Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Death And Taxes

It is an old saying that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. Now thanks to 87,000 new IRS agents, many of them armed, you can get both in one convenient location!

Better have a receipt for that business lunch you took a deduction for, otherwise you might get a cap popped in yo ass. 

Oddly enough, the careers webpage for the IRS where this job (IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent) is posted seems to have been taken off-line:

But the internet is forever and some nice folks kindly archived the page here. There are around 2,000 armed IRS agents and part of their job description is a willingness to shoot Americans. Why does the Internal Revenue Service have thousands of armed agents who are required to be willing to use deadly force?

I think you know why. 


  1. Of course the unmentioned part is that means they are likely on a two way range.

  2. Is this the new national police force Obummer wanted?

  3. And 86,999 of them will be White men willing to crush their fellow Whites for a Federal pension.

    1. As a 19th century politician once said, "the great thing about poor people is you can always hire 1/2 of them to kill the other 1/2."

  4. “Congress asked the IRS to report on why it audits the poor more than the affluent. Its response is that it doesn’t have enough money and people to audit the wealthy properly. So it’s not going to.”

    IRS hates the south; counties more or less likely to be audited:

    “The use of the IRS as a weapon”

  5. Will the XXXXL tacticool gear feature a Punisher logo and coffee cup/donut holder?
    If your comrade's hovel is empty with a viva Marx poster, you might get a fist bump.

  6. Oops, they said the quiet part out loud.

  7. when last i looked, it was again available. with the same wording. they rightly figured no one would follow up.