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You Don’t Have To Be Insane….But It Certainly Helps!

The latest from American Renaissance. I think Jared is off in his closing statement but otherwise it is a powerful reminder of how crazy and evil these people truly are.


  1. saoirse

    Taylor is always quite accurate with his analyses of the mud tribes and in mentioning their supporters (in a general sort of way), but he adamantly refuses to directly name the jews as the prime co-conspirators in the demise of this country, and many others.
    Willfuly excluding that gang of arrogant, churlish psycho swindlers from any liability confirms that his is a limited hangout.

  2. Anonymous

    Spot on until the end when you let the psychopathic mediocrities pretending to be the "elite" off the hook. This is going to sound harsh, but either you are woefully misinformed regarding the machinations of the Satanic World Order, or your priorities in protecting your Youtube revenue stream far outweigh your integrity in telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Either way, it's a real shame to see such an informative presentation end with such a colossal misdiagnosis. These evil-to-the-core people want us peasants off their planet. The 21st Century has rendered the useless eaters unnecessary and they have every intention of seeing us erased. It's right in your face now. Getting to the point that all you need in order to see the real world we live in is a pulse and a couple of functioning brain cells. The NWO is real and they're making their final moves right out in the open. You think Klause Schwab and his acolytes have my best interests at heart? Please…

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