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This Isn’t Your Country Anymore

Is there anything more quintessentially American, more Midwestern and wholesome, than the county fair? Just about every county in America has one, from urban counties to the smallest county fair in Podunk, Nebraska. For city folk it is a chance to see some livestock up close and get a small taste of country life, but for people who show at the fair it is like the Super Bowl. It was a time for people to show off the hard work they put in, whether that was a steer that they had raised from a calf or a giant vegetable or an arts & craft project.

As a kid in FFA I showed chickens and hogs at the Lucas County Fair. It is different being an exhibitor at the fair, instead of visiting for a few hours you are at the fair for most of the day all week. You have to make sure your animals are fed and watered, their pens were kept clean and be in place for your showing wearing black pants and a white dress shirt. Many of us stayed in tents or campers all week with the predictable unsupervised shenanigans going on but it was mostly harmless teen stuff. Some of the best memories of my youth happened at the fair.
The Lucas County Fair is also where I met my wife. We had run into one another at FFA events a couple of times before but at the fair was where we spent some casual time together and the first spark happened. The county fair for me in the 1980s was all about the lights and sound of the midway, fried foods, showing animals and young love. 
That was then. 
We went to a county fair here and there when we were younger and when some of our kids were little and in 4-H we went a few times in Northern Michigan to the very small Emmet County fair. Then last night I took a van load of Amish youth up to the Elkhart County Fair in Goshen, Indiana to see the rodeo. Amish young folk love the Western thing, they like horseback riding and country music and of course rodeo. The Elkhart County Fair proclaims itself the biggest county fair in Indiana and I can believe it. It appeared to be much larger than the Lucas County Fair we attended as kids and right away I knew things were different from back in my day.
Getting into the fair was a traffic nightmare, lots of people were showing up for the fair and especially the rodeo. As we slowly made our way to the parking area, we were greeted by a number of large road signs that declared: no smoking, no vaping, no drugs, no guns and no gang colors.
WTF? No gang colors? At a county fair in Goshen, Indiana? 
It is even on the fair webpage….

I can report that I did not vape or smoke, or use drugs or wear gang colors. The absolutely no weapons part?
Yeah, don’t tell me that fairgoers can’t wear gang colors and then tell me I can’t carry. Fuck you. The 2nd Amendment and common sense trump your rules.
Anyway, that was the first unpleasant reminder. The rodeo itself was pretty lame, a lot of the livestock didn’t cooperate and the MC for the rodeo was talking non-stop on a loudspeaker that kept cutting out. For $10 at a county fair in Indiana you weren’t going to get top quality rodeo acts, but the contestants gave it their all. They even had monkeys riding border collies herding sheep!

The crowd for the rodeo was about what you would expect, quite a few Amish and Mennonites, lots of White people including the obligatory tons of chicks of various ages all tarted up. Most should have made a different clothing choice. When it got over at a little after 10, the Amish young folks wanted to wander around the midway for a bit so we headed out.
That was like stepping into another world. It also explains the sign about no gang colors.
The usual sights and sounds were there, carnies trying to lure people in, the extremely unsafe looking mechanical rides, fried food of every possible kind. That was very familiar although the sheer size of the crowds was different.
What was different were the people. You would have thought you stepped off a plane in Juarez, Mexico. Mestizos of all shades, shapes and sizes clogged the sidewalks. The chatter was overwhelmingly in Spanish. Quite a few blacks as well. It is not a stretch to say that only about a third of the people I saw were White and no surprise there was a substantial police presence. 
While Goshen is in mostly rural Elkhart County and northern Indiana as a whole is rural and White with lots of Amish, Goshen itself is rapidly changing along with the rest of what used to be America.

A full one third of Goshen residents are mestizo of some kind and it looked like they were all there last night. 

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like there were cock fights on the midway and no one was knifed, lots of families with small kids etc but then again as I like to point out, if mestizos made for good citizens their countries wouldn’t be almost universally shitholes that they flee from to live in White countries. 
Last night was another reminder of how degraded our nation has become. From bucolic county fairs full of White kids showing rabbits and sheep to signs declaring no gang colors. This is the sort of “progress” necessary for the Great Reset and it was on full display last night. There is no going back to the way it was, those days are gone and that country has been murdered before our very eyes. The only way now is to go forward through the fire and hope we make it out on the other side. 


  1. Anonymous

    Looked the place up on the map. Damn brother, that place is waaay too close to Chicago. It is also nearly midway between chicongo and Detroit. It has smaller hell holes all around to keep you busy waiting for the bigger cities to burn. I wish you all the best, but that looks like a hard spot for spicy times, Good Luck

  2. Anonymous

    A number of county fairs that had been local traditions for generations around the country have very quietly been discontinued in recent years due to trouble and violence perpetrated by "youths" who arrive later in the day with the intention to wreck the affairs. We all know precisely who those "youthful ruffians" are, and who they are not. Yes, America (or what's left of it), negroes are why we can no longer have nice things.

    Down here in South Texas there is literally no escaping the Mestizo influx, but I've never had any problem with hispanics. Their elevated levels of crime, compared to Whites, is almost exclusively confined to their own communities. They drive drunk, a lot, which is plenty bad enough for everyone else on the roads. But compared to blacks they are a cheerful, if somewhat lazy and slow people. And they take no shit from niggas.

  3. Arthur Sido

    Most mestizos seem OK but they also tend to be pretty unconcerned with things like age of consent laws, like the illegal who impregnated the 10 year old girl in Ohio who then went to Indiana to get an abortion as a political stunt.

  4. Anonymous

    Poignant writing but the sad, bitter truth. We see it daily here. Husband just stopped at the bank and regaled me with the old White couple with hearing aids trying to explain what they wanted to the Iranian teller, while one black woman in scrubs talked very loudly with the black African manager, and my husband waited his turn behind a couple of fat, tatted and pierced up White sisters.
    Our 'for sale' sign just went up yesterday. Wish to God it had been six months ago, but we only found our new property weeks ago. And to top it all off? The house next door (pajeet owners moved out and turned it into a rental) has new renters. Black. First on the block but no way they'll be the last. Don't tell me God doesn't have a sense of irony. First decent offer we get we're grabbing and we're out of here.

  5. Anonymous

    you might have to do what I did to get out. sell it to a firm that buys and sells houses.
    got 36 grand for a house that should have sold anywhere else to 100. because of what the area had become. all brick 3 bedroom 2 bathroom single in the city. full basement, hot water heat too. new boiler and hot water heater. the chinks bought it and turned into a rental as well
    removed the boiler and installed gas hot air heat- no copper pipes to steal.
    they replaced all the copper lines in the house with Pex pipe.
    go and never look back. although I do miss those hardwood floors and triple pane windows
    looked into getting hardwood floors here and like to drop over from the price they gave me.
    same with upgrading the windows, the price of good stuff has gone thru the roof !

  6. Anonymous

    Looked into those firms first; their price offers came in way too low. They want to flip the house and make a really large profit margin. We'll try this route – as I said listing just went on the market yesterday – see if we get any reasonable offers in a week or two. If not, we'll reconsider. But the first reasonable offer we get (below asking price but at or above our mental minimum) we're taking.

  7. Anonymous

    Grew up south of Goshen, my wife was living in Goshen when we got married. Moved away over 10 years ago and it sounds like it has changed a whole lot and not for the better. I remember going to the fair maybe 12-14 years ago, traffic was a pain but none of the other things you mention had happened yet, it was still as I had remembered it as a kid. Sad to hear, and I won't be going back.

  8. Anonymous

    Just curious – who was going to prevent bleqs wearing gang colors from entering the fair grounds? The po-po were there to make sure YOU aren't packing, YT. But if groups of bleqs arrived in full gang battle rattle, would the donut holes dare turn them away at the gate? Unlikely.

  9. Anonymous

    I run milk into the DFA plant there Goshen since 1997 and have seen that city change from midwestern to shithole. Most of the change has come from the missionary outreach of Goshen College, a Mennonite operation. They bring the heathens in with the hope of making them midwestern protestant Christians. Some of the do, and will, but many of them are just waiting to tip the scale demographically, and then they will have political power. There has never been a peaceful change of culture and wealth, in world history. Nor will this be….

  10. Arthur Sido

    That is absolutely true, Goshen College has long been a festering boil of "progressive Christianity" and spawns a lot of the anti-White, anti-Western types in leftist Anabaptists. They don't speak for many actual Anabaptists but they have a loud voice.

  11. Arthur Sido

    Local Fort Wayne still is mostly black free in the outlying areas, they have stayed in the southeast corner where they cheerfully shoot each other and drive all decent businesses out.

  12. Arizona

    AFTER THEY DECLARE MARTIAL LAW,the cowards will be given to the MUSLIMS ,who will chop off the heads of all you men,and it will be far to late to save your selves…to bad too..THE BLOODBATH will be nation wide,they'll take your women and children as SLAVES,I know you don't care..But I thought I'd throw it out there so you'd know whats coming to the yellowest country in history..

  13. Anonymous

    Here is a suggestion that might help you sell your house faster. Tell your realtor that if they can sell your house within the next 30 days you will give them an extra 5k (or pick a number you are comfortable with) cash on top of their commission at the time of closing . Trust me you will get their attention. Hope this helps.

  14. Anonymous

    You reminded me of going to square dances at the county fair in rural Maine, 1970s. We weren't Amish but everyone was thin, clean cut. No obesity at all. No drugs whatsoever.Two or three cousins were drunk but we all knew about them. Just really good clean fun. Boys on one side, girls on the other (or 'othah' as they say). A caller with an amplifier and a mic, and a fiddler.

  15. Anonymous

    Chrissy Wallace made that exact comment ten years ago, it is somewhat memory holed.
    Visited a rural buddy way out West Friday and it is still God's country out there but a college town is less than 50 miles away and the CPUSA rot will spread out from that Marxist indoctrination center.

  16. Anonymous

    We passed on going to the Neshoba County Fair in Philadelphia, MS for all the reasons you listed. This is Minimalmed

  17. Blackdog

    I was in FFA too.
    Not far from you in Van Wert.
    Great memories.
    Our county fair ain't what it used to be.
    Mostly homogeneous population, but the usual suspects seem to be at the center of any trouble.

  18. Anonymous

    Grew up in the suburbs of Indianapolis, live in Indy proper now. The amount of change in nearly 3 decades has been staggering. You walk along Georgetown Rd before the 500 and have ppl hawking Mexican fare as if it were pork tenderloin sandwiches. Went to the state fair last year and have for the past several years…more Spanish being spoken.

    I went to a target last night in Carmel where I used to work after high school and you would’ve thought I was on 38th St. There was so much Spanish being spoken.

    We now have four Spanish-speaking radio stations in Indianapolis, as opposed to the one when I was in high school. The west side has been overrun by Nicaraguans that are illegals and Sandinista supporters; Eastside has been completely overrun by Mexicans. The southside is full of Burmese that were re-settled by the State Department.

    I have been all over the world and speak three foreign languages to various degrees of fluency, the most fluent being Spanish. Having been to multiple Spanish-speaking countries of the years, trust me, we are certainly getting the dregs. Even if we were not, this is our country! I’m sick of this!

    My family is historically from the north east area of Indiana. I have seen Fort Wayne even change which is where my family is from historically in the past decade. It is truly maddening.

  19. Anonymous

    I grew up in a medium-sized city in a conservative region. But things change over time as university indoctrinated management "professionals" are hired from outside the area to run things. The steady drift to the left was obvious, helped along by the arrival of the Carpet Baggers evacuating the shit holes they made for themselves up north. Gentrification commenced, driving the negros out into the outer neighborhoods bringing their usual problems with them. Renovated downtown was thick with lofts and apartments in the old industrial building and heavily populated with queers, lesbos, and soy-boys with their man-buns. We avoid downtown like the plague. We moved out to an isolated farm some years ago and never looked back, our own acreage surrounded by thousands of other acres in a conservancy. Should last us til Jesus comes.

  20. Arthur Sido

    As far as smaller cities go Fort Wayne is still pretty decent but the southeast is a disaster. As long as they keep them there it will be OK but it is starting to bleed out into the rest of the region.

  21. Anonymous

    Our "leadership" has determined our national fate. The Bible says nothing of this country in His rap up. The reason is we did nothing except get fat and think we were exceptional. We did nothing to stop the now accepted madness and the piper will be paid. God is the only answer and He will tell what to do if someone was listening.

  22. Anonymous

    I am surprised that people are surprised by this transformation. This is exactly what BHO meant when he said he was going to fundamentally change the country.

  23. Anonymous

    I just turned 59 and I feel like I’m stuck in a bad dream when I look and see how the country I grew up in has deteriorated. Reading this gives me a little bit of comfort knowing I’m not alone in that. I’ve had a good life living in the best country in the world… now it’s gone. I feel very guilty at what I’m leaving my children and grandchildren.

  24. Anonymous

    Outstanding write-up of the county fair, and a very bittersweet post. As I used to say to an older coworker, this country is devolving.

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