Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Knew It As Soon As I Saw It

Allegedly a black girl on Duke's volleyball named Rachel Richardson was playing some v-ball against BYU and wouldn't you know it, some mean White guy was yelling "nigger!" at her every time she is served and also was threatening her life. Of course, Brigham Young's team is all White:

Fitting from a university named after a guy who affirmed that black skin is the curse of Cain and that miscegenation should be punishable by immediate death. Based?

Anyhoo, everyone was outraged and upset and angry and sad and of course apologetic. 

On Tuesday, BYU officials said they were still investigating the alleged incident. BYU police Lt. George Besendorfer said an initial investigation of the footage from the crowd did not appear to show the person who was banned shouting anything while Richardson was serving.

"When we watched the video, we did not observe that behavior from him," Besendorfer said via the Salt Lake Tribune.

BYU associate athletic director Jon McBride added that several athletics employees have been combing through all the footage the team has access to and have not found evidence of racial slurs being shouted.

"Various BYU Athletics employees have been reviewing video from BYUtv and other cameras in the facility that the volleyball team has access to for film review. This has been ongoing since right after the match on Friday night," McBride said in a statement. "The person who was banned was the person identified by Duke as using racial slurs. However, we have been unable to find any evidence of that person using slurs in the match."

Well of course not.

Think about the claim for all of three seconds. In a public venue with over 5,000 people ogling young women in skimpy shorts enjoying a game of volleyball, a guy repeatedly for the course of what, an hour or more, was shouting nigger at a black girl. Can you think of any place where any White person would shout nigger at a black chick and that no one would do anything about it? Especially at a university event?

Get. The. Fuck. Outta. Here. 

This story was Jussie Smollett levels of ridiculous and unbelievable but of course the media ate it up and BYU's athletic department issued a "formal statement" condemning the behavior....that didn't happen. They banned the kid for life from BYU sporting events.

And it didn't happen. Not repeatedly. Not once. 

How much of a mental basket case are you that you are so desperate for attention that you would lie about something that is easily disproven thanks to lots and lots of videos?

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Someone Get Dick Jones On The Phone

Where is ED-209 when you need him?

What Will They Do?

Spend any time at all among the public and you start to see a pattern developing. There are a lot of people who are just not going to fare well in a SHTF situation of any sort.


Some are obvious, the elderly being the most prominent. Thanks to modern medicine, people are living much longer. Perhaps I should say "surviving" rather than "living". Having a pulse while laying in your own filth in a nursing home isn't really living. Millions require constant care and survival prolonging medication. Any disruption will lead to a massive culling that will make Andrew Cuomo's mass murder of the elderly in New York look like a day in the park. 

It isn't just the elderly, they always suffer along with young children in the worst of times. Thanks to the endless firehose of cheap calories delivered via simple sugars and carbohydrates, tens of millions of Americans are dangerously obese and have chronic health problems at younger ages than in the past. Look at the leading causes of death in America:

Many of those are directly related to poor diet. Even with the Covid numbers that are pretty obviously bullshit, one of the leading comorbidities that made Covid fatal was obesity. Being fat is right up there with smoking and frequenting hookah lounges as the surest path to an early grave. Oddly enough, while we can tell people ad nauseum that smoking is bad for them, we are supposed to celebrate grossly obese famous people. 

It is everywhere you look. Round faced fat women in their 20s and 30s crammed into yoga pants. Men in the same age cohort with double chins, huge bellies and an utter lack of any muscle tone. Most of them tiptoeing around like they are terrified of the world. School aged boys, especially White boys, are often obese and generally soft and timid while school aged girls are flabby lumps wearing pajamas to school. It is rare to see a middle aged White woman who doesn't have a big belly and enormous ass. Lots and lots of people in early adulthood are already dependent on a cornucopia of drugs, mostly "antidepressants" that make you suicidal, especially if you stop taking them cold turkey. I am sure they will do great when the pharmacy runs out of SSRIs. 

When people used to ingesting 5000 calories a day in sugars and carbs suddenly have no food? It will be lethal and in a hurry.

Add in the single moms with 2-3 little kids and no baby daddy around. It is all fun and games when they get free food via EBT and the cops keep the animals at bay but if that stops? You are going to find out pretty quickly why so many women in wartime shack up with their occupiers for food and protection. Better stock up on kneepads now.

Things are looking pretty ugly right now as the weather starts to cool. Set aside a "new" Covid variant popping up, many people might be lucky to make it to Spring without freezing or starving to death. Tucker spent a significant amount of time on this last night.

Pretty stark warning. For all of Tucker's faults, he is sounding the alarm that no one else in mainstream "news" is doing. 

7 times more expensive. Remember that much of Europe is north of most of the U.S. and it gets plenty cold there. Here at Casa Sido we are heated by propane and electricity, and our propane is amortized out over the year at around $150 per month or $1,800 for the year. If our propane cost was 7 times more expensive? Our cost would be $1,050 per month or $12,600 for the year. By comparison, $1050 is about what we pay monthly for our mortgage, property taxes and home owners insurance. I could swing a grand a month for heating but it would require significant cuts somewhere else. A lot of people, and I mean most, would not have the budget to cover energy costs going up by a factor of 7.

It is making people pine for the good old days of bread lines and barbed wire barriers under Communism.

Things in Poland are going to get rough....

According to Reuters, with Poland still basking in the late summer heat, hundreds of cars and trucks have already lined up at the Lubelski Wegiel Bogdanka coal mine, as householders fearful of winter shortages wait for days and nights to stock up on heating fuel ahead of the coming cold winter in queues reminiscent of communist times.

Artur, 57, a pensioner, drove up from Swidnik, some 30 km (18 miles) from the mine in eastern Poland on Tuesday, hoping to buy several tonnes of coal for himself and his family.

"Toilets were put up today, but there's no running water," he said, after three nights of sleeping in his small red hatchback in a crawling queue of trucks, tractors towing trailers and private cars. "This is beyond imagination, people are sleeping in their cars. I remember the communist times but it didn't cross my mind that we could return to something even worse."

If I didn't know better, I might think that this is intentional. Make things so bad that people wish for something, anything, to relieve the misery, even Communism. I really enjoyed the clip of Trump warning them exactly what was going to happen and the German delegation snickering at Orange Man Bad. We will see how much they laugh when people are without food and heat this winter. It will probably be OK, as I pointed out on Twitter.

Remember when Pedo Joe said this last December?

"I want to send a direct message to the American people: Due to the steps we've taken Omicron has not yet spread as fast as it would have otherwise done. But it's here now and it's spreading and it's gonna increase. ... We are looking at a winter of severe illness and death for the unvaccinated -- for themselves, their families and the hospitals they'll soon overwhelm. But there's good news: If you're vaccinated and you have your booster shot, you're protected from severe illness and death."

He was a year early when declaring the Winter Of Severe Illness And Death™. But it is coming, maybe not this winter but soon.

This is what I keep saying about The Great Reset, something that radical will require a massive collapse to make any alternative seem better in comparison. Those Normiecons in the suburbs swearing they ain't gonna eat no bugs? Well when they haven't eaten anything for a week and their kids are dying you can be sure as shit they will eat the bug paste and wash it down with cockroach milk. Almost none of them have any plan other saying "No I won't do X". 

So the answer to my question, what will they do? Those old people and the single moms and the obese wine aunties addicted to antidepressants and mocha lattes? 

They will die. Not quietly in their sleep, they will die horrible deaths of starvation and violence. Their deaths will not be lamented by the architects of our destruction, instead they will be celebrated, first quietly and later loudly. Broken eggs and omelets dontcha know. This is all part of the plan to reduce the global population to a more easily manageable (iow ruled) size. 

There have never been as many humans as we have on the planet right now and that means that the global calamity is going to be on a scale never before seen. Buckle up, we are going to see it happening in real-time.

Monday, August 29, 2022

The Puzzle Pieces Keep Coming Together

People in the ruling class are different. They don't think like the rest of the country and this is largely because they don't consume the same media. If you live in Coruscant Washington D.C. and don't know what is in the latest Washington Post, you are considered a Philistine. Most elites read the New York Times as well. People in the rest of the country? They read mostly their local news and get their national news from the TV, other than the pretentious liberals in small towns in the Midwest who want to signal their intellectual superiority over the unwashed masses. 

One of those media outlets is The National Interest, a magazine founded by Irving Kristol, father of loathsome warmonger neocon Bill Kristol. Irving was the "godfather of neoconservatism", which is not conservatism in any recognizable sense and is also the antithesis of what MAGA "America First" nationalistic populism was supposed to be all about. Of course MAGA was co-opted almost immediately and "America First" became a distant memory. 

The National Interest is a mouthpiece for the military-industrial complex featuring recent articles with titles like this:

It doesn't answer the question but the answer is pretty clear: no, 12 is not enough. Way back in 2010 (!) on one of my old blogs I pointed out that at the time the U.S. had more than twice as many aircraft carriers as the rest of the world combined and half of those were in allied navies (See: The most sacred of conservative sacred cows obviously a lot has changed politically for me in the last dozen years). A different recent article at The National Interest caught my eye:

That isn't a joke. It is written by a fella named Arshan Barzani and if you think he doesn't sound like a Swede, you would be correct. 

A start would be to recruit in the Philippines, where President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. wants to bolster defense ties with the United States. There are 115,000,000 Filipinos, most are under twenty-five, and many would race to enlist as their ancestors did.

Programs in other Pacific states should follow. What the likes of Tonga, Kiribati, and Papua New Guinea lack in population, they make up for in strategic value. Eager to leave their islands and provide for their families, locals would eagerly join up. That is why eligible Pacific islanders already enlist at record rates. The Army’s recruiting station in American Samoa (population 49,710) outperforms all others. In Palau, one of three countries whose compacts of free association with America allow their citizens to enlist, rates of service are higher than in any state or territory.

Ah yes, the super high tech U.S. military of the 21st century serving as the world's policeman indefinitely by fielding armies of young men from Kiribati and Papua New Guinea! Kiribati has a population of around 119,000 so I am certain that they would jump at the chance to feed their young men into a military meatgrinder fighting China or Russia. Given the increasing technological demands of U.S. weapons systems, even the new Sig Sauer XM5 rifle that is replacing the M4 is topped with a Vortex XM157 NGSW-FC that looks like you need a PhD to operate it, simple low IQ grunts from backward countries probably aren't ideal candidates. This isn't like shoving an M1 into the hands of a Filipino and sending them off to charge a Jap machine gun nest, the new military is reliant on high tech gadgets. I am sure the average Tongan dude can figure them out. 

The bigger issue is the idea of arming tens or hundreds of thousands of foreign mercenaries and putting them in U.S. uniforms. This is hardly an innocent way to bolster the ranks of the military. 

It is without question that the U.S. military, at least for now, would be largely hesitant to open fire on American citizens (not without exception, see Kent State for an example). Billy Joe Bob from Arkansas isn't likely to gun down fellow rednecks just because he is told to do so, and might be more likely to cap an officer who ordered him to. But Fatahoeey Fukayomama from Tonga? He probably wouldn't mind. 

The Left has been remaking the military and law enforcement into a more easily manipulated force to carry out their dictates by driving out the people who once were the backbone of both, namely young and conservative White men, and replacing them with degenerates and non-Whites who have grown up being force-fed a steady diet of anti-White resentment and hatred. At the same time the upper ranks of both law enforcement and the military are being packed with more non-Whites and woke Whites who hate their fellow heritage Americans. As I pointed out before (see: Coming Apart Piece By Piece), we already have a ton of diversity hires running the police in America's top ten largest cities:

Searching quickly through the ranks of chiefs of police departments of the largest cities in America and you see a lot of people that look like Rodney Bryant. Chicago PD is led by a black guy. New York's police commissioner is a black woman named Keechant L. Sewell. L.A. is led by a White guy but Houston is led by Troy Finner, a black fella. Phoenix? Jeri Williams a black wahmen. Philadelphia also a black woman, Danielle M. Outlaw. San Antonio is led by a White dude as is San Diego. The chief in Dallas is a mestizo as is San Jose. By my math that is two black men, three black women, 3 White men and two mestizo men leading the police departments of the ten largest cities in America. I suspect if I kept searching I would find a similar pattern in most large cities. 

Do you think these five black and two mestizo chiefs view White people differently than an Irish Catholic top cop in the 1950s? You betcha. 

Those trained and armed non-White foreign mercenaries might start off fighting wars for Israel, er defending freedom, overseas at first but how long would it take before they started being stationed right here in America? What could possibly go wrong bringing hordes of guys from Papua New Guinea and giving them the run of the place in America?

Perhaps it is just my xenophobia and racism talking but it certainly seems like there is a concerted effort to transform what were once White, conservative institutions into armed thugs who will cheerfully open fire on American citizens. 

All I know is this: I don't care what uniform you are wearing, an armed foreign soldier on U.S. territory is an invader and should be treated like we have traditionally treated foreign mercenaries like the Hessians.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

He Relaxed

What a horrifying shitshow.

This whole story is classic impulse control. Two black chicks get into a tussle over who the fuck knows what and one decides to drive onto the sidewalk to run down the other chick because she is mad or something. Of course the other chick saw it coming and ran but the old White guy in a walker? He didn't get out of the way in time. 

Hanging around where blacks congregate is asking for trouble and this guy paid the ultimate price. 

Makes you want to move to NYC, doesn't it?

The Architects Of Our Destruction: Franz Boas and The National Question

I was directed to an enormous torrent file that included a huge cache of videos from Vertigo Politix, including many that I didn't have and many I haven't seen. I am uploading them to my Youtube channel judiciously, some of the videos mention Moustache Man Bad in an unapproved manner and speak of socialism of the national kind with some fondness, and that simply isn't allowed. Here is the first one I uploaded, The Social Strategy for Western Political Collapse.

Franz Boas was one of the leaders of "scientific anti-racism" and a fanboy of the Soviets. 

The video laments the role of removing of biological realism in political discussions. As we can no longer discuss biological factors, especially differences between races, we are left with attributing all of our social problems to amorphous social factors and most especially to "racism". We know the impact of race but we are marginalized and shut out of the conversation. 

It's a pretty solid video, give it a watch and maybe a share if you are so inclined. 

Fast Food And Diversity: A Deadly Combination

Of all the aspects of modern "culture", fast food remains one of the most vulgar. Relatively cheap, low quality "food" shoved out of a window by a typically illiterate buffoon, intended to be shoveled in your pie hole as quickly as possible while driving. Everything about it is lowest common denominator, unhealthy, disposable. 

It also seems to bring out the worst in blacks and that is saying something. Sort of like hookah lounges. 

Guess who!

Check out the dead eyes on Shaquita in the middle. No I didn't make that up, it really is her name, Shaquita Glaspie. The fella on the left showing us his flared nostrils in what I assume is some sort of primal posturing is Christian Ellis, a 19 year old future otolaryngologist. The guy on the right is 19 year old Tyran McLeod. Why was 33 year old Shaquita rolling with two 19 year old dudes? We probably really don't want to know. Maybe she was one of their moms, it wouldn't be unheard of for a lovely lady like that to squeeze out a little rocket scientist at 14 years of age.

They decided to get some vittles at Wendys and the results....were predictable.

According to officers, a customer in the drive-thru was unhappy with their order, then entered the store and began arguing with workers.

Police say the customer went to his vehicle and grabbed a gun, shooting at the front of the building before driving off.

No one was hit in the shooting.

Mr. Ellis is 19 and I was pretty dumb when I was 19 but what exactly was he hoping to accomplish by "shooting at the front of the building"? While I have been rightly accused of having a bad temper, it would never have occurred to me at any stage in my life to shoot at a building because my Baconator was improperly prepared, and believe me, I am serious as a heart attack about all things bacon-related. Now Mr. Ellis is looking at some bad times:

 Frisco Police arrested 19-year-old Christian Ellis of Glenn Heights on Friday and charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

19-year-old Tyran McLeod and 33-year-old Shaquita Glaspie of Little Elm, who police believe were in the car at the time of the shooting, were also arrested and charged with failure to report a felony.

If convicted, Ellis faces up to 20 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.

Up to 20 years. He won't get sentenced to anywhere near that but probably at least 4-5 years in the slammer. For shooting at a Wendys because he was in a rage over his order being wrong. It isn't like Frisco, Texas is the 'hood or anything. The city is less than 10% black and has a median household income over $100 grand.

But you see, Mr. Ellis wasn't from Frisco, he hails from the lovely burg of Glenn Heights, Texas.

Ah, that's more like it. Frisco is on the extreme north side of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex while Glenn Heights is on the south side. I don't know if the south side of DFW is more dangerous or not but Glenn Heights is about a 45 minute drive away from Frisco up I-35E. 

The lesson here? If they can get on a road, diversity can find you anywhere so you should always have your head on a swivel because you never know when they might get mad and start shooting up buildings. Or when someone like Antoine Kendrick might slide up behind you while you aren't looking, punch you out and kill you.

Even when they get delivery it goes badly.

Guess who!

Investigators say a couple arguing over food delivery at a Lee County home may have led to a deadly shooting late Saturday night. The woman is now facing a Manslaughter charge in the death of her boyfriend.

On Saturday, August 20, 2022, Lee County Sheriff’s investigators believe food was delivered to a home along Lee Road 620. Detectives say the couple inside, 29-year-old Vonguetta Levett and her boyfriend, 23-year-old Elisha Benjamin, began arguing about the meal.

According to court documents, investigators allege during the domestic altercation, Levett left Benjamin in the master bedroom, retrieved a pistol from the living room, and returned to the master bedroom, where investigators say she shot and killed him.

Vonguetta? That is a new one. This happened in Loachapoka, Alabama and no offense to Alabamians but that souns like the kind of place where black women shootz dey boy-fran cuz he dumb 'bout ordering dey food. Loachapoka has a population of a whopping 160 pee-po and of those over 60% are black. Median household income of $30,938 which works out to $14.87/hour for a full time job. Nice place, all of five miles from Auburn University. War Eagle! 

If we really want to reduce gun violence in America, may I suggest mandatory Home Economics classes in all urban schools. Perhaps if they are more prone to preparing food at home they will stop killing old White men eating Frostys or shooting at innocent fast food restaurants or murdering one another at home over delivery orders? 

Saturday, August 27, 2022

Is There A (White) Doctor In The House?

That question might be one a lot of people are quietly asking as standards for entrance into medical schools continue to be watered down for non-White/Asian applicants. I was forwarded this story by Doctor Samizdat:

There have always been at least three pillars of medical school admissions criteria. 

One, your GPA and especially your science GPA. That kept students from loading up on bullshit courses to pad their GPA. 

Two, your scores on the Medical College Admission Test, the MCAT. Like the SAT/ACT tests for undergrads, the MCAT provides a uniform standard to level out the disparity in grading at colleges and universities. 

Three, your extra-curricular and work experiences. Are you a "well rounded" individual or someone who sat in your room and studied non-stop? 

By removing the MCAT scores, but only for blacks, Penn is gaming the system. There is a difference between actively recruiting qualified black candidates for medical school versus lowering the standards for admission until you get enough black faces in your incoming class on social media.

The plan according to this article is to select undergrads early on for admission to the Penn Perelman School of Medicine. The program is being expanded to include five Historically black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs): Howard University, Morehouse College, Oakwood University, Spelman College, and Xavier University of Louisiana. These tend to be HBCUs with somewhat higher standards. For example, Howard University is perhaps the best known HBCU and boasts that their undergrads have a mean High School GPA of 3.66 and a fairly respectable Average SAT composite of 1184 (that is around the 65th percentile, so not awful). I hadn't heard of two of the others, Oakwood which is a Seventh Day Adventist school, and Xavier U of Louisiana, a black Catholic school that has this picture under the undergraduate admissions page:

Throwing up the "black power" salute. Very nice. Setting the stage for perpetual victimhood. Xavier seems to send a lot of students to med school and has their own pharmacy school, but again I have never heard of it before today.

In general, a younger black doctor is someone to avoid. This will only get worse in the future as admissions standards continue to be segregated into a two-tier system, one that is highly competitive for Whites and Asians and another than is far less selective for blacks and mestizos. Once they get into medical school, it is becoming nigh impossible to dislodge them. From Dr. Stanley Goldfarb in his book Take Two Aspirin and Call Me By My Pronouns: Why Turning Doctors into Social Justice Warriors is Destroying American Medicine.

The inarguable reality is that Blacks are preferentially admitted to medical school. Once admitted, they are virtually guaranteed to graduate. And once graduated, they are likely to find training programs more than eager to accept them in the name of diversity.

Goldfarb MD, Stanley. Take Two Aspirin and Call Me By My Pronouns: Why Turning Doctors into Social Justice Warriors is Destroying American Medicine (p. 44). Bombardier Books. Kindle Edition. 

As Dr. Goldfarb notes, 60 years ago the attrition rate for medical school was on average 9% and much higher at some schools. That makes sense. My dad describes medical school as being a punishing slog and some people just aren't cut out for it. Today? As of 2019 the attrition rate for medical school has dropped to less than 3%, while Dr. Goldfarb notes this is much lower than other competitive disciplines like law school (11%) and nursing school (20%!). Again from his book:

Assuming that students today are no more intelligent or diligent than they were in the 1960s, the decrease in attrition from 9 percent in the early 1960s to 3 percent in 2019 suggests a lowering of standards.

Goldfarb MD, Stanley. Take Two Aspirin and Call Me By My Pronouns: Why Turning Doctors into Social Justice Warriors is Destroying American Medicine (p. 44). Bombardier Books. Kindle Edition. 

That is putting it too gently. It doesn't suggest a lowering of standards, it screams it. Why are standards lower? Again you don't need to be a math whiz to put two and two together and come up with four. Medical schools are desperately trying to increase the number of black doctors they churn out and even lowering admission standards isn't producing enough black doctors as they tend to wash out at higher percentages (maybe because they shouldn't have been there in the first place?), so the "solution" is to lower the standards while in medical school to keep blacks enrolled long enough to give them their M.D. 

It is happening all along the way, from the undergrad pipeline to the ranks of residents. I mentioned in a prior post, Moar Med School Malpractice, that the "Step One" Licensing Exam taken at he end of the second year of med school, is as of this spring Pass/Fail. The reason for this change had nothing to do with improving patient outcomes in the future and everything to do with the fact that on objective tests designed to measure all medical school students on an even playing field, blacks did very poorly and their poor scores (on average) meant that they were rightly not extended residency offers in the most competitive fields. 

According to a study from the National Institutes of Health:

URiM stands for "Underrepresented in Medicine" and is the medical school buzzword that means "blacks and mestizos". The mean non-URiM (Whites and Asians) was 223.7 vs the URiM mean score of 216.1. A significant drop-off. The problem is of course not that too many underqualified URiM students are being admitted to medical school, no the real problem is that it "could jeopardize the benefits of a diverse residency program". In other words, competitive residency programs are less likely to select black and mestizo medical school graduates because they scored significantly lower when tested on core competencies for medicine. 

The AAMC (Association Of American Medical Colleges) reported that black applicants are 3 to 6 times less likely to be offered an interview for internal medicine residencies 

The fact that blacks just don't do as well on these tests is "problematic". Again, the real underlying issue is that black medical school students are, on average, significantly less prepared, qualified and intelligent compared to their White and Asian counterparts and predictably do much worse on the tests that measure core competencies. 

What most people don't really think about or even know is that while getting into medical school is highly competitive, at least for Whites and Asians, that isn't the end of it. How you do in medical school significantly impacts which residency you are invited to join and that is a pretty big deal for med students as there is a prestige hierarchy within the medical field and the big driver is how much you make:

For most of us, making $232,000 a year is a huge sum of money but on the other end of the spectrum we see that orthopedic surgeons make more than double that amount or put another way, the average orthopedic surgeon makes more than $5,000 more every week than the average pediatrician. As you might guess, the highest paid and most prestigious fields are dominated by....White men.

You might recall a post from June, We Wuz Otolaryngologists And Sheeit!, where we noted that "...fewer than 1% of otolaryngologists are black". You will then notice that otolaryngologists are number three on the list above with an average annual salary of $455,000. This must also be racism! Then there is the tragic story of Dr. Brian Nwannunu, a black man who didn't feel wanted in his residency.

No one would make eye contact with him? Maybe because making eye contact with blacks is generally a good way to enrage them? Or more likely it isn't true but it makes for a good story. The story is full of breathless outrage.

“Multiple people come up to me and say I’m the first black doctor they’ve ever seen,” said Nwannunu, a first-generation Nigerian American. “They said they don’t trust the older, white guy, but they trust me to do their surgery. That’s the type of difference that can be made when the career of orthopedics is diverse.”

Well good for them. I encourage blacks to seek out black doctors and leave the "older, White" doctors who actually earned their spot to take care of Whites. Imagine if a White resident said that White patients don't trust black doctors, the outrage would be thermonuclear. 

According to a 2018 Association of American Medical Colleges report, 56.2 percent of all physicians, regardless of specialty, in the U.S. were white. Asian Americans make up the second-largest group at only 17 percent, Hispanic people make up 5.8 percent, and Black people account for 5.3 percent of doctors.

Whites are about 56% of the population so it seems to me that we are "represented" at the right level, if that is important (it's not). The blacks should be pissed at Asians who are dramatically overrepresented, not White guys. 

Harrington and three researchers found that while current medical school classes are split evenly — with women leading men in 2017 and 2020 — the percentage of women in orthopedic surgery residencies has remained at 14 percent since 2009.

This is where biology comes into play, something that isn't given sufficient attention in medical school apparently. There is a big difference in gender in the various specialties:

Women dominate in family medicine, pediatrics and OB/GYN. Those specialties also have some of the shorter times in residency, typically three or four years. Orthopedic surgery, Otolaryngology and plastic surgery which are also the top three highest paying specialties have much longer (5-6 year) residencies. Neurosurgeons are looking at a 7 year residency and that is on top of four years as an undergrad and four years of medical school. Not surprisingly the "imbalance" is even higher for some types of surgical specialties. 

In general, at best, you complete your residency for any specialty  when you are 29 or 30. For the more specialized fields, like Orthopedic surgery or Neurosurgery, you can be 32-33 before you really get out of school and practicing medicine, which also accounts for why they are paid a lot more: the time commitment is more significant.

What do we know about men and women? One thing we know is this: women have a very limited window for having children. A large chunk of a woman's most fertile time is when she is under 18 and once a woman hits 30 her fertility generally drops off dramatically. On the other hand, while I haven't impregnated anyone in a while I am presumably pretty close to as fertile today at 50 as I was when I was 22. So if a woman in medicine also wants to have children, it makes sense that she weighs her own biological clock as well as her future earnings when deciding on a specialty. Lots of people do this. My father was talented enough to go into a surgical residency but he married my mom while in medical school and then had my two sisters while he was studying so he mostly wanted to get out of school and start working, a big reason he ended up in family practice. 

That isn't "unjust", it is simple biology. Not everyone wants to wait until they are in their early 30s to start working in their profession and also start a family. 

This post has dragged on a lot longer than I intended when I started but my point is the same as it has been in multiple posts on this topic: look with suspicion at black doctors, especially younger black doctors and really especially at younger black doctors in specialized fields. Your life and health are too important to entrust in the care of someone who might have his or her credentials because they happened to be the "right" race to appease the Woke gods.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Film Review: Top Gun Maverick

The sequel to Top Gun, Top Gun Maverick, finally came out in a format that would allow me to watch it without violating my pledge to never spend another nickel on anything Hollywood puts out. It is one of the most hyped films in a long time, the alleged proof that non-woke films are box office winners. Based on what IMDb has posted, that certainly seems to be true:

I have seen figures nearing $100 million for Tim Cruise based on whatever cut he gets. Nice work if you can get it.

I purposely avoided any reviews so I could watch it with eyes wide open to see for myself if it met the hype. After watching it, did it live up to the billing?

Kinda. I guess. 

The flying scenes were great, if unrealistic. Cruise is in amazing shape for someone a decade older than me, although the plastic surgery makes it hard to look at him. The scene between Cruise and Val Kilmer was very touching. The opening montage on the deck of a carrier, watching the deck crew work their magic in launching and recovering planes was incredible. 

The rest of the movie was just OK. 

Plot spoilers ahead.

The main storyline is that Maverick is being called back to train Top Gun pilots for a seemingly impossible mission, flying down a narrow canyon at high speed, avoiding fixed emplacements and superior enemy fighters in order to bomb a very small exhaust vent on top of a reactor housing a uranium enrichment facility. How small?

That all sounds very familiar, down to the way the target is described. In fact it sounds like....

All that was missing was Maverick saying: "I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home, they're not much bigger than two three meters.". It is basically the ending of Star Wars.

The holes in the plot were enormous

As for this uranium enrichment facility in an unnamed country (the symbol on the bad guy's wings is cleverly blurred in every scene)? Well the whole movie is predicated around this heavily guarded facility. 

There is what looks like a foot path to this vent. In the other footage of the surrounding area of the facility there is nothing. No roads, no power lines that I saw. Just a single little shack on top of a snow covered depression between two mountains. I assume you enter the facility from somewhere else but damned if I could figure out how you get into the place.

Then there is the reason they have to fly so low down this canyon. There are SAM emplacements all along the route but instead of blowing them up with cruise missiles or some other means, they just plan on flying below them? I know there is supposed to be "GPS jamming" but I am pretty sure they can still hit a target with some sort of missile. Nope, they stay in place because it is important to the plot.

The other piece is that they are supposed to be outclassed by the enemies "fifth generation fighters" and they only send in the four planes needed for the attack. Huh?

The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) Nimitz-class supercarrier has a complement of somewhere between 60-90 aircraft. Some are choppers of course but from what I can tell they normally carry 34-48 F/A-18 fighters. Even cutting that in half for the four planes in the mission, reserve planes and combat air patrol to guard the carrier, that means at least 18 fighters who could have come in behind the four planes to provide cover for them against enemy fighters. Since they already launched an attack on the facility as well as blowing the crap out of an airbase with cruise missiles, it wasn't like they needed to be concerned about causing an international incident. With our electronic superiority, they would have made mincemeat out of the couple of surviving enemy fighters but nope. Just these four going solo. 

Everyone knew from the get-go that Maverick wouldn't just train these pilots but would fly the mission. He consistently outflies the much younger Top Gun graduates, apparently being nigh invincible in the air, killing the very best the Navy has to offer with ease. Tom Cruise was 59 during filming or about ten years older than me. When I turned 40 I noticed a significant drop-off in both my eyesight and my reflexes. At 50? It has gotten worse. I can feel it when I play video games, which is far less physically taxing than flying a plane at 5-6 Gs. Somehow Maverick can outfly pilots 20 or 30 years younger than him? 

The casting was hit or miss. Miles Teller is very good as Rooster and he looks enough like Goose to be convincing. Jennifer Connolly is OK, but there was no chemistry between them like there was with Kelly McGillis. They seemed more like a couple of friends, maybe that was intended. 

Even in a "non-woke" film there was plenty of wokeness. Of the four pilots chosen for the mission, Maverick and Rooster were White because continuity demanded it but the other two were a chick and a black guy. The rest of the 12 former Top Gun pilots....

7 are Asians, blacks, mestizos. Five are White guys. In the real world I am guessing that the ranks of naval aviators doesn't look like that. The admirals heading up the mission are one hard assed guy who is a jerk and doesn't think Maverick can do it, and seems willing to let everyone die to complete the mission. He is White of course. The good guy admiral who believes in Maverick is black. Of course. 

The weirdest character was Warrant Officer 1 Bernie 'Hondo' Coleman, played by Bashir Salahuddin. This guy was everywhere in the film. 

Here he is apparently running the show at a top secret experimental jet program. Why is a warrant officer running a top secret jet program? Don't know. 

Then here he is at the Top Gun training briefing. Why is he there? Don't know. 

Now he is in the command center of the carrier during the assault. Why is he there? Don't know.

Then finally he is on the deck of an aircraft carrier, apparently working alongside the deck crew. Why is he there and how is he remotely qualified to do this extremely dangerous and specialized role? Don't know.

What can't this guy do? He is the most versatile warrant officer in the history of warrant officers. Or maybe they just needed a black sidekick to offset the problem of  Maverick, Rooster and Connolly all being White. 

Anyway. The movie was OK, it was fun as long as you didn't think much or ask any questions at all. The fact that it was so well received and acclaimed by Normiecons beyond just the obvious nostalgia value tells you just how shitty modern movies are. In a sane world this would have been a maybe $500 million movie instead of a $1.2 billion juggernaut. 

One more thing They have ruined for us.

Thursday, August 25, 2022


With the elections approaching I am reminded that we are all just one mouse click away from being unpersoned on the interwebs so I thought it was a good time to reiterate where you can find me outside of this blog.

The best place to keep in contact if I go dark here is my Gab page

Torba is kind of a retard at times but he has kept Gab a free speech platform so far and I've been on Gab from the very earliest days.

I also publish duplicates of most of my posts via Substack: Dissident Thoughts

It originally was a place to publish that I could share on Facebook as my domain is completely blocked by the Zuck but it is a nice, clean format for blogging. While they host people like Alex Berenson and Dr. Robert Malone, both vaxx skeptics, as well as other Thought Criminals like Ann Coulter, I don't really know much about the people running the show so I don't know how far their commitment to free speech really extends. 

Of course I have Twitter and Facebook but I keep getting suspended on those platforms, I'm on my fifth Twitter account so far, obviously those are unreliable at best. 

So your best bet is to link up with me via Gab and secondarily to subscribe via Substack. I've spent a lot of time making connections on my blog and I hate to think of losing that and starting over if some purple-haired gender fluid freak at Google nukes my account.

1984 Meets Minority Report

Each day brings a new reminder of the dystopian hellhole we are descending into. Today I see that Google is trying to "prebunk" "misinformation" rather than "debunking" it. In simpler terms they are attempting to convince people that questions about the official narrative are wrong before you even are exposed to those questions:

“These effects are robust across the political spectrum and a wide variety of covariates,” they wrote. “We show that psychological inoculation campaigns on social media are effective at improving misinformation resilience at scale.”

“Online misinformation continues to have adverse consequences for society,” the study states. “Inoculation theory has been put forward as a way to reduce susceptibility to misinformation by informing people about how they might be misinformed, but its scalability has been elusive both at a theoretical level and a practical level.”

It is pretty clever, they twist actual serious inquiry into immediate suspicion because people will be brainwashed inoculated to automatically distrust any information that is contra-official narrative. How will they get this "inoculation" out in mass? Well remember that Google owns Youtube.....

“YouTube has well over two billion active users worldwide. Our videos could easily be embedded within the ad space on YouTube to prebunk misinformation,” said study co-author Prof. Sander van der Linden, head of SDML.

That is incredibly interesting. Youtube generates income in large part via selling ad space on videos. If they are going to replace ads with this "inoculation" nonsense, it means either fewer revenue generating ads or it means increasing the interruptions to videos. I already can't stand watching Youtube on my phone, when I watch on my desktop my ad blocker is very effective at blocking all of the ads. Alphabet, the parent company of Google and Youtube, is willing to give up significant revenue apparently in order to "fight online misinformation". Of course it is possible/likely that there will be government grant money given to Alphabet for helping to prevent "online misinformation" to offset lost revenue.

Big Government and Big Business are really just two aspects of the same globalist entity. Big Business is frequently used by Big Government to enact censorship that Big Government is legally prohibited from doing while Big Business uses their enormous revenue to line the pockets of politicians and bureaucrats. 

While most didn't realize at the time, the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street were both fighting the same enemy but thought they were fighting each other. There isn't a significant distinction any longer between Big Government and Big Business and what we are left with takes the worst aspect of both Bolshevism and National Socialism and combines them into a new monstrous goliath that controls every aspect of our lives.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Poof! Gone Like A Popcorn Fart In A Tornado!

With the midterms just a couple of months away, the puppet-masters pulling Pedo Joe Biden's strings decided to implement the first of what are sure to be many offerings to appease the woke mobs in the form of "forgiving" up to $10,000 in student loan debt for people making less than $125,000. Like waving a magic wand, it just disappears! 

John Wilder has a solid post covering this topic today, Student Loans, Death, And Taxes, you should check it out. 

It goes mostly without saying that this is a huge eff you to working people and an obvious bribe to the people Democrats need to show up in November, this year and in 2024. Most reports that bother to look, like this story from Fox, peg the costs of this scheme at around $300 billion. It will be "paid" for by more "debt" but that isn't really the point. What this scheme represents is a politically targeted bribe. Lots of people have lots of debt, trillions of dollars in mortgages, car loans, credit cards, etc. Only one kind of debt, student loans, is being "forgiven". Why is that?

For one reason only, the people carrying around that debt tend to be Democrat voters, specifically people who attended college. White millennials and various younger ethnic minorities who went to college, got useless, overpriced degrees (or often didn't even graduate) who have no way to earn enough to pay back their loans because they sure as shit won't work a demanding job to pay them off. These are the voters the Dems rely on to show up to vote (as many time as they can get away with). People who are working class that didn't go to college? They don't vote for Democrats, not anymore, at least not Whites. In 2020 exit polling Whites who didn't graduate from college voted for Trump 2-1. White men without a college degree voted 70-30 for Trump. 
The people who voted for Trump get left out of this deal for the most part. That is not a coincidence. 

This won't be the end of it. While many people will have their entire (current) student loan balance wiped out, lots more won't. According to the Fox News piece linked above...

The nation's federal student debt now tops $1.6 trillion after ballooning for years. More than 43 million Americans have federal student debt, with almost a third owing less than $10,000 and more than half owing less than $20,000, according to the latest federal data.

I am not great at math but that makes it sound like 2/3 of people will still have loan balances after this and that almost half of borrowers owe more than $20,000. Like pretty much everything in America, this is not equal across racial groups as Nina Turner, dumb even by the already low standards of famous black women, points out:

Let that marinate a moment. How exactly is it that black women have on average student loan balances over over $52,000?! Whites have less than a quarter of that balance, although I notice she didn't break it out by sex for White borrowers. I suspect she cooked these numbers somehow because it doesn't jive with other stats I am seeing but in every report blacks, and especially black women, were carrying larger balances than Whites and Asians. This is blamed on a lack of "household wealth" in black families, something that is the result of poor decision making on the part of generations of blacks starting with the out of wedlock birth rate, but it also ignores the many race based scholarship opportunities for blacks not available to Whites and Asians. Maybe blacks are just less responsible with debt, something that underwriters have known about since....well since blacks started getting loans. 

Also not mentioned, blacks just tend to not graduate from college once they start. I posted about this here, Participation Ribbon Egalitarianism Has No Place In Education, including this chart:

....and wrote:

For white students, only 3 out of 5 have completed their degree six years after starting, which of course means that almost 40% of students start school and likely never complete a degree, and many of them have nothing to show for it other than student loan debt. No one lists on their resume "Completed 4 semesters of college". For black students it is even worse with 3 out of 5 students failing to complete their degree in six years, and if you haven't completed a degree in six years the odds are you never will. Schools like the University of Michigan have a staff of almost 100 and spend $11 million a year in their "diversity office" but in the case of blacks the majority of them attending college don't graduate.

It is hard enough to pay off student loans with most degrees but if you get deep in student loan debt and don't graduate? You will never pay those loans off. 

A dirty secret of college is that most degree programs do nothing to make you more prepared for a decent career. Engineering, accounting, nursing, those sorts of degrees of course do but virtually nothing in the liberal arts or even business degrees are actually useful to a career. The problem is that getting a four year degree in electrical engineering costs the same as a four year degree in Medieval Sodomy Studies. When our daughter gets out of medical school with a large debt load, she will earn enough to pay it back in short order. People with liberal arts degrees? They won't be in the same position. 

What we should do is pass loan "forgiveness" costs back on the universities, at least most of the cost, but also eliminate Federally guaranteed student loans. If you want to borrow money for college, you should have to prove how you will pay it back like you have to do with most loans. If you are going to be a nurse or an accountant, that should be easy, but if your degree is in something stupid you shouldn't be able to get a loan to pay for it. We already have far too many people in college, that number should be slashed by 50% or more.

Of course that won't happen. Instead we will get regular waves of loan "forgiveness" and never address the actual reasons why college is so damn expensive in the first place. This is just the latest iteration of the ruling class looting the productivity of the White working and middle class to bribe their voters.

Monday, August 22, 2022

30 Years Later - Ruby Ridge And The Murder Of Vicki Weaver

Today is the 30th anniversary of the murder of Vicki Weaver, murdered in cold blood by FBI sniper Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi, a man who has never faced justice, and likely never will at least in a courtroom. 

I reviewed an excellent book on the siege and murder of Vicki Weaver and the son of Randy and Vicki Weaver, Samuel, in 2019: Book Review: Ruby Ridge: The Truth and Tragedy of the Randy Weaver Family

Also one of many good videos out on this grim anniversary:

Ruby Ridge and Waco demonstrated that the Federal government has a license to murder American citizens if they can be accused of extremism. If anything their arrogance and cruelty has grown in the past 30 years and they would not hesitate to gun down you, your wife, your kids, your dog. Anyone who stands in the way of their overlords and masters. 

Never forget Vicki and Samuel Weaver, martyrs for the cause of freedom.

Justice For Fudge Packer Alley

I will sleep safer tonight knowing that this White supremacist scoundrel is off the streets and not endangering crosswalks. 

How To Eliminate Urban Crime In One Easy Step

Just stop talking about it!

Sunday, August 21, 2022

That's What I'm Talking About

Our people digging deep and sending them shekels, Big Country's fundraiser for Adriana Grace blew past the original goal, and then blew past the second goal. 

Holy shit! If you haven't chipped in yet, you of course still can.....

Thanks to all who have contributed so far!

Didn't See That Coming

The police in Atlanta, Georgia have been dealing with a very serious crime but it looks like they have caught their man!

Read that again. They sent a SWAT Team to apprehend a man who was wanted....for spray-painting the road. I am pretty sure vandalism is a misdemeanor but they broke out the SWAT team? Who says the police are over-militarized and looking for any excuse to break out the big toys?

Who was the homophobic Nazi out spraypainting rainbow crosswalks in Atlanta? Here is the photo provided by the Atlanta PD in their Facebook post:

Hey that kinda looks like me! 

I like that the APD limited comments after people were trolling the shit out of them. 

One of the big flaws in the leftist playbook is that the various groups that form their coalition are united only by their hatred of normal White people and beyond that these groups don't like each other, and often hate each other almost as much as they hate us. blacks don't like mestizos, blacks don't like fags, blacks don't like Jews or Asians and in return most of those groups don't really like blacks either. The only thing that keeps them from killing each other is their mutual hatred of Whites but in places where that isn't a major factor you see lots of conflict, especially between mestizo and black gangs. How many fags live in mostly black neighborhoods? Not many, they like to live in nice White neighborhoods with local bistros to sip cappuccinos on Sunday morning after a long Saturday night of vigorously sodomizing random dudes and hoping to not contract monkeypox. 

Despite the gaslighting, normal White people are the least dangerous and offensive people in this country. Hopefully that will change soon.