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Another “Every. Single. Time.”

Whenever I log into Twitter, I regret it but it does provide some amusing fodder like this.

Every single Tweet like this….

Is accompanied by a profile picture like this.

Every. Single. Time.
Much, MUCH bigger
Why would that lardass care about abortion, I can’t imagine anyone hard-up enough to knock her up.
The sheer lack of a shred of self-awareness is amazing. 


  1. Anonymous

    Sadly, there is no shortage of takers among pasty-pale incels who would gladly tap that eighth-ton battering ram. And homeboys are notorious for fucking literally anything.

    The bigger question is why the abortion ban is any issue at all, in a day and age where birth control of numerous types is freely available. And at no cost to those pleading poverty. Considering the greater cost, the inconvenience, and the not-insignificant risks associated with abortion as compared to the use of condoms or birth control pills and patches, it is surprising that feminazis do not advocate for pregnancy prevention, instead. Condom use would even slow the spread of all those nasty STDs.

    We as a society collectively lost our soul when women resorted to murdering their unborn as birth control, and the practice lost every last shred of its evil taint. I can remember a time when having had an abortion was something shameful in a woman's curriculum vitae. Today they brag about how many they've had, like some PUA who boasts of his numerous conquests.

  2. Last Days To The Rodeo

    That's exactly the point. Women like that know they will never have children (cats don't count) so they encourage every female they can to not know the happiness of bearing and raising kids. The entirety of the progressive left is made up of people who never left the shame and embarrassment of high school behind and they want the world to pay.

  3. Anonymous

    Women like that are ni**er bait, and when she gets knocked up by DePenis and tells him that he's the father, he'll disappear faster than you can say 'Escalade'.

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