pigeon Speaks
    episode, "The Transgender: Normalizing Mental Illness" is provided
    below courtesy of bitchute (download and save it just in case BC is forced
    to 'disappear it' – make dvd copies and share it widely!):

    The Transgender: Normalizing Mental Illness by Black Pigeon Speaks April 1, 2016

    Don't think that this vile tentacle of Globo-homo/pedo isn't quietly
    trying to slip into your community to ply it's foul madness into
    your children's minds.

    Men, Stand Up and defeat it!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

  5. Anonymous

    How bout that fundamental transformation. Yes we can!
    Reading about Missouri sheriffs pushing back on FIB CCW audits, Constitutional Carry is a workaround…for now.

  6. Mike_C

    Why? Because they are too comfortable and too powerful. When your entire identity and self-image is based on your claimed victimhood, then who are you, where is your core, when you are obviously NOT a victim. They need to have people hating them.

    As Voltaire supposedly said about God (sorry, G-d), "If Nazis did not exist we [they] would have had to invent them."


    NG: Good to see you are still out there, my friend. As far as what happened in CA, a very similar thing happened in up here in CDA about two months ago. The local "Human Rights" group (woke Manatees and Beta Male Cucks with bullhorns) sponsored a LGBTQABCXYZ event and a group of young white males from some "Patriot Front" showed up and were promptly taken into custody by CDAPD and KCSO. What was strange was they were not local but were mainly Texans and Midwesterners.
    Now I realize "muh Constitution" guarantees freedom to assemble, protest, etc. but this whole thing did not pass the smell test. They had a massive arraignment, pled NG bailed out and are awaiting a trial. I have not started my "Follow the Money" inquiries just yet. But the moral of the story was told long ago by Ol` Remus: Stay away from crowds. My dear wife and one of her brothers are going to the REAWAKEN AMERICA rally at Stateline in September. I refuse to participate. "General Mike Flynn" – Seriously?! These poor fools still think they can take things back this November. I prefer to scour my hatchet, watch, listen, and wait. Take care and stay safe.

  8. Anonymous


    The "Justice", more like (((Just Us))) is just part of the (((Globo-homo/pedo Banksters)))
    push which has been going on since perversion purveyor Magnus Hirschfeld and his
    clique were drawing breath and using their (((influence))) to turn Berlin into 'The Sin
    Capital of the World' during the 'Weimar Republic' and their decamped bolshevik/zionist
    fellows of 'The Frankfurt School' started their efforts to parasitize and poison their new
    host, America.

    Hirschfeld created a 'sex clinic' in Berlin where he "taught" that transgenderism was a
    '3rd gender' and that it, along with homosexuality should be normalized into society
    as much as possible. That's not surprising as Hirschfeld was a notorious homosexual
    who regularly went about in public as a transvestite, named 'Tante [Aunt] Magnesia'.
    His 'clinic' committed multiple barbaric and horrific 'sex change surgeries' upon those
    who suffered from the real mental illness of Gender Dysphoria.

    To this day, those who promote the Globo-homo/pedo garbage that is the lgbtp (yes,
    the 'p' stands for pedophile..although they're trying to 'rebrand' it as 'maps' – minor
    attracted person/s) still celebrate Hirschfeld and his related degenerate filth as
    heroes of the homosexual movement.

    What does any of that have to do with what's happening today..a bit less than a century
    since Hirschfeld drew his last vile breath?

    The push to normalize transgenderism and the not so subtle push by those
    who back it to actively groom and indoctrinate children via 'drag queen story hour'
    across the country..especially in rural communities that are NOT part of the bolshevik pushed 'woke-multi culti-diversity' brain cancer.

    Will be continued in the next part, thanks for your patience, NG.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

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