Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Welcome To The Jungle

The news media tries to suppress it but the crime wave is just getting worse in cities all across the country and as anyone with half a brain could have anticipated the failure to aggressively prosecute criminals has had the effect of emboldening them. Like this charming fella in New York City who has a lengthy and recent criminal history but is out assaulting cops before being released back on the streets hours later....

Fun little graphic from the video....

Start spreading THAT news!

Or this, also from the Big Apple. 

Best part of the story is that Gateway Pundit added this:

The victim, Jill LeCroix, has three bi-racial children and is a grandmother of five.

Like that would have made a difference. black women generally dislike White people, especially White women and REALLY hate White women who have mixed race kids. Most black women have an understandable inferiority complex toward women of other races as men from every racial group prefer women of every other racial group other than black women. Notice how famous black men often have White girlfriends but famous White men never have black girlfriends? Weird.

In Los Angeles we now have "you shouldn't have been wearing a short skirt" applied to everyone going out in public.....

I wonder if living somewhere you can't easily carry to protect yourself has anything to do with these follow-home robberies? You could buzz around town in a Ferrari and if the black guys followed you home where I live, they would just keep on driving because they know that pulling a gun on someone out here means ending up in the tummy of a pig.

Even in Louisville it is getting so you can't drive around.

A social media friend who lives in the Louisville area shared this story and also shared that police never responded because they didn't have the manpower. Awesome. Yet if some White dudes had gotten out of their cars to deal with this, they would have been arrested for hate crimes. 

At this rate we are only a few years away from American cities becoming no-go zones for decent people. In some neighborhoods this has been the case for decades but now it is spreading all over these cities. 

It is about time to wall these cities off, let the animals take over and we can come back to rebuild in a few years once the corpses have decomposed. 


  1. Given the weird crap most people put in there bodies it could take generatiobs before tge poison leachibg from the corpses makes re-inhabbitting cities possible.


  2. No sympathy for the idiot on the bus. The only "Whites" who ride the bus in a major city are either lighter-skinned Mestizos, the lying "I don't see color" culture warriors, or traitorous mudsharks with miscegenated children. She made her choices and she earned her consequences. Zero f**ks given.

  3. Tied in with your post on parasites, look how many people that used to work in the big city worked from home during the lockdowns. And still are. Now the cities have lots of empty office real estate as companies found out how much money they saved doing that. The cities are full of those parasitic jobs. Hard to justify those cities anymore.

  4. If 'hating' is a crime, then better lock me up. I really did try, as a young man, to be open-minded and fair. But "they" never did. It was also give-give-give on the part of Whites and take-take-take with the blacks. The virtue value of claiming a black "friend" was never worth the cost. Today, I would not even bother. Best I'll do is wave to a black neighbor here in the majority-White 'burbs as I tool slowly by in my truck, with my Gadsden 2-A magnet proudly displayed on the tailgate.

  5. Your last paragraph says it all. Get out and let the (two-legged) zoo animals do dey thang. Shoot the ones trying to 'bring it to whitey'.
    Put the surviving liberals, (((tribe))) and corporatist scum on a chain gang and make them go in and clean up!

  6. Most larger cities have gone feral, it is trickling down to mid size now.
    I am thankful that retirement was forced upon me sooner than planned. We were able to evacuate CLE metro area for farm country just in time.

  7. Look at the hairstyles on those feral apes who attacked the old White woman. They may hate YT with all the venom their unevolved ilk can muster, but they sure don't have any problem appropriating White attributes wherever they can. Straightened hair, La'Trina? Dyed blonde? You know all too well that black bucks want White women above all else and will only reluctantly mate with the likes of you when they have no other choice. You hate us 'cuz you ain't us.

  8. "Yet if some White dudes had gotten out of their cars to deal with this, they would have been arrested for hate crimes"
    At some point, we'll be forced to recognize the police not as defenders but rather the second wave attack.

  9. So, is the drag racing in front of little kids?