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This Is Going To Get Bloody

Last night some weirdo named David G. Jakubonis of Fairport, N.Y. attacked Lee Zeldin, the Republican nominee for Governor in New York with a knife in his hand. Either the dude was crazy or this was a clumsy, botched assassination attempt but Zeldin predicted what would happen next.

A man attempts to attack the Republican candidate for governor and is released on his own recognizance? 
Even better, Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul sent out an email giving her supporters the location of Zeldin’s rally

If a Republican did that, it would be considered incitement but nothing will happen to Hochul of course.
Zeldin, Rand Paul, Steve Scalise. For all of my life political violence has been overwhelmingly coming from the political Left and yet most Americans would say that “Right-wing domestic terrorism” is the real problem. 
It is only a matter of time before one of these crazies ends up capping a Republican politician, especially if the Congress changes hands. 


  1. Anonymous

    Of course he was released, they want him to try again. Maybe this time with a shiny new AR bought with money from the FBI.


  2. jl

    I agree, it's just a matter of time. I believe we're going to see political assassination "trending" as the mid-terms heat up and the eurozone falls apart… Tho I could be wrong – we're in late July and Riot Season hasn't started up yet, so who knows what's coming down the pike.

  3. Anonymous

    So I guess this means the FBI will visit soon to tell him what he's won: 2 AR15 rifles any make, unlimited ammo and other unlimited resources (and an expense account). All they have to do is make friends with the people the FBI tells them to.

  4. ChuckInBama

    I saw a picture of the "knife" somewhere else this morning. It isn't a knife. It's one of those key-ring gadgets that looks like a cat. Your fingers go in through the "eyes" and the "ears" are the points. I gave one to my grand-daughter for self defense as she walks across campus at night. Inflicts just enough pain to give you a chance for escape. Next time, it might be a K-Bar…

  5. Anonymous

    Wrong-o, bozo. I could easily punch out your jugular or rip open your throat with that. The Old Fart looked like he was a rank amateur with that weapon, and might have been drunk or impaired. He was as slow as molasses, but still a real threat.

  6. Anonymous

    Just read about Russia, Iran, China, doing WAR games in Venezuela this fall.
    You can bet that the CPUSA (D) views that as a feature and not a bug.
    Fundamental Transformation into West South Africa ain't no picnic.

  7. Anonymous

    This is making me nostalgic for the days when Bracken's Enemies trilogy seemed way out there. I wonder if we're up to page 210 in the 3rd book now or something aren't we.
    Another click towards folks saying "fuck it" and doing a mag dump on the other side… xiden inviting in UN peacekeepers from assholistan doesn't seem so farfetched anymore.

  8. Steve S

    I've read (most) the fiction series of Kelly Turnbull which is what I was referring to. Red/Blue split into two countries, starts with People's Republic. Good story teller. Haven't read his nonfiction outside of his articles on Town hall.

  9. Xzebek

    Assailant arrested on Federal assault charges. Court appearance this afternoon. It will be interesting to see bail conditions.

  10. daniel_day

    I'm a big fan of Bracken's books. As for Kurt Schlichter as a novelist, Meh. Good: His plots are interesting and his vision of the future is reasonable enough. Bad: He writes his fiction like his columns. Sarcastic asides are entertaining in political commentary, but they're a distraction in the middle of a story narrative.

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