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Fast Food And Diversity: A Deadly Combination

Of all the aspects of modern “culture”, fast food remains one of the most vulgar. Relatively cheap, low quality “food” shoved out of a window by a typically illiterate buffoon, intended to be shoveled in your pie hole as quickly as possible while driving. Everything about it is lowest common denominator, unhealthy, disposable. 

It also seems to bring out the worst in blacks and that is saying something. Sort of like hookah lounges. 
Guess who!

Check out the dead eyes on Shaquita in the middle. No I didn’t make that up, it really is her name, Shaquita Glaspie. The fella on the left showing us his flared nostrils in what I assume is some sort of primal posturing is Christian Ellis, a 19 year old future otolaryngologist. The guy on the right is 19 year old Tyran McLeod. Why was 33 year old Shaquita rolling with two 19 year old dudes? We probably really don’t want to know. Maybe she was one of their moms, it wouldn’t be unheard of for a lovely lady like that to squeeze out a little rocket scientist at 14 years of age.
They decided to get some vittles at Wendys and the results….were predictable.
According to officers, a customer in the drive-thru was unhappy with their order, then entered the store and began arguing with workers.

Police say the customer went to his vehicle and grabbed a gun, shooting at the front of the building before driving off.

No one was hit in the shooting.
Mr. Ellis is 19 and I was pretty dumb when I was 19 but what exactly was he hoping to accomplish by “shooting at the front of the building”? While I have been rightly accused of having a bad temper, it would never have occurred to me at any stage in my life to shoot at a building because my Baconator was improperly prepared, and believe me, I am serious as a heart attack about all things bacon-related. Now Mr. Ellis is looking at some bad times:
 Frisco Police arrested 19-year-old Christian Ellis of Glenn Heights on Friday and charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

19-year-old Tyran McLeod and 33-year-old Shaquita Glaspie of Little Elm, who police believe were in the car at the time of the shooting, were also arrested and charged with failure to report a felony.

If convicted, Ellis faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.
Up to 20 years. He won’t get sentenced to anywhere near that but probably at least 4-5 years in the slammer. For shooting at a Wendys because he was in a rage over his order being wrong. It isn’t like Frisco, Texas is the ‘hood or anything. The city is less than 10% black and has a median household income over $100 grand.

But you see, Mr. Ellis wasn’t from Frisco, he hails from the lovely burg of Glenn Heights, Texas.

Ah, that’s more like it. Frisco is on the extreme north side of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex while Glenn Heights is on the south side. I don’t know if the south side of DFW is more dangerous or not but Glenn Heights is about a 45 minute drive away from Frisco up I-35E. 

The lesson here? If they can get on a road, diversity can find you anywhere so you should always have your head on a swivel because you never know when they might get mad and start shooting up buildings. Or when someone like Antoine Kendrick might slide up behind you while you aren’t looking, punch you out and kill you.

Even when they get delivery it goes badly.
Guess who!
Investigators say a couple arguing over food delivery at a Lee County home may have led to a deadly shooting late Saturday night. The woman is now facing a Manslaughter charge in the death of her boyfriend.

On Saturday, August 20, 2022, Lee County Sheriff’s investigators believe food was delivered to a home along Lee Road 620. Detectives say the couple inside, 29-year-old Vonguetta Levett and her boyfriend, 23-year-old Elisha Benjamin, began arguing about the meal.

According to court documents, investigators allege during the domestic altercation, Levett left Benjamin in the master bedroom, retrieved a pistol from the living room, and returned to the master bedroom, where investigators say she shot and killed him.
Vonguetta? That is a new one. This happened in Loachapoka, Alabama and no offense to Alabamians but that souns like the kind of place where black women shootz dey boy-fran cuz he dumb ’bout ordering dey food. Loachapoka has a population of a whopping 160 pee-po and of those over 60% are black. Median household income of $30,938 which works out to $14.87/hour for a full time job. Nice place, all of five miles from Auburn University. War Eagle! 
If we really want to reduce gun violence in America, may I suggest mandatory Home Economics classes in all urban schools. Perhaps if they are more prone to preparing food at home they will stop killing old White men eating Frostys or shooting at innocent fast food restaurants or murdering one another at home over delivery orders? 


  1. Plague Monk

    This is one of the main reasons why I support the idea of a complete ban on firearms possession for blacks under any and all circumstances. No exceptions, including such "heroes" as Uncle Clarence Thomas and Dindu Sowell. Come the Re-United States, any black found with a firearm would be subject to immediate summary execution(there would be no blacks in either the US military or any occupation requiring firearms).

  2. Anonymous

    Many thanks for this – as I don't watch tv or read print newspaper, I had heard nothing of this – and it's perhaps 15 minutes from where I live. And your summation – that regardless of where you live or the racial/economic composition of your neighborhood – you are still at risk. They have cars, they steal cars, and they always seek to go where the White people live because that's where there are restaurants and money and White women. People think they are safe because they live in a 'good neighborhood,' but unless it's walled and gated and guarded by White guards with firearms, there is no controlling who is in the vicinity.

    And all it takes is one. A cousin of a delivery guy who noticed something at a local home. A friend of a lawn care worker. Any random nogger out for a joy ride, seeking external stimulation as they always do, since they lack an internal consciousness. This – THIS – is why we are moving as soon as we can. Risking everything to get away from both diversity and blind/deaf/dumb White people who refuse to accept the reality of genetic subspecies and DNA's definitive role in culture. I cannot excuse their deliberate and willful refusal to see reality, and yet I simultaneously will mourn their certain death in the conflict and crash to come.

  3. TD

    >Why was 33 year old Shaquita rolling with two 19 year old dudes?

    There's about a 30 year span from high school onwards where I generally can't tell black ages apart. I'm not sure they can either. I would have bet that the guy on the right was the oldest, and by no small margin. He could easily pass for 40.

  4. Anonymous

    Black/brown skin and prison orange. Such a lovely color combination, it seems that they were made for one another. Always reminds me of Halloween candy corn.

  5. saoirse

    "and yet I simultaneously will mourn their certain death in the conflict and crash to come."

    I sure as hell won't, I'll be cheering it on! If there's anything nigs are useful for it's culling our herd, and their own.
    Depending on when you start the clock, whites have had at least three decades to wake up. Those that prefer to remain in an ether world of willful ignorance deserve everything they get.

  6. saoirse

    You forgot mandatory sterilization plus, walling off all the hoods and giving them lots of handguns.
    The problem would resolve itself!

  7. Anonymous

    I very reliably get far worse service at fast food places with black staff. Bad enough that I avoid if possible. Of course trying to watch my weight these days I don't really eat fast food unless I'm on a road trip. But my experience with this leads me to 100% believe the thing about McDonald's ice cream machines working where they have white staff and not where they have black staff.

  8. Zorost

    If we get the power to ban coloreds from having guns, we'll probably have the power to just ban coloreds. No more half measures.

  9. Ruggles

    Lucky for me I have a kind of severe reaction to soy. I can not eat any fast food because all of it has soy in it , it is a blessing in disguise, after I figured out why I was always feeling lousy I cut all of that junk out of my diet and am a lot healthier , avoiding these places could be beneficial in more than a couple ways I see .

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