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With the elections approaching I am reminded that we are all just one mouse click away from being unpersoned on the interwebs so I thought it was a good time to reiterate where you can find me outside of this blog.
The best place to keep in contact if I go dark here is my Gab page
Torba is kind of a retard at times but he has kept Gab a free speech platform so far and I’ve been on Gab from the very earliest days.
I also publish duplicates of most of my posts via Substack: Dissident Thoughts
It originally was a place to publish that I could share on Facebook as my domain is completely blocked by the Zuck but it is a nice, clean format for blogging. While they host people like Alex Berenson and Dr. Robert Malone, both vaxx skeptics, as well as other Thought Criminals like Ann Coulter, I don’t really know much about the people running the show so I don’t know how far their commitment to free speech really extends. 
Of course I have Twitter and Facebook but I keep getting suspended on those platforms, I’m on my fifth Twitter account so far, obviously those are unreliable at best. 
So your best bet is to link up with me via Gab and secondarily to subscribe via Substack. I’ve spent a lot of time making connections on my blog and I hate to think of losing that and starting over if some purple-haired gender fluid freak at Google nukes my account.


  1. Anonymous

    Facebook…. my wife is constantly getting suspended from it for voicing opinions counter to 'the Narrative' She spends more time in "Facebook jail," as she calls it, than out of it. I say, why bother. I closed my FB account some 12 years ago. Waaaaay to much drama for my liking.

  2. Anonymous

    I ditched my Gab a couple months ago; a sudden influx of "followers" who joined in Jan 21 seemed to be a flock of feds, so, flock 'em. If you're nuked from orbit, I'll find you.

  3. Anonymous

    I avoid social media like the plague. Every couple years work HR comments on my lack of social media and concerns about it. I just point out that its a time waste and since they are paying me for my time it would be criminal to spend their time posting cat pics. I avoid sites that require you install an view or post.

    I'll try and find you if things go south.


  4. Anonymous

    Your employer's HR department probably combs its employees social media accounts, waiting for someone to post 'wrong think,' then they will pounce. Wise to stay off it.

  5. Anonymous

    Sarah, you should tell your "friend" that while 17k sounds nice, the internet is forever.
    All those pics of her taking a train from homeless guys will haunt her for the rest of her life.


  6. deb harvey

    did you see the cartoon of a flock of sheep who are beginning to remove their fake heads revealing wolves [in sheep's clothing]?
    one says to another ,'isn't there one of us here who isn't a fed?'.
    probably half the federal tax payers' money is paychecks for these thousands of creeps.

  7. TechieDude

    I'm always amazed at youse guys that stick it out on blogger. I gave up on all things google and facebook years ago. the account I'm using here is attached to an app server that its sole purpose in life is to test google APIs. Can't remember the last time that I even looked at the email. Way back in the day I had two blogger blogs and a Tumblr before I realized it was gay. I migrated them all to wordpress.

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