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What A Difference A Day Makes

We have had a couple weeks straight of some of the very worst of Midwestern summer weather. Stretches of high heat coupled with humidity making it feel like 100+ degrees for days on end. Then this last week we finally got some much needed rain. Boy did we. The town of Leo-Cedarville is pretty close to us and they got drenched.

Not quite that much at my place but we got a lot of rain. That was followed by yesterday which was overcast and humid as all get out, that lovely Midwestern combo of dreary and not very warm mixed with high humidity. 
It is nearly perfect. At 12:30 the temperature is a lovely 74 degrees with a great breeze and not a cloud in the searingly blue sky. Spent a little time reading in the hammock before coming in for some lunch and it was very nice. We have the windows open and that makes me happy, I despise being in a closed up house with the air conditioning going. It is better than being in super high temps but I really don’t like the artificial feel of the a/c. I am not a hot weather kind of guy which is the biggest reason we don’t live in the south, the enormous bugs and fauna that can kill you being the other big deterrent. 
It reminds me of how little we ask for, just the ability to enjoy days like this puttering around outside on a Saturday, maybe swinging in the hammock for a quick snooze. It is so little to ask and expect but even that is too much. A moment of happiness and contentment is a grave insult to Them. 
Anyway, I’ll enjoy today and it is supposed to be just as nice tomorrow. They can’t take that away from us, at least not yet.


  1. deb harvey

    remember prophecy if you can afford rain catchment buy or build some rains will be heavier and more prolonged, as will drought. winds will roar so threateningly that men's hearts will fail within them for fear will grow increasingly strong and prolonged. nothing o do with cow methane or any other fairy tale cooked up by the demon loving fools

  2. Anonymous

    Seriously envious. Nothing but 100+ degree heat day after day after day here. Fingers crossed and fervent prayers being said for plan which will have us moving in a few months. Porches, mountains, acres of trees, well water – dreams may soon be reality.

  3. Anonymous

    Mr. Sido:

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    It was invented to subjugate American Indians, of which, entire nations were genocided by whites. How ironic it is a tool, a magic spell, used on whites.

    I want to live with and among my own people. I want to defend mu people and propagate our values. That makes me a racist. And I wear that badge with honor. To the cowardly whites unwilling to protect their respective tribes (after all, all whites are not of the same tribe), and are willing to allow your children to be murdered to maintain your anti-racist virtue signaling bonofides, I hope you go extinct. And when the SHTF, you will be on my list of enemies as traitors.

    Troy Lee Messer

  4. Anonymous

    Texas, perchance? We are expecting 106 today, and it's been consistently at 98 and above since mid-May. It rains once a month, and when it does, it's a phreakin' monsoon. Having relocated down here after a lifetime lived up north, I ask my wife, "What did we do, move to Hell?"

  5. Anonymous

    Texas currently, yes, but if it's in the cards we ought to be out of here in a few months. I've always preferred the cold to the heat. Our relocation destination does get hot and humid in the summer, but still averages 10 degrees cooler in the summer and 15 or more in the winter – ah, the joy of having four seasons again.

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