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First They Came For Alex Jones

But you are next.

They see this as a problem. If you don’t get jabbed with an experimental drug or if you question any aspect of the official Holocaust narrative, you should be sued into silence.
This is coming. It is coming soon.


  1. saoirse

    Jones was accurate on many issues but was always a limited hangout.
    His melodramatic carny-barking style put a lot of people off, including myself.
    How ironic that he would never name the jews but he's still being screwed-over by one of their favorite tactics – lawsuits.
    You can bet the oy veh and wokie brigades are behind this and the pending IRS assaults. Those scumbags have been trying really hard to criminalize "holoco$t denial" like in other "progressive" countries. Eventually their kangaroo courts will not only be suing but they'll be tossing everyone 'convicted' of wrong think into jail.

  2. Anonymous

    Alex Jones belongs to the incorrect political party and must be punished for his insolence to the democratic democracy. Equal protection under the law and the constitutional republic is dead.

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